My sweet Valentine

Hi there! Hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s day. We had a lovely evening! I wanted to share the shots I took of Grace before she headed to school yesterday. She was so excited to be in her party dress and couldn’t wait to hand out the little Valentine’s we had made for her class…



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8 responses to “My sweet Valentine

  1. Oh Ivy,
    She is so precious!!! I have two boys so I don’t get to dress them up in cute little dresses. I get to dress them up in Spiderman and Transformers, but I kinda love it!! :)
    So glad you had such a lovely day.

  2. Joy

    She looks a lot like my 7 year old Granddaughter. Little girls this age just love Valentines day and being with friends. They’re so refreshing and fun to be around.

  3. Cathy Garrett

    She is so beautiful. I love her pretty dress!

  4. ck

    So cute love the red nails – but I am totally stealing her headband idea- !

  5. Too precious! So glad you all had a great celebration! xo

  6. What a beautiful girl! Great pictures.

  7. Pretty – Pretty – Pretty ! ! She is growing and changing. And soon she won’t be the baby anymore. Love her nail polish !

  8. Sheri Braun

    What a beauty..just like Mommy. I love her fingernails. <3

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