Creatively Made: Mixed Media Portrait

Hi all! Been super busy with life and trying to fit in time to create too! A tricky balance, that frequently required late night sessions making a healthy mess of paint, paper, and glue in my studio. I have finally completed another project from the Creatively Made  e-course and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I have to admit, I am very, very rusty with my acrylic paints. Several times, I had to put down this piece and walk away frustrated. I would hang the unfinished canvas on the wall next to my desk and periodically gaze at it…looking for answers. They came…but it took time.

This project started the same as the others but this time, incorporating more color. Using a mix of vintage papers and scrapbook paper, I created the background, unifying it with layers of paint.

It was funny painting late into the night, listening to music and feeling my little baby kick inside me, almost encouraging me to keep going. I have started calling her my “Art Baby”. I haven’t painted in over ten years and somehow, I feel like she has filled me with the courage to pick up my brush again. It’s a good feeling.

I really love adding 3-D details like the lace, gems and pearls. I can’t believe I never blended collage and painting in art school! I was missing out!

Next, we have to do a self-portrait! Yikes! I’m excited to try though. We will also be making Santos dolls, which looks like a fabulous project! I will keep you posted.


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21 responses to “Creatively Made: Mixed Media Portrait

  1. Did you seriously paint her from scratch? You weren’t just embellishing a previous picture? WOW! You are amazing!

  2. It might interest you to know that this renders very nicely on an iPad. Have you seen it that way? It show a lot of the texture.

  3. Suddenly I want to pull out my acrylics! (and I have a horrible feeling it’s been more than 10 years …)

    I’m having flashbacks to Saturday mornings in Turramurra ;)

    • lol! Yes I hear you Anne…those mornings in Turramurra were the best! :) Hope all is well with you and thanks for the support! Do get the acrylics out…it’s so much fun! xo

  4. This is the most fantastic, impressive thing you have done Ivy. I absolutely Love this !!!

  5. Hi Ivy, I’m so glad you started painting again. You MUST continue. This is wonderful! xo

  6. bethsciallo

    beautiful atmosphere through the paint. Are you sponging/dragging layers of acrylic wash?

    • Thank you so much. Yes I did remember the glazing technique from school and it served me well in this project. I used the Liquitex Glazing Medium and did about an 80/20 ratio to paint. So much fun!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! And if I can just get off this computer, I can go play with paper and paints too!

  8. Hi Ivy!

    I’m a fellow Creatively Made student and I just wanted to pop in, say Hi and let you know how beautiful I think your work is! I’m so drawn to it!! :)

    As I read your blog I was encouraged to realize we have a lot in common! I too went to art school, but went through a long period where I didn’t paint. In the last few years I’ve started again as well. I have two young kids (8 and 2 1/2) that keep me super busy so it is a challenge to find/make time for my art, but I’m working on it! I love how you created with your daughter! We love to do that too! I’m so behind in class, but looking forward to getting caught up!

    Congrats on the news of your new baby girl!! What a wonderful blessing! :) Can’t wait to see more of your work!!

    Take care,

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. We do indeed have a lot in common! :) Art school was a blast but didn’t you feel burnt out afterwards? All the pressure and competition kinda killed my creativity…oh well…I’m so happy to have a new found love for it! Yes, creating with my daughter has been a joy and I love to see what she comes up with! Can’t wait to see what you create too! I’m behind in the class too…so don’t worry! ;) Thanks again for visiting me here. xo, Ivy

  9. Really, really beautiful work!

  10. Madame Grace & Ivy

    What a wonderful Art. I like the mood, colors, tones and composition. The eyes of the subject are very strong. The nostalgic, weather look add a real value to the painting. Madame this work is very stylist.

    Cheers Nonoy Manga.

  11. wow, this piece is so beautiful, my friend!

  12. Cathy Garrett

    This is so beautirul! You are doing a great job. Are you using colored pencils ?

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