Remembering Rouen

Hello there. Hope all is well with you. It’s been a long while since I got the chance to sit down and go over my pics from Paris but when my parents were here I got to do just that! Accompanied by a large mug of tea and my kitty cat on my lap, I perused the hundreds of shots from my adventure in France. Oh, Paris…there is such a sweet spot in my heart for you. Reliving those amazing days made me feel so grateful for the experience.

I wanted to share with you some of the images I captured while in the medieval city of Rouen. We caught the train from Paris in the wee hours of the morning and arrived in Rouen at 8 am to shop a flea market on the outskirts of town. After unearthing some fabulously priced French treasures, we wandered back into the city center. To our immense delight, it was absolutely beautiful and charming! A time-warp to another century with stunning architecture and wonderful boutiques and cafes.

This is the majestic Cathedral Notre-Dame, which was under restoration when we were there…such amazing Gothic architecture!

It doesn’t get much more French than this lovely bakery…

As we strolled through the main square, accordion music filled the air…thanks to this lovely lady.  We stopped a moment to listen to her robust voice and added to the euros in her hat.

Rouen is famous for it’s hand painted Faience ceramic ware that dates back to the 1600’s. This is a tradition that is still seen today…can you see the artist in the background painting away?

Here is a shot of the Gros Horlage, an astronomical clock that dates back to the 16th century.

As you can see, Rouen was a magical experience. So different to Paris, with its own history and character!

Okay, so here’s something I love…serendipity! Let me explain – a couple of months ago, I happened by a garage sale in my neighborhood. Nothing looked that interesting but then a small framed print caught my eye…it looked so familiar to me. I bought it for $2.00 and put it fondly on my desk.

I was so drawn to it, obviously it looked French but there was something else. I decided to do a little research and discovered this is in fact an etching from Rouen, depicting one of the very streets I walked down and the Church of St. Ouen in the background! It was like I was meant to have this little piece of art. Now it hangs in our entryway, so I see it everyday and remember Rouen.

Have a beautiful weekend!




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9 responses to “Remembering Rouen

  1. Cathy Garrett

    Yes, Ivey you were definitely suppose to have that piece of art. Don’t you love it when those special gifts happen like that. It makes it that more special!!! How Wonderful!!!

  2. This make me want to be in France so badly right now. Lovely photos by the way. x

  3. Kari Lubitz

    Gorgeous photos, Ivy. We were just in Rouen last month! What a beautiful print and a lucky find!

  4. Reading your post was a great way to start my weekend!

  5. Ah I love France! I’ve only been a few times but it’s a place you only have to be walking down the street and you instantly feel creative and inspired! Your photos are fantastic x

  6. These pictures make me want to get on a plane right now !!!

  7. Oh, Ivy, I LOVE this post. Incredible images and I love the black and white treatment. And how amazing that you found that print!

    We actually drove through Rouen last summer on our way to the coast but didn’t have time to stop. We will for sure next time.

    xo – g

    p. s. I would seriously buy a print of the tea shop photo, if you make it available somewhere. :)

  8. Oh my, the bakery! It seems like something from a movie. The French have my heart when it comes to their pastries. Always perfect! I really enjoyed your pictures and it makes me want to go back to Paris again! xo, RG

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