Digital Art: Paris Card # 2

Hello friends! Hope your weekend was lovely.

As for me…well, I’m a bit tired to say the least. I’ve been staying up into the wee hours of the night (foolishly), entranced by Photoshop yet again…

I will get a series of Paris cards done one day! Here is my second addition to the set…


Have a beautiful Tuesday.



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6 responses to “Digital Art: Paris Card # 2

  1. absolutely, positively stunning! great composition, my friend! I love it.

  2. I am extremely familiar with the late-night lure of Photoshop…. but it looks like your forays are a whole lot more productive than mine! Love the effects you’ve produced.

    Only comment- and it’s nitpicky- is to soften the edge contrast on the flower in the upper left corner. Everything else is very soft and blurred, but that edge seems to be strong for no particular reason. I would either make it even stronger but in a different way- maybe apply a watercolor filter to it, or reduce the contrast to match the rest of the image.

    But the over all effect is just lusciously gorgeous. Very nice!

    • Kaelin, thanks so much for your comments and critique. I completely agreed with you and went back and softened that edge. It’s always wonderful to get constructive criticism like that. I had looked at the piece for too long and didn’t notice that. Fresh eyes can do wonders for a work of art! Thanks again. xo

  3. Gosh, I stay up a lot after work into the night virtually sucked in by Photoshop :)) I LOOOVVVVE your blog-just chanced upon it thru craftgawker.Will be here often! Keep Going!

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