Art Journals to Adore

Hello there. I’m so excited I can hardly sit still. I just signed up to attend this retreat in May 2014! Eeek! I’m scared and incredibly happy at the same time – which I know is a good sign I’m doing something that I truly want to do. A long weekend, on Bainbridge Island creating art with 10 other women – it’s gonna be total bliss! Plus, I’m going to actually meet one of my favorite online art teachers – Jeanne Oliver! Feeling very blessed.

Anyways, I’ve been working more frequently in my art journal. Picking it up casually and sketching or jotting down a thought. It’s becoming a little addictive. I was on Pinterest gathering jouranling inspiration and I thought I would show you some of my favorites. Just gorgeous…










So inspiring right? I just got this book to help me get more creative with hand lettering too. Love it.

I’m off to go work in mine.

Have a beautiful Friday and a lovely weekend.





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5 responses to “Art Journals to Adore

  1. This is something I have not yet begun and you have certainly been inspiring… I love your interest in vintage..very beautiful..!!

  2. laurerz

    Hey! I was looking for some more blogs to follow because I’m new to wordpress ^.^ I really like your pictures & posts. makes for a nice viewing. Will deffo be following. :)

    If you get a mo please pop by and check out my dating/views on women type blog.

  3. wow! this look amazing! i wish i can draw like that!!!!

  4. Real great work, I like this, a bit “old time style”. Beautiful:)

  5. You’ve inspired me to do something like this again! I used to, a long time ago, before ‘life took over’! Thanks for the inspiration. P.S I also enjoy Brene Brown.

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