Claire Bear is turning 1!

Hi my lovely readers! Hope your week is going well so far. Today, I come to you with some shots of Claire that I took a couple of days ago. I can’t believe that on the 19th she will be one years old! It seems like she just arrived!

Claire on quilt 2

I loved using this vintage yo-yo quilt as my backdrop! It’s like a field of multi-colored flowers. :)

claire on quilt 3

I shot these upstairs in the hallway where we have a skylight directly overhead. It gave me great even, natural light.

claire on quilt 5

claire on quilt 6  claire sit up 1

claire sit up 2

claire sit up 3

She is actually wearing her sisters tank top…so she is swimming in it but I love the lace edges and it happened to be within reach so I figured, what the heck?

claire sit up 4

This one is a bit blurry so forgive me but I had to include it because…well…that grin is just too cute!

claire big smile

I will be sure to capture more photos at her birthday party!

Much love to you all!




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23 responses to “Claire Bear is turning 1!

  1. Sweet sweet baby!!! Oh doesn’t the time fly when they are so young…!! Enjoy every minute, I know you will!! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos…! <3

  2. Hat dies auf Doreensblog rebloggt und kommentierte:
    Eines der süßesten Baby der Welt 😍🎀🎉

  3. She is so cute & photogenic 🎀😊

  4. Carolyn Barker

    Your daughters are so beautiful and I know that you guys really enjoy them. My baby girl will be 40 in September, seems like yesterday that she was born, we have a very special relationship, it is fun having an adult relationship but I loved it when she was little, too. HAVE FUN EVERY DAY!!!!!!

  5. She is precious — happy birthday sweet Claire!

  6. Cathy Garrett

    Beautiful little bright eyed little girl! I love those long eye lashes!

  7. What pretty eyes your little one has! Enjoy this time because pretty soon you will turn around and they will be 13 (I know:)

  8. OMG…she is too precious!!! Thanks for sharing these photos!

  9. OMG Claire is turning ONE already!!! OK, she looks so much like Chris with those eyelashes!! I love these. You are turning into an amazing photographer, Ivette! What gorgeous shots. So beautiful. And I just don’t have a CLUE as to where she gets that dazzling charm….. (WINK!) Love you!!!

  10. You have such a beautfiul daughter. So sweet. Loved the backdrop and those eyes – stunning. Happy Birthday Clair!

  11. Oh my goodness, those photos are gorgeous! My twin boys will be 2 on the 19th. :) Happy birthday to your little one!

  12. Wow!!!! Your daughter is gorgeous! I have never seen such a beautiful child…ever!

  13. diarRIA

    The baby is just sooo adorable I can’t resist but comment here that you are so lucky to have a beautiful daughter! Congrats! :)

  14. Meallyn

    Beautiful baby! She has lovely eyes :) Happy birthday to her :)

  15. Your daughter is too cute for words. Those eyes, that adorable smile! Happy birthday to Claire!

  16. I just have to say, that is a gorgeous child. SO beautiful. You take lovely photos, yet that’s so natural. <3 Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ohh, she´s so cute!!!:) Really beautiful pictures also!

  18. Reblogged this on aileeneslera and commented:
    i really love cute babies picture, it seems like to remember my kids when their were still baby too!

  19. She has got to be the most gorgeous baby out there!!


  21. Ah, she is gorgeous and so photogenic :) Lovely little lady x

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