Pretty Rooms: Summer Hues

Yesterday was blissfully sunny and today…non-stop rain…ah tis the Northwest way and while it can be slightly annoying, I can’t complain (too much).

I spent yesterday treasure hunting and running around town, with the windows open, inhaling the sunlight and today, while the rain falls, I can reflect on my finds, do some photography editing and yes…blog about pretty rooms that remind me that summer is not too far away…

Take a break and wander through this light filled home…I’m completely enamored with the soothing palette of blues, yellows and greens. Dreamy!

I hope you are having a beautiful week!


All images via here.


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4 responses to “Pretty Rooms: Summer Hues

  1. Nicole Seeley

    I love how the kitchen is both old-fashioned, cozy and modern all at the same time. I want it!

  2. Marty

    Looking thru the beautiful colors in your photos is quite soothing especially since the tornado sirens are blaring here right now. The winds are really high. Should go to the safe room. Thanks for the beauty !

    • Hi Marty! Thanks for always stopping by and leaving lovely comments. I’m so sorry you guys are having tornadoes…I’ve never been thru one but they seem so scary! I hope you are safe and sound. Much love! xo, Ivy

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