Claire bear is 4 months old…

Hello. Today, Clarie and I spent some time taking pictures. She is 4 1/2 months old and I’m attempting to do a portrait of her each month.  This one comes in a tad late but I still wanted to share it with you all. She’s been sitting up more and even trying to hold her own bottle. Her expressions are priceless and that little baby giggle gets me every time!

Have a lovely rest of the week!




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18 responses to “Claire bear is 4 months old…

  1. Erica Bach

    Oh those eyes! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of Claire. xo Erica

  2. she is so beautiful and so are you! you take the loveliest pictures, dear friend!

  3. rachel

    Wow Ivette, you are a lucky girl.

  4. marty

    What a.delicate little Rose.! She looks like a China doll… absolutely Beautiful

  5. These shots are incredible! She is beautiful and her Mom’s an amazing portrait artist… ;)

  6. great photos, what a beautiful little girl you have! :)

  7. Just beautiful! The last pic is gorgeous. How time flies!

  8. My goodness she is so incredibly beautiful!!

  9. Wow, she looks so beautiful

  10. She’s beautifull and lovely

  11. Cathy Garrett

    Oh my goodness she is gorgeous! Those bright eyes are beautiful. She takes gorgeous pictures.

  12. so cute! beautiful eyes,

  13. she’s so beautiful!!! gorgeous…

  14. aishaiq

    awww… cute!!!!

  15. Holy moly that is one beautiful baby you got there!

  16. omg! The cutest baby ever!! Hope that mine will be just as cute :-) I would put it on the wall for everyone to see :D !!

  17. She has prettier eyelashes than me. Haha… Cute! <3

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