Eight Months Old

Hello! How is your week going? My online class is going well and I’m very inspired to continue improving my blog. The family is well, healthy and happy. Life is good…but I gotta say…I’m not sure if it’s all the rain or what but this week has been hard for me. Major doses of self doubt, feelings of apathy and guilt. A desire to be left alone. Super duper irritability – so sorry my sweet family. I’m not sure what’s up with me. Often when we shift we go through an uncomfortable passage, a place of resistance…maybe that’s where I am at. You see, I have lots of new plans. A multitude of ideas and projects that I want to begin. Goals I want to accomplish. Yet all of a sudden I feel heavy and unsure. Last week, I was full of inspiration and energy. What gives? I guess it’s just a funk. Anyhow…enough grumbling. I try to limit that on my blog but for some reason I just needed to share that with you. I have no right to be sad, no reason to be down…but yet I am…and there you have it.


How about some cute baby pictures? They always make me smile. I captured these the other day. Little Miss is eight months old now and is turning into quite the character.

headband1 touch up

Bubbly, loud and rather demanding. Claire is turning out to be very different to my quiet and shy little Grace.

headband2 touch up

She seems to love the camera and lights up when I take her picture. What a ham…

headband smile touch up

But soon she was over it. She pulled off the headband and laid back on the pillow as if to say, “I’m spent!”

laying down touch up

Have a wonderful rest of the week!



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16 responses to “Eight Months Old

  1. Ok – the photos are ADORABLE! she is precious!
    But I have to say I have been feeling the same this week. All bundle of energy last week and this one void of creative thoughts. I’ve struggled. Maybe daylight savings on Sunday will pop us out of this funk.

  2. Good shots you got here. Super cute :)

  3. Oh what lovely photos of your precious baby Claire!! Hey don’t be so hard on yourself…I think at times of transition, your mind and body kind of go into a little mini shock. But, we catch up and it all levels out. It’s good to reach out and not keep it all in, that’s where doubts can sink in. So keep doin what you’re doing, I guarantee you will soon come out of this and feel brighter soon!! There’s my armchair psychoanalysis!!! **hugs**

  4. Oh my gosh! Such a beautiful happy looking thing xxx

  5. petasvintageblog

    Oh my goodness Claire is just wonderful! I think everyone gets stuck in a rut sometimes and feels quite down don’t worry about it the most important thing is how you get yourself out of the rut and enjoy life :) xx

  6. Maybe you’re just tired? Don’t beat yourself up, we all have down times. You’ll pull through, probably as soon as the sun starts shining again :)

  7. A fellow classmate here☺ Lovely lovely…new follower.

  8. I totally hear what you are saying. Some times are just like that. Even mamas crave a little alone time, especially when we want to think about big things (like making something of ourselves and our blog!). I saw your post in the NW section of BYW and thought I’d come say hi. And also, Claire is a little stunner. These pictures are gorgeous, but that last one is my fave. There is just something about it. :-)

  9. sue

    I think it has all been said above, down times are normal, but then we can appreciate the ups all the more. Your little girl is gorgeous. Enjoy her.

  10. Your blog is beautiful and your Little Miss is super cute! I love your photos and the way you capture her innocence and beauty. I, too, relate to the funk you mentioned. I have created goals and now am unsure about pursuing them. I know it’s the jitters and I’m doing my best to overcome it. Sometimes, it stops me in my tracks while other times, it catapults me to commit to change. In the end, I believe it’s the choice I choose to keep going that lights my way. Sending you some blogging love your way to keep on keeping on.

  11. What a cutie! Great photos.

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