Fall Daydreams and Equestrian Love

Hello there! I’ve been having a bit of “blogger’s block” recently but tonight, I finally sat down and decided to share with you some images that have been floating around in my head for the last week. You see, one of the mom’s at Grace’s school is a horse woman and she has just gotten back into riding. I think that is so fabulous! I’m completely useless on a horse so I always admire those who connect with them! Every time we get one of those perfectly, crisp Autumn mornings, I think of her riding her horse through golden fields and falling leaves. For some reason Autumn and horses just go together don’t they? A bright fall sky, the crunching of leaves, a touch of morning fog, the reds, oranges and yellows, warm sweaters and riding boots…I mean it’s a match made in heaven really. Don’t you think?

1.  2.  3.  4.


1.  2.  3.  4.


I may not be the best on a horse but I can still lust after that equestrian look…



So lady like and refined but still strong. Love it!

This everyday outfit is perfect with just the right amount of equestrian appeal….(click to shop)

Okay, one more horsey pic…I could gaze at these gorgeous creatures all day…


What are you dreaming about on these beautiful Fall days?




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5 responses to “Fall Daydreams and Equestrian Love

  1. I love the fur jacket with the dark horse… And the hazy mist of the cooler fall days. I think I miss that crisp change in seasons. This post is lovely, Ivy. I love what you write, whenever you write it. XO

  2. The last picture is such a beautiful creature of God’s bowing his head in silence and contentment. The riding boots are lovely. Have missed your blog. Hope you are well and enjoying this wonderful season.

  3. Erica Bach

    Your thoughts are so true! What a perfect day it was today riding outside in the beautiful sun with the trees so bright and colorful. Beautiful pis of horses. Please join me one of these days at the barn and you can get some super cool barn/horse pics yourself. xo Erica

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