Art to Adore: Angela Petsis

Hello friends and Happy Friday! Baby is sleeping and I’m busy pinning…as in Pinterest. Yes. It’s a serious job and someone has to do it. My Pinterest feed is being flooded with images of gorgeous encaustic art! I’m dying to try it! I just ordered this book and I’m looking for a local class or e-course so let me know if you guys know of one.

Anyway, through my hunt for beautiful Encaustic artwork I discovered an amazing artist : Angela Petsis. I am seriously swooning as I go through her stunning portfolio of work! I adore the layering, vintage elements and poetic softness of her work. Absolutely breathtaking.










So pretty right? I told hubby that I want one of her pieces for Christmas! Please go and treat yourself to a peek at her website and Etsy shop.

Have a lovely weekend!




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5 responses to “Art to Adore: Angela Petsis

  1. lauralupin

    I absolutely love these pieces, so beautiful! I’d love to try encaustics too, I think you can order kits online that come with the basics which would be good to start off with :)

  2. I have to second this as well. They pieces displayed here are imaginative, simple with a vulnerability that shows through the canvas. Neat post.

  3. Very creative pieces, something new to stimulate the eyes

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    I’m a Pinterest blogger two!

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