Inspired by the Creatively Made E-Course

Hello!!! I know it’s been forever and I’m sorry but I’m back and I’m just full of inspiration – thanks to the fabulous E-course I’m taking by Jeanne Oliver.  My first trimester was trying at times, tired, nauseous, weepy but now that I’m well into my second trimester I’m feeling like myself again. While my cravings for chocolate have yet to subside, a forceful urge to create art has emerged, so when I found this course via the Dreamy Whites blog I signed up immediately! Jeanne has always inspired me with her whimsical creations and beautiful art, so what better teacher to help me break out of my creative rut?!

Our first project was to assemble a vintage art journal. A place where we can sketch, doodle, paint and dream. I couldn’t wait to begin. Here is the final result…

Cutting up a vintage book felt so naughty but I knew I wasn’t destroying it, just up-cycling it!

Embellishing the cover with vintage costume jewelry and an old crystal drawer pull was so much fun! I actually raided my husbands tool box and used pliers and screwdrivers! (I’m not what you would call handy…)

The antique illustration was taken from an old Shakespeare book…who can resist Romeo and Juliet? Not this Romantic…

Inside the front cover I added a little brown paper pouch to keep little pretties and the word “faithful” to remind myself to stay true to my creative spirit. The pages are compiled of vintage papers, scrapbook pages, watercolor and sketch paper. Lots of different textures to provide a wonderful backdrop to my creations.

I bound the book using this very handy hole-punch and some organic hemp twine.

Finally I found a use for all the shiny, sparkly baubles I’ve been collecting. It was so delightful to play with them.

I’m really happy with my little journal. Making it brought me such satisfaction and re-ignited that drive to create. I better do it now before I’m buried in diapers! Right?

Hope you are all enjoying the New Year! Let me know what creative goals you have on the horizon…




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145 responses to “Inspired by the Creatively Made E-Course

  1. Stella

    Your journal is beautiful. How did you create the binding? I like how the string is both perpendicular to the spine of the book as well as parallel to it. How did you get that look? Thanks!

  2. You are so inspiring Ivy; love ‘vintage’ ….and so glad to see you back !

  3. So glad to see you back Ivy !

  4. I love this project…I too have a collection of old jewellery bits and bobs just waiting for a new life and something like this would be perfect.

  5. That is just gorgeous! What a beautiful journal you have made!

  6. You are an inspiration! Love Your Creativity!

  7. Wow, that is really, really gorgeous. Sounds like a wonderful course, and I’m glad you’re starting to feel like your normal self again.

    Nowhere near being pregnant, but I’m getting over a really awful cold, and I’m just ready to be back to normal too!


  8. I do hope you share your binding technique.

  9. ck

    This is sooooo fabulous – i saw this same idea traveling back east- she did it with frames and hung them on the wall – the history of the objects tell wonderful story. Keep it up! Sounds like hormones are kicking in now! :)

  10. This is really so charming… I love it! Thanks for sharing more pictures.

  11. It’s so beautiful and remind me back to the past. Thanks to give me an inspiration ^^

  12. How on earth did you cut a circle into the book cover!? I could barely cut straight lines through mine! I adore your book!!!!

    • Lots of patience and steady cuts using an exacto blade. It took me about half and hour to get through the cover. I would cut, cut, cut then take a break…it was quite a process. :)

  13. I’m taking the e-course with you. Loving your vintage journal. Especially how you bound it. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your blessed addition.

  14. Ohh, it’s gorgeous. Love it, that’s really nice work and looks absolutely beautiful. :)

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  15. Hi Ivy! Happy New Year! I love your journal – absolutely beautiful.

    Somehow I missed the news – congratulations!!


    – g

  16. you are ridiculously talented, my friend! I love this- can’t wait to see what you make next!

  17. Oh wow I love this! I would love to make one too. I’m really glad I stumbled across your blog.

  18. Cat

    This is so nice! I’ve always been a big journal kinda girl, and this is just beautiful!

