Birthday Girl

Hello there.

Hope your weekend has been lovely so far. I was going to wait till Monday to share these but I found myself with some quiet time and thought I better take advantage of it!

Claire’s b’day was such a wonderful day. We had family in from out of town and many friends and neighbors came to celebrate our little girl. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sun was shining after days of rain, not a cloud in the sky and everyone was more than willing to sit outside and enjoy some food, drinks and of course, sweet Claire. Grace was incredibly excited for her sister and was helpful and supportive. She even made a “sign in” poster that she made all the guests sign as they came in. So cute!

My mother-in-law made some beautiful decorations for the house and I borrowed these great cupcake stands from a neighbor (thanks Christine!) to complete the butterfly and rose dessert table.


I got these precious paper butterflies from this Etsy shop. You can eat them too!



It took Claire a minute to figure out what to do with her cupcake…but it wasn’t long before she was stuffing her face.

PicMonkey Collage3

She was beaming from ear to ear with all the love and cuddles she got.



So grateful for the special time I got with my family and friends…especially my Aunt Iris and Grandmother who traveled all the way from the east coast to meet Claire.

PicMonkey Collage4

Much love to you all.




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9 responses to “Birthday Girl

  1. Cathy Garrett

    What a beautiful bright eyed little girl! I love all you decorations and the cupcakes. I love the softness of all your colors, decorations and butterflies. Thanks for sharing you amaze me with your creativity!

  2. Glitteryone

    Treasured day indeed. It is lovely to see the beautiful photos of those you love. Claire is so beautiful and her little outfit off the charts gorgeous. xxxx

  3. With Love from Mary

    so cute!
    you are lucky to have such a beautiful child. The cup cakes looked simply fantastic.

  4. Meallyn

    These cupcakes look so tasty! Your little princess had such a great day :)

  5. Happy Birthday Claire!! Such a cutie pie!

  6. What a gorgeous, elegant affair! Love those edible butterflies, the intricate detail is stunning!

  7. so beautiful and lovely !!!

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