Around the house…

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous week. I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted and anxious about the arrival of little Miss Claire but I do have little bursts of energy. A couple of days ago, one struck and I felt compelled to appreciate my home and all the lovely objects that I get to share my space with. So I waddled around my space taking a few shots…I thought I would share them with you. This first batch is from my studio…

One of my favorite things about being an antique shop owner is that I get to enjoy the old treasures that I find…even if for a short time…before I send them to a new home.

You can see in the background here that I just got my copy of “this i know” by Susannah Conway. If you don’t already have it…go get it.  It’s truly beautiful.

This past week, Chris brought me 20 stems of pink Peonies. I have adored them. They graced our breakfast table among some of my great, great grandmothers silver…

Have a lovely weekend. I think I hear a nap calling my name…

What do you love about your space? Take a picture of it and appreciate the beauty around you.



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14 responses to “Around the house…

  1. Please come style my entire house…and life! Photos are so delightful.

  2. So beautiful Ivy!!!
    I wish you all the best with your new precious baby on the way!
    Take care and get lot’s of rest.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Elizabeth R

    I love your blog, it is simple and elegant.

  4. Reblogged this on Powder Butterfly and commented:
    Lovely colour palette.

  5. The detail in your photos is always stunningly beautiful. I love the tiny ink bottles….well actually I like all of the pics, who am i kidding!

  6. Your photo’s made me swoon… And so I was stuck to my laptop!

    Have a delightfully lovely day!


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