Creatively Made : Second Journal Project

Hi everyone! Well, I’ve been busy creating and loving every minute of it! Our second project in the Creatively Made course was to make an altered journal. That is, buy a store-bought sketchbook and create a mixed media piece for the cover. Jeanne showed us so many wonderful techniques and I’m pretty happy with how mine came out…here are the pics…

Prepped the cover with a collage patchwork of vintage papers…

Did an image transfer using a ink-jet color copy of a magazine page. This left a ghost of an image so I could go in and draw in the details and create the hair. I had to re-create most of the face but the transfer left decent enough forms to follow.

Continued to add details, including a “dress” for my girl from some pretty wedding invitation paper. Used colored pencils and washes of acrylic paint to add color and detail.

Here’s a little tip that works great for me – pick a color palette before you begin your piece. It helps me stay focused and reassures me that my color selection is harmonious. I love using Design Seeds color books. You can get them here.  I used her “Figs” palette…

The metal key and corners can be found at Michaels in the scrapbook section (buyer beware – you may end up walking out with a whole lot of lovely bits and pieces – I do, everytime!), as can the die cut butterfly and pearls. I love adding these pretty 3D elements.

Now I just have to fill it up with more art!

Hope you are all having a beautiful week!



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24 responses to “Creatively Made : Second Journal Project

  1. Aditi

    Love it! Following your blog!

  2. You did a lovely job on it! So well-done!

  3. Erica Bach

    Wow Ivette, that is so cool, you are doing great.
    Thanks for showing off your beautiful art.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments! :)

  5. This is sooo sooo pretty! Can’t say enough!

  6. I’m taking the class with you. I have a question. I’ve been using mod podge for the cover and I’m finding it hard to add color details afterwards. What are you using to hold the background paper and your picture transfer on.
    She is beautiful. The wedding paper for the dress adds such a lovely touch.

    • Hi Deborah! Love to hear from classmates! :) I am using Golden Matt Medium instead of Modge Podge. I find that Modge Podge does resist color too but the Golden mediums are fabulous! :) Thank you for your lovely comment and I hope you are enjoying the class! xo

  7. Wow, this is so charming and lovely! Thanks for posting.

  8. It’s so lovely! You could sell these :) Are you? ^^

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  9. The end result is gorgeous!

  10. So beautiful…. Fascinated me. Thank you, with my love, nia

  11. Beautiful! I love the lady, so looks so elegant. :)

  12. so cute! I´d love to have some of your talent!! Well, I do pictures, and cool ones! ;)

  13. Would love to buy some of your art if they are up for sale. So pretty!!

    • Hi Nabilla, Thank you so much. Right now nothing is up for sale. But I am working on it. I haven’t been creating in the last ten years so this is a bit new to me. But, I’m on my way. :) Thank you for the encouragement.

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