Tomorrow is the day…

Hi there! It’s been a whirlwind since I last posted. I’ve been admitted to hospital twice and have yet to come home with Baby Claire – annoying to say the least! BUT tomorrow it’s official…due to a spike in my blood pressure and concerns about pre-eclampsia, my Doc will be delivering her via c-section at noon! I’m excited, nervous and well….terrified! Our whole world is about to change. I can’t wait to meet her. So, I’m sending you all lots of love and promise I will be back when I can…

Wish me luck!!


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13 responses to “Tomorrow is the day…

  1. perfect a new summer baby – all will go well! Just get lots of sleep!
    so happy for you-

  2. Jennifer rizzo

    Prayers and many blessing s on a safe delivery and healthy baby!

  3. God Bless you Ivy and your perfectly sweet little family, Happy happy days to you all. Let us see pictures soon. xo

  4. All the best Ivy!!! cant wait to hear your news!!!

  5. We couldn’t wait either. Take care.

  6. Wendy

    Hi Ivy, sending lots of prayers and loving thoughts to the family on the beautiful event yet to be unfolded! God Bless all of you.
    From Wendy, Brisbane, Australia. xxxx

  7. Wishing you the best and an early Congratulations. :)

  8. Wishing you nothing but positive thoughts and wishes for a speedy delivery and healthy beautiful baby girl!

  9. Good luck & I hope it goes well! Congrats (a bit early too :)!

  10. purplescript

    good luck and take care!

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