Au Revoir mon amis…


Oh boy…I can’t believe it but in three short days I will be in Paris! I’m not sure I will have time to blog but I will be uploading pictures to my Curate & Love FB page and taking a thousand others to share with you when I return!

For now here are some fabulous images from the French Flea Markets…where I am actually going to be this weekend!!!

Ooooh – I can’t wait!!! I promise to bring back some gorgeous treasures for the shop and I’m pretty sure there will be no shortage of hilarious/embarrassing situations that I get myself into. I will divulge all! ;)

This truly is a dream come true…so wish me luck!

Be well, my dear readers and enjoy the first weeks of Spring!


Flea Market images via here.


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8 responses to “Au Revoir mon amis…

  1. guenny

    Enjoy your trip. Will be looking forward of your blog when you come home. :)

  2. These are really neat photographs!

  3. Cathy Garrett

    Love the grain sack cloth. Especially red! Have a great time and can’t wait to see the pic’s. Wish I was going with you! Can’t wait to see what you bring back!

  4. Sheri Braun

    I have mixed feelings…soooooooooo happy for you, yet green with envy! LOL

  5. How I would love to be shopping at the french flea markets.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of those antique keys! I actually have a tattoo of one on my arm! lol I just recently discovered your blog and love its quality! FOR SERI! that is just one of the reasons I nominated you for The versatile Blogger award!
    YAY FUN!

    check it out my post

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