May Flowers : Ranunculus

Hello there. How’s life been treating you? Despite the rain, we have had some lovely sunny weekends, one of which was Grace’s 6th birthday. It was a wonderful little family celebration and Grace had a blast.

Since the color pink was her first choice for party decor, I bought home bundles of ranunculus! One of my favorite flowers and a welcome guest at my table after a long gray winter! How can you not love all those ruffles?  To me, they are the next best thing to a peony, which by the way, are sprouting up in my garden! Can’t wait to see them!

After the party celebrations were over, I couldn’t help but do a little photo shoot with these wily blooms. Here are some May flowers for you…

I’m also in love with this beautiful vintage book – a recent find from one of my treasure hunting trips. Don’t you love pretty, old books?

Go treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh Spring flowers!



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14 responses to “May Flowers : Ranunculus

  1. Love the beautiful flowers! That book cover is so cute!

  2. Happy 6th Birthday to Grace! Yes, the book is lovely.

  3. Cathy Garrett

    I bought some Ranunculus also. Love the softness of the colors. Also, I am a lover of old books and seem to always find them. Or should I say they find me! Your book is a great find. Who is the author?
    Have a great day! Tell Grace Happy birthday!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing :]

  5. Buttercups are a lovely addition to any gathering–your 6 year old likely had a fancy party!

  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS Ivy!!~ Ranniculas are one of my favorite flowers!!
    Happy birthday to your little sweetie and I hope your doing well!!

  7. Beautiful photos Ivy! Your collection of antiques is simply dreamy! Would love you to do a piece on my blog about your favorite antiques you collected from the Paris flea markets! X

    • Hi Kimberly, I would love for you to feature some of my French antiques on your very pretty blog! Please feel free to use any of the images from my shop or blog to do so and let me know if you need anything else. Let me know if and when you do the post…I would love to read it and share it. :) Thanks for stopping by! xo.

  8. Beautiful! I am doing a vintage book theme for a bridal shower with all books on love/romance. I would love that book! Who is the author?

    • Hi Denise, the author is Honore De Balzac. I hope you can find another copy. :)


      • Denise Vigluicci

        Thank you so much for your reply. I am not hopeful that I will find that beautiful book, but I will begin my search high and low. If you ever choose to sell that beautiful gem, please contact me. I would buy it in a heartbeat!

        Sincerely, Denise Vigluicci

        Sent from my iPad


      • Denise Vigluicci


        I have searched and searched for that book, but can’t find it. If you decide to sell the book before Oct. 10, 2015, please, please contact me first, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

        Thank you so much, Denise Vigluicci

        Sent from my iPad


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