Little Red

Hello lovely people and Happy Friday! How are you?

Our house is filled with the smell of our Christmas tree – I just love that about this time of year! Every morning, I go around the house turning on all the twinkle lights and appreciating their beautiful glow. I do love Christmas!

Wanted to share some pictures of little Claire Bear, that I managed to capture the other day. I’m surprised she kept the hood up, since she tends to dislike anything on her head – stubborn little bear…but so stinkin’ cute.

little red 1 edit

Those eyes get me every time…and I think she’s starting to figure that out. ;)

little red 2 edit

little red 4 edit

little red 5 edit

Hope you are all enjoying this special time of year! What’s your favorite thing about the season?

Have a beautiful weekend.




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10 responses to “Little Red

  1. Cathy Garrett

    She is so beautiful and love those bright eye’s!
    My favorite thing about Christmas is being with family, decorating my house, baking and if I can relax when everything is done that is a plus!

  2. Precious Angel!! What a beauty, and just so adorable!! I know what you mean about the smell of the tree…so special and brings back memories of childhood. The same for me is smelling a baby-doll…the old kind made of rubber. Brings me Right Back!! My favorite thing about the season is anticipation of seeing my nieces home from college and now both my sons home from college, getting the whole family together for Christmas Eve….traveling to see other family Christmas Day. So special…… Happy Holidays to you and your Beautiful Family !!

  3. Amazing face, what I would imagine an angel would look like.

  4. Right here… the sweet innocence bringing warmth and sweet love to our day(s)

  5. Lovely!;-) For me Christmas is mulled wine, sugar-coated almonds and lots of Christmas parties!;-)

  6. She is so beautiful. It seems that her eyelashes playing around her face – love it.

  7. Hi Ivy, She is so exquisite! I just love these photos. Wishing all of you a beautiful Christmas!! We had snow today but it didn’t stick. xoxo

  8. She is super pretty! Oh those eyes!

  9. vanessa013

    Such a cuttie!
    Red outfit and blue eyes, sweety! :)

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