Featured in Somerset Apprentice!

With all the excitement about my upcoming trip to Paris, I totally forgot that the new Somerset Apprentice was coming out – the one in which I’m actually published! Eeek! I think I may have squealed out loud when this arrived in my mailbox yesterday…

I’ve been in the local newspaper but this took it to a whole new level! I adore Somerset magazines…to be in one is a dream! It felt so strange to open this issue up and see my name and artwork! Crazy!

It was fun writing the article and remembering my process.

This was a simple mixed media collage that I did two years ago! (Here is the original post about it.)  When Somerset contacted me about publishing it, I almost fell off my chair. It just goes to show the power of a blog…you never know who might be reading it! So share your passions and gifts with the world!

I am feeling like a very, very blessed girl these days. I am grateful. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

Have a wonderful weekend.




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10 responses to “Featured in Somerset Apprentice!

  1. Congratulations Ivy, that is awesome!!~
    It feels good to be recognized for your art, and it is definitely rewarding!

  2. Congrats! How exciting…have a wonderful trip to Paris.

  3. Cathy Garrett

    Ivy, that is wonderful! I am so happy for you! I knew your work was special the moment I saw it. Great job!

  4. Wonderful news- so funny two years ago – time flys!
    You are on a nice wave of happiness- ride baby ride!

  5. Sheri Braun

    You are my favorite artist & you do belong in a national magazine!!

    Sheri Braun

  6. Congratuatlions, Ivy! Such great news and well deserved indeed! Have a great weekend. xo – g

  7. Wow its so pretty. I adore the colors and it has a nice vintage feel to it. Your artwork amazes me. If I ever get to buy a house, I know who to call for my decor.

  8. Congrats and gratitude is the attitude, luv it Ivy. ;0)

  9. Erica Bach

    Congrats to you! You are such a talent and it is great that you are being recognized. You and your hubby must be so proud. Your life is sparkly and you are so blessed. :-)

  10. Wow! Congratulations!!! :) I have been tiptoeing on your blog at times and I have always loved your works. You being included in that magazine is well-deserved. :)

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