  19. I think all this post has really done is inspired renewed insecurities about how much I SUCK at crafts. ;)

    But what you’ve done really is beautiful. Honest!

  20. Thanks so much. Now I feel completely inadequate. There’s no way I could EVER make something so beautiful…


    You really are crazy talented!

  21. Very harmonious indeed. All blends beautifully. Thanks for sharing this and keep well and fit ;)

  22. Adding my praise for your lovely, vintage journal! It is exactly the right combination of texture, romance & soft glitz. I’m inspired to do something similar as I have all the same crafty bits & toys. Thank you.

  23. lindseyeileen

    awesome post! very inspiring! i am really into creating artist books i think we have similar tastes. you can check out my blog at

  24. Hey Ivy

    This creation is so fabulous. I love the colours as well as your concept.
    Believe me man, this Course is smashing. I’ve been looking for something like that a long time cuz I was scared I was loosing It on painting. I thing I gotta get me it.

  25. WOW! Amazing you made this and such a beautiful journal. I’m inspired by seeing this. Thanks for the inspiration and amazing job! :)

  26. I looove this! If this was on Etsy I would totally buy it.

  27. It is looks like the agenda belong to every girl. loveee it!!


  28. That looks lovely! And congrats on your pregnancy! :)

  29. I am anything vintage…Beautiful!!!!

  30. And congratulations on your beautiful journey with your sweet angel.

  31. Gorgeous! You have inspired me to check out what sort of journal I can create for myself, though I don’t expect it to be half as nice as yours! Keep creating! :)

  32. love the photos and the vintage look, so pretty!

  33. Loved it, Very Beautiful!

  34. Lisa

    What a lovely journal, really cute and I love the different papers you used!

  35. oh my, your journal is sooo charming, i love it.. thank you for the inspiration.. now i know how to make my starbucks journal cover a bit more vintagey with ideas from you.. congrats on being FP.

  36. Lyndsay Loves

    I love this, I’ve been thinking of how to make my own journal, yours is amazing. I’m definitely going to have to get round to making mine!! x

  37. So beautiful, I fall in love… You are so creative. Thank you, with my love, nia

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  39. I love what you do, I just take pictures, but it is handcrafting too, isnt it?Anyway, here in Barcelona we have many vintage markets, if you come to Spain, you can expose here!

  40. now that you’ve been freshed pressed you’ll have lots of admirers to oohh and aahh over your lovely creation. How grand. Tis a blessing of plenty. Enjoy always, T

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    Oh my goodness, this is such a wonderful and creative idea! :)

  42. Such a beautiful way to combine items that mean something. Quite lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  43. That is amazing. It looks really beautiful!!!

  44. Beautiful journal, Ivy! Thank you sharing the photos. And congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  45. Yevette

    I’ve been journaling for well over twenty years. I’m currently writing in journal #30. This is a beautiful re-creation!

  46. I am in love with your antique-y style! So unique and personal!! I havn’t attempted the art of journal making yet but you have definitely lit a spark!

  47. This is fantastic! I love your antique-y style… so different and really great way of utilizing what you have just laying around the house…..I’m hooked!

  48. I love all of the little details you add…. It makes it really personal and unique!

  49. this is so beautiful! thanks for posting this!

  50. Elisa

    Your journal is precious! You have a nice touch..

  51. I LOVE this Ivy! its so delicate and beautiful!

  52. This one qualifies something that is art from the heart :)

    Congratulations for making it in the freshly pressed

  53. onecanvasonesoul

    I saw the picture of your art journal and I was compelled to read your blog. It’s a beautiful piece. I have an idea for a box set of art journals with a few volumes in a box. I haven’t been able to work on it yet though.

  54. Congrats on your pregnancy! Your photos are beautiful. The last photo is perfect with the shabby chic table. Great post and it has certainly inspired me to perhaps attempt to do one! Have a great week!

