Claire and the Peony

Hi friends. How are you all doing? Happy Friday. I hope your week has been lovely. It was my second week home alone with Claire while Chris was at his new job and I can honestly say that it went much smoother. Seems like we are finding out own rhythm and schedule. I do miss being able to pop into his office and say hello but I’m adjusting.

The peonies I got for Mother’s Day are in full bloom and are truly glorious. So I thought why not pair my favorite flower with my favorite baby girl…

claire 2 edit

Claire bear will be 11 months old in two days. I can hardly believe it. Almost a year has flown by and she is desperately trying to walk.

claire 1 edit


She is enamored with flowers (like her Mama) and always tries to grab at them when she gets the chance.

claire 3 edit

claire and the peony 1 edit

She was surprisingly gentle with my dear peony and I am happy to report that no flowers were injured during this photo session.

claire and the peony 2 edit

claire bear edit

Thank you, Claire for being such a good little model for Mommy.

Have a beautiful weekend!




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21 responses to “Claire and the Peony

  1. Such a beautiful little angel you have! Your photos are stunning, thanks for sharing and making me smile today!

  2. Glitteryone

    Claire is an angel. You are blessed to have her. And the styling of the photographs is exquisite. Have a beautiful day.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Those eyes…just, wow!

  4. Precious – I love that you are blogging about your girls so much – its fun to see them grow! Miss you! Gretchen

    • Hi Gretchen! I hope you are doing well! Great to read your email the other day! What an amazing experience you are having!! Keep us all posted. We miss you A LOT! xo.

  5. You’ve captured such magic in these shots. I can’t quite put it in words… the light… the color… the look in her eyes… and her tiny hand reaching out to gently touch the peony. It is moving and magical.

  6. Christine Austin

    Hi Ivy: I love this, Peony is my all time favorite flower! Claire is so beautiful, and you have so a great sense of aesthetic, what a lovely combination. I miss you, keep up the good work!
    PS: you should do modeling with Claire.

  7. LucyBre

    Wow, she is a beautiful baby ;)

  8. so precious, she’s a real doll!

  9. mspinguu

    She is sooo cute! And her eyes….gorgeous!

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