Brene Brown E-Course : The Gifts of Imperfection

Hi there friends! How are you? I hope the week has been treating you well. I’m slowly coming out of my creativity slump by doing mundane things like gutting my closet. It was a spiritual experience. Seriously. I removed 9 bags of old clothes, shoes and miscellaneous junk! It’s embarrassing to admit but I had stuff in there from college…yeah…sad, I know. Now, when I walk into my closet I feel like I can breathe. So…in celebration of my closet cleanse, I signed up for this. Go check it out if you have no time for shopping/get overwhelmed or just want a lovely treat delivered to your door! I loved it!

Clearing old stuff brings in new energy and I’ve decided to help the process along by taking the new Brene Brown & Oprah E-course, which is accompanied by Brene’s best selling book. I have had her book on my bedside for over a year. Just laying there. Waiting for me to pick it up and grow. Plus, the fact that this course involves art journaling really sealed the deal for me! I’m excited and I encourage you to check it out if you are feeling stuck in your own journey. Class starts Oct. 20th! Come join me!

Hope you all have a beautiful rest of the week!





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5 responses to “Brene Brown E-Course : The Gifts of Imperfection

  1. peregrinacultural

    I’ve been going through a similar process. Trying to dispose of stuff from a career I abandoned 10 years ago. I couldn’t believe I kept so many things… What was I thinking?!!! It brings a nice feeling… Good luck with the rest … I need it too…

  2. oh I spotted that course too – so tempting but i want to do Holly Becker’s next Blogging your way ECourse and this one looks good too

  3. I love to purge! I just went to the recycler and the thriftstore to drop things off… big breath of air!

  4. I’m signed up for the Brene’ Brown ecourse as well. Can’t wait!


  5. Before I became an art major, (in digital and graphic design), I had an aversion to drawing/painting, etc., so the thought of an art journal scared me a bit, but I’m actually excited now to see what everyone will come up with! :) I will be following you!

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