BIG NEWS – I’m going to Paris!

Somebody seriously pinch me…did I just truly book my ticket to Paris? Yup…my credit card clearly states that I did…so it must be TRUE! Yes, this pregnant lady, who dreams about Paris constantly, is actually going – in THREE WEEKS – no less. Nothing like a bit of spontaneity!


My sweet husband came to me last week and told me he knows going to Paris is a dream of mine and he’s so proud of my little Etsy shop that he felt it would be an amazing experience for me to go to Paris – before this baby arrives and my life changes dramatically.

I looked at him and started laughing…”You’re kidding right?”

Nope. He wasn’t. A week later, I have my tickets booked, a flat in Paris reserved and a pile of tourist books to devour.  Yet, I’m still in shock. I can think of nothing else. Even in my sleep, I am wandering the flea markets, hunting for treasures and converting Euros into dollars!

Check out the apartment I’ve got lined up through Air bnb

So cute right? It was a steal compared to the Parisian hotels and the owner of the flat has been beyond gracious already and so helpful! Gotta love the view of the Eiffel tower from the bedroom. I don’t know how I’ll ever sleep!

A dear family friend is coming with me so I have a partner in crime! She’s an experienced antique huntress and a bunch of fun! Can you imagine all the pretties I will be able to bring back for the shop? and just think of all the photos to take! I’m going to be completely giddy! Let’s just hope my high school French gets us by…

If any of you have been to Paris and have tips you’d like to share…I’m all ears!


p.s. I will be sharing this trip with you guys too…so get ready for Paris overload! ;)


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23 responses to “BIG NEWS – I’m going to Paris!

  1. Sheri Braun

    I am totally thrilled for you and a teeny bit jealous!!!! Have a fabulous time. You deserve it!!!!

  2. sandra jensen

    I am so jealous. Have a wonderful time and think of all us that are wishing we could go!!!

  3. I can’t wait! Knowing your photo-taking/richly-writing/life-celebrating spirit, we’ll all feel like we got to go with you! SO excited for you. I’ll be in Puerto Rico while you’re in Paris. Let’s send each other postcards!! Haha. XO!

  4. Gretchen

    So Jealous!

    LOVE the Flat – can I move in?


  5. Hi Ivy!

    Popping by to say *AWESOME*! Hope you have an amazing trip! My personal favs were taking a dinner boat down the Seine River at dusk. And eating in the Eiffel Tower.

    Looking forward to your pics & finds :)


  6. I am SO EXCITED for you! I know you’ll be taking lots of photos for us to droll over. Great idea to go before the baby gets here. WordPress needs to make a “Love” button next the the “Like” button… seriously, I’d be clicking on that one. Really happy for you and wow, we are going to have to stay tuned. So… Paris in the Springtime… wow, you are so blessed!

  7. I adore Paris!! I went for the first time a year ago. So, so fabulous. That is a killer apartment!

    Couple of tips: 1) get a good map. Even with it you’ll probably get lost at least once (the streets looks like snowflakes on a map, if that tells you anything). 2) You must have dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower. 3) don’t eat dinner at Brasserie Mollard Restaurant. Once they figured out we were Americans, they snubbed us like you wouldn’t believe 4) Take a tour that highlights the best pieces of art in the Louvre. It’s 652,300 square feet which adds up to miles if you try to walk through the whole thing. 5) I found it a lot faster and easier to upload pics for the folks at home on Tumblr rather than on my blog. There simply isn’t time! You can check out mine here

    Have FUN!!

  8. I’m so excited for you!!! My 2 best friends and I are going in May or June, so leave me a crumb trail to the best antique shops!

  9. Have a nice and safe journey, Paris is one of beautiful city, and also so romantic… I dream to go to there too… Thank you, with my love, nia

  10. FABULOUS ! I am so happy for you and yes yes yes – take us there vicariously. Keep the updates coming. You must be married to a terrific guy !! :) Oh the apt looks wonderful !

  11. Oh WOW! How long will you be there for? (enquiring minds need to know!)

    I’m vaguely amused that you, me, Lou and Moose would all be in Europe at the same time. It would be grand if we could catch up!

  12. t.on.air

    I recommend you to walk around Paris. It’s very walkable city. Have fun discovering Paris then!

  13. The weather over here in France/Belgium isn’t so bad at the moment, but there still might be leaves lacking on the trees and it might be overcast, but a light jacket will do. :) Have a great time in Paris. Ohhh and one tip: bring at least two pairs of shoes. Even if you take public transport, you will probably walk a lot and being able to switch shoes helps ease the pain and also a backup pair is good in case it rains and your shoes get wet.

  14. Best wishes!!! Enjoy your trip!!!

  15. Cathy Garrett

    So happy for you!!! I have never been to Paris! would love to go! Take lots of pic’s to share. Let me know what the Paris Market is like.

  16. Beatrice Backlund


    Just love the appartment. How did you get a hold of it. I’ m thinking of taking my boyfriend on a trip to romantic Paris and an apartment would be lovely. So much nicer than a hotel. Could you please let me know if the apartment was really ok and the price and how to get a hold of it or something similar.

    Thank you

    • Hi Beatrice,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I got the apartment thru They have fabulous places all over the world. I will definitely be writing about how the place was to stay so stay tuned. I’m pretty sure it will be fabulous – it got great reviews from the other people that have stayed there and I’ve been in touch with the owner and she has been absolutely wonderful!
      Have a great week!

  17. Cathy Garrett

    Can’t wait to here about your trip to Paris and see what you find at the markets. The apartment looks fabu. So excited for you!
    Oh! I picked up a copy of Apprentice and your work is beautiful!

  18. Keri

    Hi Ivy,

    My partner & I went last year for a week. April in Paris was beyond amazing. Quick tips:

    1.  Bring layers. Weather reports said it would be in the high 50’s & there was a heat wave. So glad we brought shorts. 
    2. Always greet the shop keeper when you enter, “bonjour Madame (mademoiselle, monsieur)”. Otherwise, you are considered rude by not acknowledging them. Also, ask permission before touching anything (even a book) in shops. Again, rude if you don’t. We followed these rules & received amazing service wherever we went. 
    3. Rick Steve’s guide books are the best. 
    4. Laduree is a must! Amazing macarons (the Ispahan was my favorite: rose flavored macaron with rose petal cream, lychees & fresh raspberries. 
    5. Restaurant: Pre Verre. Go early, they have a line before the open. 
    6. Get a museum pass & you can go to the head of museum lines. It will get you into the Orsay, Louvre, Versailles…It pays for itself!!
    7. Poulainefor croissants. 
    8. Make a reservation to see the Eiffel Tower. We would have waited 3 hrs without it. Be sure to get one that is all the way to the top. You can do this online. We went at nearly dusk & had day, sunset & nighttime views in one visit since it takes about 1.5 hrs. If you have a restaurant reservation, you can cut to the front of the line (supposedly…this didn’t work for the couple in front of us)
    You will have an amazing time!!!

    • Keri, thank you SO much for these great tips! So helpful! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all my tour books so getting personal tips from you is just superb! I am SO excited! xo

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