  55. When I first saw what you’ve made… Wow. I was totally in awe. Nice job with the vintage journal! :D

  56. Caio F. A. Silva

    É verdadeiramente muito bonito? Meus parabéns!

  57. that’s splendid; I envy your beautiful journal & I shall be trying my hand at my own very soon.

  58. How gorgeous! Love your journal so much, I hope to make one too!
    please check out my blog

  59. This is divine..I have to learn how to do it.

  60. Just beautiful inspiration Ivy.

  61. This is so wonderful! I love what you have made out of all your vintage items. I have a good supply of vintage jewelry because I use to collect it before my children were born. I immediately recognized the piece on your book cover because I have an identical one! I also have the two rhinestone pieces in your cup on the next to last photo — the half-moon shaped pin and the button/pin-like piece that has the large stone in the middle surrounded by the smaller stones.

    You’re photos are very lovely, too. You are smart to make things while your creativity is flowing. I just know when your little one is born, you will find all kinds of new and adorable things to make! Babies bring newness and inspiration. Enjoy motherhood, and congratulations!

    • Thank you so much! That is cool that you have an identical piece to the jewelry I used. Don’t you just love all those vintage baubles…so much fun! Yes, I am fully appreciating my time before the baby arrives but I know once she does, my creativity will lead in new directions. I’m excited and can’t wait to meet her. Thank you for your sweet words. :)

  62. summitg18

    Reblogged this on Lemonade Smiles.

  63. Hello from England! I wanted to make a journal out of a vintage book after seeing the catalogue over at Ex Libris Anonymous. Seeing your creation made me realise I could do so much more. Thanks for the tips!

  64. wowwwwwwww! i loved it@!!! good work!

  65. botanicart

    Really beautiful!!!!

  66. theweeistoire

    delightful read

  67. it has got an antique touch ….
    its beautiful !

  68. Ivy, let me say I completely understand where you’re coming from when it comes to chocolate, it takes one to know one as the old saying goes!
    I love what you’re doing with the art journal, I haven’t kept one for years so you have reminded me and spurred me on to get creative again.
    I once created an installation where I used a lot of “Ephemera” mixed with other stuff, paintings sculptures and playful idea’s about how we view things. I’d love to hold your journal because it speaks of intimacy and touch, be nice to see where it takes you…..

  69. This is gorgeous and inspiring!

  70. That is an incredibly beautiful journal. I love the Romeo & Juliet picture on the front. It is certainly an inspiring place to release your creative energy, and happy journaling is in store for you :) Congrats on being FP, and of course on the pregnancy!

  71. Ahh that’s very lovely. You’ve a good sense of craft Joy. :)


    I love this! I haven’t worked on an art journal forever, but I have one mostly done that is all about my family history. I think you’ve inspired me to get back to it after 5+ years, and even blog about it perhaps. :)

    • I’m so happy to hear that you found inspiration here! That is so humbling. I hope you do get back to working on your family journal. What a wonderful keepsake. Thank you so much for visiting!

  73. Cassie

    This is lovely! Good for you. :)

  74. That is an incredible journal! It’s so inspired!
    Congratulations on a job well done, and congratulations on making freshly pressed!

  75. Oh my gosh! I absolutely love this!! You did such an awesome job on it! Makes me want one.

  76. I too have been starting to make an art journal so when I saw yours on Freshly Pressed I was over the moon! Thank you for sharing your treasure! You have inspired me to keep at it.

  77. Closs Pimentinha

    I really like it! It’s charming and remarkable!

  78. I just love this journal that you made, it’s beautiful and you did a great job with the vintage touches to it.

  79. That journal is absolutely gorgeous! I am not sure I could use a vintage book but this might be the project to get me to do it!

    • I know cutting up a vintage book was a bit painful…but it was pretty beat up and I found it for $2 at an antique shop so I feel like I gave it new life! :) Thanks so much for your compliment and for visiting my blog.

