A Magical Garden

Hi friends! How’s life? I hope all is well. We are preparing for our trip to Disneyland to celebrate Grace’s 8th Birthday! She is beyond excited! Claire on the other hand, has decided that sleep is rather over rated and has nightly parties in her crib – laughing, talking and calling out to me. I’m exhausted, to say the least! I’ll be glad when this little night owl phase passes.

Anyway…A couple of weeks back we visited a magical place right here in Lake Oswego – The Elk Rock Gardens. It was a gorgeous Spring morning, so Grace and I headed over there to stroll the many paths that crisscross this enchanting place. I, of course, took a plethora of pictures, so I thought I would finally share them with you…

into the gardens

pink glow

forest child

flower in hand



little girl big trees




yellow blooms


What an amazing morning we had exploring this wonderful place! As Spring comes into full bloom, I encourage you to check out local gardens in your area! It’s so easy to forget about these precious places and just get caught up in our day to day tasks. So much inspiration can be found in nature!

Have a beautiful rest of the week!




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12 responses to “A Magical Garden

  1. penelopebianchi

    A wonderful post! You are so correct! There are so many lovely gardens all over our country! Open to the public!!

    I think you will like this story! Literally 50 years ago I drove myself to a lovely small Catholic High School in my home town (3 generations) of Pasadena, California!

    The route I drove….there was an enormous (I think it is 3 acres) vacant lot! I think 3 trees. A couple of palm trees,…..maybe a pine…..and dirt. Nothing but dirt!

    (why wasn’t I more creative??) It did not occur to me to do anything about it!

    Well; it sure did occur to my friends!! Kicker and Betty McKenny bought a condominium right next to it! Betty is very creative; visual. and smart!!
    ….and “Kicker” is very smart! (he went to Stanford with my husband!!)
    They make a great team!

    So…..this pathetic and enormous vacant lot of dirt and a few sick trees; They decided to change!

    They engaged the Pasadena Garden Club; the City of Pasadena……etc etc etc……..

    They founded “Arlington Gardens”! and that two acre piece of “dirt” is one of the crown jewels of Pasadena! It is magnificent!! Filled with native and wonderful plants…..it is a complete wildlife haven!! At every time of year it is an inspiration to everyone who sees it!

    go peek at their website!
    It is a true miracle! Yes; one person can change the world around you!

    The first time I saw it; I sat down on the bench and cried!! Joyful tears! Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and so many other birds!

    It is a complete miracle!!! Miracles do happen!!

    Go look at this! And look around at “vacant lots” in your city or town!

    ONE COUPLE did this with the help they asked for!

    It is one of the best things I have ever seen happen in my whole life!!!


  2. She is so cute and beautiful……garden is also so beautiful….

  3. Beautiful! It looks like something out of a fairy tale

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love formal gardens, they always seem like they’ve got secrets behind the carefully selected flowers and artful overgrowth. I’m not sure what it is – perhaps it’s that the upfront nature of a garden is a mask, but they always feel like magic.

  5. ComaDiary

    Beautiful! Beautiful words, beautiful photos!

  6. Gorgeous gardens and lovely photos. They make it look so magical and your daughter seems like child entering fairyland!

  7. Reblogged this on bandanamuda and commented:
    bagus amat ya….:D

  8. I love this post. Beautiful photographs, they whole post has a magical fairy appeal.

  9. LaDonna

    Lovely pictures, seem like a nice time spent together.

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