Blog Design Mood board

Hi friends. How is your day going? So far so good over here. I’ve already done my homework for my Blog boss e-course, which I’m excited to share with you. We were assigned to make a dream blog design mood board. I started it yesterday and could not stop till it was done. I’m so excited to be actively  re-designing the blog and finally making the transition over to a Don’t worry, I will let you know when it happens so we don’t lose track of each other. It’s time for Gracy & Ivy to graduate to a new level. So here’s my mood board…

Dream blog mood board

Let me know your thoughts. Nothing is set in stone at the moment and I may even make another board to play around with some more ideas and different colors.

Have a lovely Wednesday!





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17 responses to “Blog Design Mood board

  1. Cathy Garrett

    Ivy, I think your mood board is wonderful! I love the soft colors and the color blue on the butterfly. Also, love the french style of your mood board. You are so creative!

  2. petasvintageblog

    It’s wonderful :) so pretty and natural

  3. Hi there, just found your blog via our Blog Boss homework. Just wanted to say how beautiful your mood board is! It’s gorgeous. Lauren x

  4. I love your blog is very inspired thank you for share, from your friend from BYW

  5. I love the stacked papers, and think you should have that as the new background for the main content. I’d also love to see your widgets on the side paperclipped to the stack, and new icons!! This is so exciting. :)

  6. This is lovely… I enjoy looking in on your progress and I learn along the way.

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!! What program did you use to design this board?

  8. How romantic and stunning your moodboard looks. It totally represents you, and the way you want this blog to look like. I love it! Well done!!
    I still have to figure out what I want to put on mine. But I LOVE the e-course, it’s all so inspiring!! :-)
    Hugs from your fellow e-student,
    Inge x

    • Hi Inge! Thank you so much for your sweet compliments! It was fun to put it together! Hope you enjoyed making yours too. Yes, the e-course is wonderful! So much inspiration to be found. Hugs right back at ya. ;) xo. Ivy

  9. Hello from Blog Boss! I saw your moodboard in the homework – it’s beautiful. I really like how you are keeping your look consistent but updated and more layered, a hard balance! The logo that looks unique and hand-lettered, and the vintage script ephemera, love it!

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