  80. jumpingpolarbear

    Looks like something out of Narnia or Lord of the Rings :)

  81. Beautiful journal – love it, thanks for sharing :)

  82. amidsummersnight

    This is so beautiful, I am looking for something to create as a wedding present for one of my close friends who is a vintage fanatic, and this is perfect :)

  83. amidsummersnight

    Reblogged this on amidsummersnight and commented:
    Such a lovely idea.

  84. Make sure that the additional buttons and sparklies don’t fall off in transits or on the bookshelf! I’ve done similar projects before, and they have often been destroyed quickly with use. Oh well, the brevity of their lasting made them all the prettier.

  85. It wudn’t matter if it was never used. It’s stunning anyway. I love it!

  86. jordanrabin

    wow This is so beautiful,,, I’m always looking for this,,, Specially your vintage Project !!!!!

  87. Hi Ivy,
    Your journal is fabulous! I went out and got a book on “Making Books”.
    VERY inspiring!

  88. i really love to read your blog.great information in your post.

  89. funforthefamily

    Very neat creation!Love!

  90. A stunning altered book. Your work is fabulous and I do so appreciate it. I started making altered book several years ago and I receive so much enjoyment from saving books from the land fill. Bravo. Virginia

  91. Hi, fellow artist! I also took this course by Jeanne, and loved it! Her sweet spirit and interactive style on her videos are the best! Your vintage journal is beautiful. Happy Creating!

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  95. Hello Ivy,

    Gorgeous notebook. I’m planning to make a similar one, but I’m not sure if you glued the Romeo and Juliet illustration to the front cover or not. I’m asking because I cannot see the illustration on the first page (see photo #4). Also, where did you take the binding tutorial from?
    I’m looking forward to your reply. Once again, great work – you’ve just became my inspiration source.

    Have a nice day,

    • Hi Corina,

      Thank you for visiting! The Romeo and Juliet illustration is actually glued inside the front cover. I cut a circle out of the front of the book so the image would look inset. That was NOT easy but worth it! ;) My husband actually helped me with the binding. He’s quite good at things like that! ;) Check out for some book binding tutorials.
      Thank you again for your kind words! I hope your book turns our beautifully! Let me know if you have any other questions.


  96. Hi Ivy,

    I managed to find a bookbinding technique that is pretty much the same as the one you used. I am currently working on my diary, but it is going to be smaller and definitely not as beautiful as yours. I don’t have such beautiful baubles, and I am thinking about repurposing my boyfriend’s mother’s strand of pearls. Hopefully, she won’t mind that. :D But I still hope to find something else…
    One last question: Where (and how) did you glued/attached the lace-like fabric?

    Thanks so much once again. Happy creating!

    • Hi Corina,

      I got my pretty baubles at an antique store. Check out local second hand, thrift and antique shops in your area. You can often find very inexpensive costume jewelry that you can dismantle and use as adornments on your book. That lace like fabric is actually a wide, tea stained ribbon I found on Etsy. I hot glued it on the inside edge of the cover so it hangs out like a flange. Hope this helps! I’m sure your book will be beautiful!!


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  98. Corina C.

    Hello Ivy,

    I have a few other questions to ask you (again). First, do you have any idea about the size of the covers and pages? Also, can you please tell me the diameter of the circle you cut into the front cover?
    When you did the binding, have you bound each page separately, or several paper “signatures” together (e.g.
    I’d also like to ask you a question that isn’t related to this journal. Do you have any idea if a gel medium would work for a photo transfer on a jute fabric? I’m planning to also create a journal for me and my fiance’s anniversary, and I would like to wrap the covers in jute fabric that features a lovely photo on the front cover.

    Many thanks, and congratulations for your wonderful creative spirit!

  99. This is awesome! I so want to make a vintage scrapbook like this with my daughter to collect all of her fairy letters and paraphernalia :-)

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  102. Hi Ivy!
    I came accross this post looking for ideas for a journal writing post. I absolutely LOVED it! I’ve added a link to this post in my blog. :)
    Ah, and I’ll definitely try to make one myself! ;)
    Take care.

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