Downton Abbey Obessesion

Well hello there! Yes it’s me…I’m actually here! Baby is asleep so I snuck off to my office to work up a post that has been brewing in my head for quite some time now.

During my recovery from the c-section, my mom and I became completely hooked on Downton Abbey. My friends can attest to my obsession since I keep asking everyone “Oh my God have you seen Downton Abbey???” (It’s probably getting annoying)…and since I have no short term memory due to sleep deprivation, I’m pretty sure I keep asking the same people. Oops. Anyway, I’m enamored and it has affected my work. Although I adore French antiques, English inspired treasures have been catching me eye lately…I wonder why? Here are a few I have recently added to the shop.

Can’t you just see this gorgeous vintage, silverplate coffee ensemble on set?

And I do believe this lovely English tea cup would please even the rather uppity Dowager Countess…

I can just picture the lovely ladies of Downton spooning their soup from these old world English bowls

and dear Sybil would pen letters using this lovely, antique crystal ink well

This vintage sterling silver centerpiece is regal enough to grace the Duke’s table…

and this elegant, antique transferware gravy boat would be the perfect vessel for decadent sauces…served up by one of the good footmen, of course…

You just can’t help be swept up in the beautiful history of this era and it has influenced my treasure hunting for sure! I am on the look out for more stunning pieces from the Edwardian period.

So….have you seen Downton Abbey? :)


All Downton Abbey images via here.


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13 responses to “Downton Abbey Obessesion

  1. I love Downton Abbey too! My favorite character is Sybil. I loved when she was a nurse. I’ve always loved classic nurses from WWI and WWII.

  2. dani.o

    Absolutely love Downton Abbey!!! I’m almost done with the second season & can’t wait for the third! Love your English collection!

  3. Jeannine

    Beautiful images in your post.
    Yes, I’ve seen/love it.
    There’s a countdown on the pbs site counting down the days to the new season. Can’t wait.
    Again, beautiful post.

  4. I have not yet seen Downtown Abbey, but have so many friend who are happily obsessed with it. I’ll need to give it a look. That inkwell has gotten my attention!

  5. Yes Yes Yes – throw in a sneek photo of that lovely baby and Grace as well- they would fit right in at the estate!
    hugs ck

  6. I became hooked last Christmas and was able to find the entire first 2 seasons online. I watched all of the uncut versions (longer than those that are shown in the US) of the first 2 seasons and watched them during a long bout with bronchitis.
    Can not wait for the 3rd season to start in September!!!!!
    Good to see you back a bit after the beautiful baby’s arrival.

  7. carlaj

    I LOVE the crockery, would suit my Vintage Elegance themed wedding perfectly!

  8. Love the Downton Abbey post! I am in love with many things vintage and often come to your blog to get some inspiration. Thankfully I´m living in Argentina and can´t buy all the things in your shop. Divine!

  9. bohemelife

    I love Downton Abbey. My favorite characters are Mary and Sybil. I love the post.

  10. I love this show also. It goes against the idea that we need cursing, violence, sex, etc. to be entertained! Completely obsessed!

  11. Your images are lovely! I have never heard of “Downtown Abbey”…but must check into it now after seeing such a beautiful collection of photos & your excitement about it. I the only one who hasn’t heard of it? haha

  12. Jeanette

    Your blog is seriously so gorgeous. Check out mine!

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