Art Journaling : Brené Brown Class

Hi there! How’s life? Things have been going well here and I’ve been diligently working on my Brené Brown art journal homework from the Oprah life class. Following along with the book has been truly life changing. The messages within have been resonating deeply with me as I become aware of my own issues with perfection, shame and self-worth – pretty heavy, I know. BUT so inspiring and refreshing at the same time!

I’ve had several “ah-ha” moments that made me smile while other pages brought on the tears. One huge epiphany I experienced, was when I realized the cause of my recent creativity block. It wasn’t because my creative juices ran dry or I ran out of inspiration…it was because I was focusing on attaining approval rather than just being authentic. I wasn’t creating for me. I was creating for others and seeking praise. All of sudden, the likes on Facebook didn’t make me feel good anymore, the hearts on Instagram didn’t mean anything. I felt numb. So I stopped making art. Joy was replaced with doubt.  Understanding why this happened has brought me great clarity.

Working in my very first art journal has renewed my creativity and given me the chance to further digest the information in the book. I had promised to share some of the pages with you…so here they are…

I thought that the first assignment was very appropriate. That scary first white page was dedicated to giving yourself permission.

art journal2

Next, we had to take pictures of ourselves with our “Pledge” written on our hand – “I’m imperfect and I’m ENOUGH!” Love that.



The class went on to explore the word – COURAGE and it’s original meaning: to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. Then we listed the people in our lives that we trust and share our story with. We placed this list in the center of our heart. I wrote the word “Thank You” on my list to remind myself to be eternally grateful to these special people.


Then we were assigned to find a photo that captures our “true self” and write about who we see, what makes this person light up and how we need to treat her. Loved how this exercise made me feel.


This last collage kinda just happened…the inside of the journal cover needed some art! :)

art journal1

As I mentioned, I’ve never art journaled before and I’m really loving it! I’m getting a little braver with my materials and exploring new ways to blend words and images.

Have you ever kept an art journal? If you do, I would love to hear how you like to use it.

Hope your week is full of inspiration.





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16 responses to “Art Journaling : Brené Brown Class

  1. I have always wanted to start an art journal! This is so inspiring! I think I might have to start one soon. Thanks for posting! :)

  2. Cathy Garrett

    I love your journal/art pages. Looks like a great class!

  3. ive wanted to art journal too – I started one a while ago but am still on page 1…I think its something I need to do a little each day. I did see that e-course …sounds so interesting!

  4. Love it! I’m good at starting a journal but not staying with it. Wish I was better at it. Might have to try again.

  5. Lillabella Photography

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I absolutely love your work and find it so inspiring! I have been doing handbound books for awhile now but have never tried doing art journaling and now you’ve inspired me to give it a go with one of my handmade books. Please continue sharing your beauty! :)

  6. quite inspirational. I never thought about an art journal; however, I do journal and sometime, there are some sketches, drawings I put in it and some poetry. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I’ve done so many art journals when I was in highschool, being an arts major and then in college but more rarely.. I often think about starting one. These are great!

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  9. I have to ask what is the difference between a art journal and a sketch book?? How do we go about doing a art journal??

    • Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I totally get your question. I kinda wondered the same thing at first…but after exploring it a but I realize that art journaling is similar to keeping a sketchbook but involves more writing. It’s like what would happen if a diary and a sketchbook got together and had a baby. Lol. That’s art journaling to me. Personal thoughts, ideas and emotions written down and then blended with visual elements. :) Does that make sense? Xo.

  10. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journal! I’m getting ready to take part 2 of the class with a group of friends. You are helping us imagine what it will be like. Fun, inspiring, and beautiful!

  11. I’ve been pondering taking this class for a while. I noticed that it’s on sale this weekend. Do you recommend it?

    • Hi there…yes I enjoyed it. It’s very simple art journaling…so if you already have some experience it may be a bit basic…although the themes that are discussed are valuable in a self help way. xo, Ivy

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