Finding Inspiration.



Hello. I’m afraid its happened. I’ve become stuck. Damn it. One moment I’m a wellspring of creativity and the next I’m dry as a desert. Is it the weather? No. Maybe I’m not sleeping enough? Hmm.

You know what it is?

It’s doubt.


Lack of confidence.

Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and runs me over like a hijacked bus. Bad part is…I’m the driver.

I know it is normal. It’s human. But it’s so frustrating. It makes my heart feel heavy.

A friend recently questioned me, wondering what I would do after I finished painting pretty faces. She didn’t mean anything by it…just curious about my artistic path but now I can’t get it out of my head. Is my art phony? Shallow? Is it inauthentic? Maybe I’ve been influenced by too many people. Maybe it is coming across as forced. Maybe I should just stop doing it.

My creative spirit comes to screeching halt. Stuck on the side of a busy street with negativity whizzing by. Unable to cross. To progress.

I need to find inspiration. I need to get off my butt and get with the program and beat these thoughts. So I spent some time (while devouring a bar of chocolate)  gathering some links that offer great ideas to do just that!

* Check out these great lists that prompt ideas, spark thoughts and get your out of the rut.

* A practical and simplistic guide to inspiration.

* A wonderland of inspiring Pinterest quotes

* Check out this fabulous site dedicated to inspiration!

Ok, wish me luck! If you are dealing with your own creative slump I hope this helps! Also, I would love to hear how you seek inspiration.




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20 responses to “Finding Inspiration.

  1. I’m dealing with creative reluctance. Like a block to even getting out there and doing something with my work rather than hide it away in my studio or gifting it to less than enthusiastic friends. Like you, I use lists and quotes and shore myself up to try again. Personally, I have enjoyed perusing your work and thank you for sharing your creative process. I often find myself the only creative in a group and long for more mentors and peers. Much love getting through your slump! I hope it’s easier than you believe it will be <3

  2. annetta13513

    When I feel like things have dried up, it’s doubt and lack of confidence as well. I find myself comparing myself to everyone else and it’s eats away the creativity! Just know that you are good and that you are an amazing talent in the industry we work/create in!

  3. i feel you.. i have been in a slump for ages. can’t seem to get out.

  4. I definitely know where you’re coming from. I’ve run into my share of inspiration pot holes with my blog. Comparison is the root of unhappiness! There is always going to be someone “better” than you, but remember: you ARE authentic and talented and no one can take that away from you.

  5. It is a wave – ride the highs and lows -we expect to be even keel all the time.
    That gets boring. Breath in the lows, accept and know it too will move on and the creative spirit will return.

  6. Reblogged this on myneuesleben and commented:
    Definitely what was needed. I felt the same today.. :)

  7. Thank you for this! Its there ….that little devil, hiding behind the chair, just waiting and then its like a monkey on your back! Why is it one little comment can take us 10 steps back when it took so long to get that far forward. I always admire your work and its variety & beauty, you helped me before months ago with a simple comment in our online group. Maybe your thinking “to hard”, (my issue usually) and another chocolate bar is in order!

  8. normal – yes, very normal but doesn’t make it any more fun. riding the wave is all we can do (and some of the things your links suggest). but my comment is really to the thing you said “Maybe I’ve been influenced by too many people”. We are all a product of our influences and I don’t believe one can be influenced by too many people. We take what we love from our influences and put them all together as our unique selves. I would say not enough influences would be more detrimental.

    but you didn’t ask for my opinion of what you wrote, but instead for where i find inspiration. when stuck i usually look to other aspects of my life. i’m a photographer and so i might play or listen to music. i might read a book or get some exercise. thanks for asking as i needed to remind myself of that!

  9. I’ve been in a slump about my blog! :) I have been doing a lot of writing on my autobiography and working on a painting, but I haven’t really been putting much new stuff on my blog! I am sort of out of ideas right now…..

  10. If you enjoy making your art and it expresses what you want it to express how can it be phony? Just because something is pretty doesn’t mean it is shallow. Things don’t have to be dark to be real, light and joy have a vital place in the world! It doesn’t hurt to question yourself from time to time to make sure you are on track, but don’t let the opinions of others derail you from your own truth.

    When I am stuck, nothing beats going out in nature, for a walk or just to sit and watch ripples on water, wind in the trees, birds flying. But I haven’t yet found a way to get over my own lack of confidence in my ability to actually write a whole novel :)

  11. I know it’s not the same but anything can be inspiration, depending on how you look at it: take a look at the little tips on my re-blog. Post before the last about “writers block”. I think it could even be something like over inspiration, over-stimulation. I find that sometimes prevents me to move forward and create, with ONE idea. Like a child too over-stimulated, they get tired, can’t concentrate, focus or work, when there’s too much going on within their space. For example, the room has too much color, too many pieces to looks at, it’s an overload of information. I try to stop first. I call it the PAUSE because, that’s what it is. Pause the brain, color flashes, movement; I Paise the many ideas running through my brain all at once. Thank you for sharing..

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  13. Thank you for sharing!!! I know the feeling. Today it feels like there is no need for someone like me trying to do something creativ. But then I found your blogg. I will look at the 50 ways to find inspiration :) !!

  14. Oh Ivy,
    I can so relate to what you are feeling!! I have struggled with it a lot over the past few weeks!!
    Just let your inner self guide you to where you should be. No one else can tell us that but ourselves.
    But I have to tell you that your art is truly stunning and it reflects your soul.
    Best of luck sweet girl!

  15. As an artist I can hit a road block when I find my mind trying to filter out inner monologue. I often peruse art sites, pintrest and all my supplies just to kick the slump and find inspiration. I have found however the best cure is the unexpected. I start with a blank panel covered in gesso and just start adding to it, colors I like, fibers, paper and whatever my mind comes across. It’s a great way to clear through that inner monologue of frustrations, doubt, worry and the internal habit of self criticism (that us creative souls seem to suffer from). Also, it’s a great way to try new things and see new approaches to art. Thank you for sharing the links. Hope your slump is kicked and your inspiration is recharged quickly! :)

  16. Something I do to help is randomly doodle. Or throw a bunch of words in a hat, of objects, pull two out and draw them merged together, like a balloon elephant :)

  17. Your blog and pictures are amazing, so much imagination where it comes from?

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