Still Life: Coral Peonies

Hi there! How has your week been? We are doing very well here,  just getting ready for summer and enjoying lots of warm sunshine. Grace asks everyday, “How many more school days till Summer?” I remember that feeling – you can hardly wait to have lazy mornings in your pj’s, endless afternoons running around the neighborhood with friends, hoping to hear the ice-cream truck approaching. No homework. Picnics in the park. Going to the beach. Wearing your swim suit all day. Childhood summers – I have many fond memories…

Nowadays, filling the house with fresh peonies is a sure sign that summer is around the corner. Friends and family have been bringing me bouquets almost weekly! My two little Peony bushes only gave 6 blooms this year. I hope next year will produce a larger bunch. Let me know if you have any tips on making more pop!

I have been challenging myself to arrange some still life compositions to shoot outside of the product shots I take for the shop. This series featuring three amazing, King Peonies in coral was such a delight to photograph. I had to cut myself off. Enjoy…








In case you are wondering, the backdrop is a vintage map of Rome and the other props are vintage goodies I have laying around my studio. It was fun to pull objects together and find harmony and balance in their arrangement. I did my editing in Photoshop using the Rad Lab plugin and I shot with my Canon XS Rebel with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens.

Have a lovely Thursday!




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11 responses to “Still Life: Coral Peonies

  1. Carolyn Barker

    Hi Ivy: I envy you being able to grow and receive Peonies from friends and relatives. They don’t grow here in So. Calif. Do you dry them? I have some dried ones and they last a long time and are very beautiful. Etsy has a store Vermont Peonies, I am going to order some dried ones from them. My Aunt Billie used to grow them in Yakima, Wash., she had bouquets of dried ones all over her house. I loved that look. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of your Peonies. Regards, Carolyn Barker

  2. Cathy Garrett

    I love Peonies and your pictures are so beautiful. Aren’t the pinks and coral colors so soft and gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Happy Thursday to you too!

  3. This is gorgeous! The colors are incredible & the object choices make my heart happy! What sort of processing did you use to edit? :)

  4. Many Cha Cha Michelle

    Everything is just gorgeous, well done :-)

  5. How lovely…thank you for sharing them.

  6. Emily

    As a new owner of a camera, I have great respect for photography – especially yours! These peonies are lovely. There is a mysterious peaceful pleasure that comes from looking at beautiful things. Keep em coming!

  7. Stunning. Although all are beautiful, I am drawn to the last one as the color composition keeps me lingering and enjoying.

  8. Oh my! I just found and treated myself to the newest copy of ARTFUL BLOGGING. Your images are truly dreamy and just adore them. Congrats on the feature.

  9. Natalie Macintyre

    Hi I was wondering what is your recipe for these photos? I am creating something close to this in RadLab but I’m missing something. Can you help?

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