Friday Art

Hi. It’s Friday so that’s great. I’m sick again with a cold – so that’s not so great. I hope you are weathering through this season of illness better than me. It seems that little Miss Claire, who attends day care a few times a week to play with her  toddler buddies, also loves to bring home germs. My immune system is being put through the wringer! Oh well…

Anyway, I really don’t have much energy today so I’ll spare you any lack luster writing and just share the little painting I did the other day. We are now studying Cézanne in my e-course and his landscapes are so beautiful. I had to try one myself, of course I couldn’t resist adding the girl in there too.


It was fun doing a landscape, which is rather out of my comfort zone. Several times I almost stopped and threw down my brush, in frustration….but with some patience and lots of layers of paint it finally came together.

This piece was done in acrylics but I really experimented with different mediums to create a more oil paint like consistency. In fact, I tried using KY Jelly with my paint. Sounds silly but it works! It seemed to increase the viscosity and made the paint dry a little slower thus blending beautifully! This world famous art forger used KY Jelly with his acrylic paints when replicating famous works! He ended up in jail…but at least he shared this tid bit with us! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend and stay healthy!




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15 responses to “Friday Art

  1. Cathy Garrett

    I love this and the girl looking over the hills and beautiful landscape. I wonder what she is thinking about!

  2. Landscape has a deep rich relief. Well done

  3. Ivy, this is really beautiful! I have never heard of using KY Jelly with acrylics. I have a tube of paint retarder which does the same thing. I also have some of the KY Jelly, and wish I had thought of using that instead of paying for the retarder! I will have to try it now! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care of yourself and rest.

  4. Truly beautiful. I’m glad you didn’t throw away your brushes. :-)

  5. vicki mcpherson

    Great art. Love the color and the girl was a nice touch.

  6. Beautiful colors, composition and depth in your painting ! Don’t give up on landscapes. You did great.

  7. The art work is beautiful, it”s calming to look at, very therapeutic.

  8. Kevin Hill

    Fabulous! I like what you’ve created here – style, subject and colours. People in landscapes is not normally my thing but this really works for me. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve only just found your blog but will certainly pay another visit. Cheers, Kevin.

  9. Very nicely done. The addition of the young woman in a vintage dress is lovely. I too love making art. I really desire to try my hand at watercolor painting. I just need to make the time and practice, practice.

  10. Beautiful strokes. And yes! for the girl. She rather makes it for me.

  11. Beautiful work! Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Beautiful sophisticated yet welcoming blog design. This particular image caught my eye because of your words beneath -‘comfort zone’ with landscapes. I avoid landscapes because I don’t enjoy them, but if I’m being honest-I don’t believe I handle them as well as other subject matter. Despite your ‘comfort zone’ you’ve managed creating a lovely serene image. You’ve inspired me to tip-a-toe into a landscape creation soon.
    Thank you for sharing your talents.
    new blogger and former ‘landscape’ avoider

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