Canopies to adore

With summer approaching, I often think back to my childhood in Sydney, during the steamy hot months! We had no air conditioning and the nights could be rather uncomfortable to say the least. I remember laying perfectly still, sweat rolling down my forehead as the fan made a hypnotic whirring – its cool breeze, my only comfort. The cicadas would be singing a chorus and I would gaze up through the gauzy mist of the mosquito net that floated all around me. It looked so pretty in the moonlight.

Ever since then, I have a thing for canopies…they are a bit magical to me and my Grace has had one over her bed since the day she was born…see…

I thought I’d round up a few more canopied masterpieces to inspire you…

the perfect spot for tea and a good book…

I adore the peach tones in this room…lovely and ladylike.

shades of sky blue evoke such peace and calm…

this one is just plain dreamy…I would spend all day there.

and how simple is this? Pull the cushions off your outdoor lounge and make yourself a summer tent…yum.

Love this vintage lace curtain with tassels. So romantic…

Beds aren’t the only things that deserve the royal canopy treatment…what about your bath? Instant drama!

See why I love them so much…

Hope your week is going well.


Images via here.


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7 responses to “Canopies to adore

  1. oh girl, you always find the dreamiest pictures! I foresee a ‘canopy tent’ in your yard soon!

  2. Here, it rains each eve and so after a hot summer day is following a rather cool summer night. But family holidays in Italy hold memories of summer nights like you describe. And oh, yes, your dreamy collection takes me straight there.

  3. Beautiful post, lovely canopies! Now I want one somewhere in my house or yard! :)

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