90 days in this world…

Hi all! How has your week treated you? Hope it was a good one. I, for one, am feeling like a new woman…why? Well, my dear little Claire just turned 3 months old on Wednesday and since Monday night she’s been sleeping 10 hours a night – straight! What a difference some solid sleep does for one’s mood…pretty amazing really. A couple of mornings I was actually dressed with make up on by 9 am – a true miracle, I tell you! It felt good to have a few complete thoughts, remember where I had put my keys and even have some time for a little creativity! Who knows if this new sleep pattern will stick…but a girl can dream right?

Here’s the latest pics of Miss Claire….she’s quite the expressive baby!

Can’t get enough of those baby smiles…and don’t even get me started on the sweet giggles she has begun sharing with us!

Have a beautiful weekend.



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11 responses to “90 days in this world…

  1. She is absolutely gorgeous!
    Love her eyes!

    Congrats on sleeping through…
    I only had such luck with my firstborn… all the others after her woke up 3 times during the night.
    My 1,5 year old still does.
    I am a tad bit envious of you ;)
    But happy for you!
    Have a lovely weekend.


  2. barbdsykes

    Little Miss Claire is quite adorable. Kudos for getting more sleep. Parenthood is amazing.

  3. She is absolutely beautiful! My daughter is seven months old and the apple of my eye :) Aren’t babies wonderful?!

  4. She has the most beautiful eyes. You must just be over the moon in love with her. Enjoy every minute of it….she is very lucky to have a mom that is such a wonderful photographer.

  5. Kelly

    What a beautiful little girl, Ivy! So happy that you have been getting some sleep. Here’s hoping it continues!

  6. Cathy Garrett

    What a sweet beautiful baby. I love all of her expressions! Glad to hear she is sleeping longer. How I remember those days.

  7. what a smile!!! Enjoy enjoy!!! hugs to all! ck

  8. She’s a precious, bright, beautiful girl who already looks like Mommy! And those eye lashes! :)

  9. Marta Toda

    It’s the most beautiful baby I have never seen!!

  10. I remember how HUGE it was to have that first full-night’s sleep … yay!
    Seriously changes your perspective of the world! :)

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