Big Sister Project : Door Hanger

Last week, I was putting the final touches in the nursery when I felt a little hand tugging my shirt. Grace looked up at me, wide-eyed and smiling,

“Mommy, I want to do something for Claire’s room too.”

“Of course you do. ” I replied. I grabbed her hand and slowly led her back downstairs to our studio. I had to think fast. I needed a project that she could handle, using the bits and pieces I had. Then it hit me, a door hanger!

We had done a collage project together back when I was taking the Creatively Made e-course with Jeanne Oliver and I still had some of those supplies. Perfect.

I grabbed one of my 4″ x 4″ canvases, matte medium, brushes, scissors and a stack of vintage papers. She got right to work covering the canvas with the medium and paper pieces. I dug through my scrapbook supplies and pulled embellishments and words that she could add on, plus a few baubles and 3D elements too. Gotta have a little bling! Right?

After she had completely collaged the canvas with the vintage paper, I helped her brush on some white paint and then gently rub it in with a cloth to unify and soften the background. Then I let her arrange the embellishments until we reached a design we both loved. Some glitter, ribbon and a few healthy dollops of hot glue and we were done! Grace had created a special gift for her sister’s room. She was beaming with pride and was anxious to go hang it on her door. Here is the result…

I think it turned out quite pretty and it goes perfectly with the room too! Good job Gracie! This is a super fun and easy project to do with your child. Let me know if you have any questions about the process.



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18 responses to “Big Sister Project : Door Hanger

  1. What a great idea!! It turned out beautifully. And Grace will be able to see it whether the door is open or closed (for a nap)! She’s gonna be the best big sister.

  2. That’s the sweetest story and project ever! :)

  3. That turned out beautifully! Well done Grace (with a little help from Ivy)!


  4. Gorgeous! My Gracie (3) looks to make art too, and especially loves any bling :)

  5. So cute and creative! :) How did you attach the chain at the bottom?

  6. Your Grace is going to be an amazing big sister. The ingredients for this project were pure magic and large amounts of Mother love. Beauty hanging on a door! Virginia

  7. I turned out beautiful!What a fun project to do together too!

  8. Cathy Garrett

    What a beautiful and sweet gift. Grace is already a wonderful big sister!

  9. So very darling. Loving that I found your charming blog!

  10. This is soooo cute! love love love it.

    Check out our beauty blog!!

  11. What a beautiful and sweet gift Did you do it? You’re wonderful

  12. What a totally cute idea! Just Love it. A keepsake to cherish.

    By the way… I found you through Jeanne’s blog!


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