Capturing Fall

Hello there. Hope all is well in your world. Things have been a little crazy around here – good crazy – that is…but it hasn’t left me much time for my blog.  I was grateful to find a slow afternoon last week and a bright Autumn sun in the sky. Our sunny days are numbered now, so I knew this might be my last chance to get out into the garden and take pictures of all the gorgeous Fall color.

Are the leaves still turning where you live?

Have a beautiful Wednesday.



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12 responses to “Capturing Fall

  1. The leaves are holding on in New York though I have noticed some bare trees recently, and more leaves on the sidewalks (and in the gutters). What a lovely Fall we’ve had this year.

  2. Beautiful, evocative photos. One can really feel the crunchy leaves and the excitement of getting the leather boots out of storage. Living in southern India I really miss the changing seasons. We posted this on the autumnal equinox….

  3. It is still autumn here in the southwestern mountains of Virginia! Though as November arrived so did the cooler temps, reminding us that winter is just around our corner!

  4. Oh my, your photos are stunning! I stumbled upon your blog through craftgawker and stayed her for a good day. Now I think I will gladly come back to see even more beauty!

  5. Beautiful, so beautiful all these photographs… Thank you, with my love, nia

  6. These are all absolutely gorgeous, but I REALLY enjoy the fourth one!

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