Wallpaper, Color and new inspiration…

Hello! I just got back from my trip to Montana and slowly but surely, I am gaining a lead on the mounds of laundry! woo. Vacations are always so lovely but catching up with everything can be a bit of a drag.

However, all that R & R gave me a wellspring of domestic energy and  I am determined to further my decorating efforts. In fact, I just finished color blocking my collection of books. If you are wondering what that means…see below…


no, mine doesn’t look that cool…but it was a drastic improvement, plus it made me feel like I was seven again – I used to line up my crayons in rainbow order. It made me happy.

Anyway…I digress, today I wanted to talk about Wallpaper! Its come a long way, hasn’t  it? It used to be gaudy and over the top, often thematic, with an overflow of flowers, grapes, hot air balloons, plaid, fruit, sailboats, palm trees…I could go on…my brain has a special place that stores away the painful memories of wallpaper.

Today, (thankfully) it seems to have evolved. In measured doses, with gorgeous color, pattern and texture wallpaper can become art!

Check out these beautiful installations and projects via BHG

How stunning is this patchwork wall? Love the soothing colors!

Why not pretty up a dull built-in by papering the inset doors?

A simple headboard becomes a whimsical focal point!

Wallpaper creativity overload on this one! Drawers, lamps, wall plaques…oh my! The options are endless…

Inexpensive wooden plaques are covered with scraps of wallpaper in harmonious shades to create this one of a kind wall treatment! Love it!

Go here for all the details and DIY instructions for these projects and many more.

Do you have wallpaper in your home now? Is it a love or hate relationship?

Have an inspired Tuesday!



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2 responses to “Wallpaper, Color and new inspiration…

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  2. ummmm papering those inset doors – now I really like that.
    I do have a love/hate relationship with the wallpaper that goes from my kitchen to my mudroom. At the time (2000) I thought it was georgous. A friend immediately told me it was too “busy” I would like to take it down but tremble at the thought. A couple of years ago I took some down in a bedroom and the scraping went on forever.

    Have never seen books grouped in colors – what an idea. My daughter organizes all her clothes in her closet like that – and now so do I,

    Like everything else, wallpaper was really big when I was a kid – then it went out. Then it came back……and now people are starting to talk about it again !

    I’m just now letting go of my carpet and putting down hardwood. Next year carpet will probably come back in as the big thing ! haha

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