Paris by Night…

Hello friends.

I am sorry I have not been blogging much lately. After a whirlwind of nesting energy, I have gutted closets, cleaned out drawers and reorganized just about everything I could get my hands on. My husband and my house appreciated it but my back did not…so I’ve been trying to take it easy this week. Hormones are pretty damn powerful, that’s for sure!

Anyway…I finally got around to editing some more shots from my Paris trip and I wanted to share them with you. Paris, at night, takes on another level of beauty and grandeur…

I can see why they call it the City of Light! Isn’t she beautiful?

Have a wonderful week! Baby Claire is due in 18 short days so I will keep you posted as best I can but if it seems I have dropped off the face of the earth – you will know why! ;)




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20 responses to “Paris by Night…

  1. Gorgeous photos, it makes me miss Paris!

  2. I love photo # 1, 3 and the last one! I’ll be looking forward stories about Claire soon. Take care.

  3. kathrynknox

    Great pics…so beautiful …
    good luck

  4. Lagos

    Fantastic shots!

  5. Wow.., its beautiful, love how every photo in this post has a different style!

  6. Today is Day 4,of my 23-day Paris excursion! And but of course, Iam already in love with this city. ;) Grand pictures!

  7. leizaduckworth

    Someday I’ll share a trip to gay Parie with someone special!”These pics. make me want to do it sooner,rather than later!LOL

  8. It looks so beautiful! I can’t wait to be there myself in a month!

    Good Luck with Baby Claire. :hugs: :)

  9. Magnifique shots — how I love la Tour Eiffel!

  10. Magnifique – j’adore la Tour Eiffel! :)

  11. Cathy Garrett

    Beautiful pic’s at night! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Gorgeous pictures! Such a beautiful city. Everywhere you walk in Paris, any time of day, you can stop and find something beautiful that takes your heart in hand. Love it!!!

    My trip was amazing, too. Thanks for the fashion tips! We all (4 friends and I) over-packed horrifically, which made it even more fun. It was like having our whole flat as a two-story walk-in closet.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and memories! They warm my heart. I miss is all already.

    • Vicki, so glad you had a blast! I know…I overpacked too. What’s a girl to do? Oh well. It all worked out! Paris was like a dream. I still wake up sometimes and think…”Was I really there?” Thanks for stopping by! xo. Ivy

  13. No matter how many times you see Paris you always see it in a new light.
    No matter how many times you look at photographs of Paris, it’s always with a new eye. You’ll always have Paris. Virginia

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    I loved it <3

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