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BIG NEWS – I’m going to Paris!

Somebody seriously pinch me…did I just truly book my ticket to Paris? Yup…my credit card clearly states that I did…so it must be TRUE! Yes, this pregnant lady, who dreams about Paris constantly, is actually going – in THREE WEEKS – no less. Nothing like a bit of spontaneity!


My sweet husband came to me last week and told me he knows going to Paris is a dream of mine and he’s so proud of my little Etsy shop that he felt it would be an amazing experience for me to go to Paris – before this baby arrives and my life changes dramatically.

I looked at him and started laughing…”You’re kidding right?”

Nope. He wasn’t. A week later, I have my tickets booked, a flat in Paris reserved and a pile of tourist books to devour.  Yet, I’m still in shock. I can think of nothing else. Even in my sleep, I am wandering the flea markets, hunting for treasures and converting Euros into dollars!

Check out the apartment I’ve got lined up through Air bnb

So cute right? It was a steal compared to the Parisian hotels and the owner of the flat has been beyond gracious already and so helpful! Gotta love the view of the Eiffel tower from the bedroom. I don’t know how I’ll ever sleep!

A dear family friend is coming with me so I have a partner in crime! She’s an experienced antique huntress and a bunch of fun! Can you imagine all the pretties I will be able to bring back for the shop? and just think of all the photos to take! I’m going to be completely giddy! Let’s just hope my high school French gets us by…

If any of you have been to Paris and have tips you’d like to share…I’m all ears!


p.s. I will be sharing this trip with you guys too…so get ready for Paris overload! ;)



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My Vintage Obsession

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing wonderfully. Don’t worry, I haven’t given up doing my art, I’ve just been putting a lot of time and energy into my Etsy shop. Sometimes I feel torn between all my interests and passions! I probably have too many irons in the fire…but hey, that’s just me, I guess. Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to. My studio is a complete mess from all the photos I’ve been taking for the shop…here are a few of the newest treasures I have added…

I really enjoy learning about each piece. Call me geeky but I love history and having this vintage shop has really taught me some interesting things, plus I adore photographing these beautiful objects! French antiques are really piquing my interest and I’m researching a future trip to the Parisian markets…like way in the future…hey, a girl can dream right?

Have a fabulous week!



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My sweet Valentine

Hi there! Hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s day. We had a lovely evening! I wanted to share the shots I took of Grace before she headed to school yesterday. She was so excited to be in her party dress and couldn’t wait to hand out the little Valentine’s we had made for her class…



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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi there and Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get to spend time with the ones you love. I will be throwing a little party for my family of three and making mac and cheese as per Grace’s request! She just loves Valentine’s day…since hearts are her favorite. I just got done painting her tiny little nails red with pink sparkles and we laid out her beloved pink dress to wear to school tomorrow. She fell happily into bed with a huge smile on her face. Precious. Don’t you love how excited kids get about simple things?

Of course, it doesn’t take much to make me a bit giddy either. These roses named – “Red Paris“, did the trick and were my inspiration at my book club last week. I hosted and thought it would be lovely to celebrate Valentine’s with the ladies a tad early. It was such fun treating them to champagne and strawberries! I thought I would share the pictures I took that night…

Have a beautiful day filled with LOVE!



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