Winter Art


Okay so…seriously if it’s gonna be this cold it should SNOW! In my area, we only got a tiny dusting – not too exciting! Oh well. Anyway, since I’m craving snowflakes, I thought I would share with you some chilly artwork from some fabulous artists on Society 6. Enjoy and Happy Friday!



{by Sandra Dieckmann}


{by Free4m}5325924_3902791_lz{by Marta Bielsa}


{by Elle Moss}


{by David Fleck}


{by Ariana Perez}


{by Paula Belle Flores}


{by Laura Evans}

Have a wonderful weekend.




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14 responses to “Winter Art

  1. It looks so real, icy trees, cold fluffed up birds, and then a closer look reveals the patterns on the tree, which makes it so special!

  2. great choices, all of them are amazing

  3. I like the black and white cityscape garland in turquoise. That has great balance. Really like the first one with the birds and decorative trees. Very imaginative.

  4. All great art, but the balloons are a real favorite!

  5. We noticed these artists on Society6 too and love their winter works! I agree, with this chilly weather, we need snow! However, where we are once we get snow it tends to stick around. Brrrr. Anywho, check out our blog or our Society6 shop! (


  6. Great art, thank you for sharing. I love the first piece, it is so powerful.

  7. barbarapavlic

    Winter themed art with it’s white, grey’s and subtle colors is so beautiful. And you made a great collection. I love the most the first picture because of the popping orange color.

  8. So pretty, I love birds the first one is bulls eye for me :). De city skyline is also amazing!

  9. Really nice pics you´ve put up here!!! Me like!!!

    Take care and have a merry christmas! (photo)

  10. I absolutely love the first one – Keep going back and looking. Thanks for sharing. Gretchen

  11. jameselmore

    Reblogged this on Canopy Gallery and commented:
    What a beautiful collection of artwork curated by Ivy, all built around the color gray. Love her enthusiasm and generosity for sharing the work of others and her celebration of life!

  12. These pictures are gorgeous!

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