An Art Supply Giveaway!

Hello there!

So I gotta say…I had never really done giveaways on the blog before the one we just did for the Paint & Pixels Workshop…and well…they are SUPER fun! You can expect more of these from me in the future! I love the excitement of putting together a fun package and seeing who wins! :) Good times.

SOOO….I’ve decided to do one to celebrate my upcoming online Mixed Media & Encaustic workshop – Whimsical Portraits & Dreamy Landscapes!

Mixed Media Online workshop IMAGE

Check it out! I’ve gathered up lots of goodies to give away! What a great start to the class and we all LOVE new supplies right? :)

Whimsical giveaway


All of these items are on the supply list! Yah! Included in this package will be — A Ranger Heat-It craft dryer, a bottle of linseed oil, two Faber Castell Gelatoes (white & black), a set of Reeves water mixable oils (love these), a gorgeous set of Japanese Hake Brushes (used for encaustic wax) and a 1 lb. bag of encaustic medium by R & F!! Woo!

There are ONLY TWO DAYS left for the early bird pricing of only $52.00 and I need your help to spread the word!

To enter to win this lovely bundle of art goodies you simply have leave a comment about what your all time favorite art medium is PLUS share about the workshop on one (or more) of your social channels….i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Let me know how and where you shared and each time you do, I will enter you name again into the drawing! Pretty easy right!?

I will be drawing the winner on Saturday June 13th! So stay tuned to see if you won!! Can’t wait to wrap up this box and ship it out to a lucky creative friend!

Thank you all for helping me share this event! You guys rock!





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61 responses to “An Art Supply Giveaway!

  1. Adi, the Happy Lifeaholic

    Reblogged this on The Happy Lifeaholic and commented:
    Are there any artists among my readers? Here’s an Art supply giveaway you might want to look into! :)

  2. This is so great! Thank you for this giveaway and I wish you luck with your workshop. I can’t take this one coming up, but I hope to try one in the future. My all time favorite medium is photography of course, but after that I think I’d go with acrylic paint. Shared your post on twitter and tumblr
    Have a great day, I love your work and am so glad I’ve discovered your blog.

  3. Hi Great giveaway! I shared on my facebook timeline

  4. Brandi Evans

    i love art supplies so much that I couldn’t possibly name my all time favorite. So hard!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway :)

  5. Brandi Evans

    Just shared on FB ;)
    Brandi Velthouse-Evans

  6. Pamela Rae Speight

    Thank you for doing a giveaway !!!! I am so excited to take the class !!!!

  7. Brandi Evans



  8. Brandi Evans

    And …. Shared to Instagram

  9. Everything is my favorite…hahaha but currently stuck on High Flow fluid acrylics by Golden.

  10. I love using Oil sticks and adding water to my acrylics. I also shared this blog post about your workshop on my Twitter account!

  11. My favorite would be water color and ink then myHigh Flow fluid Acrylics – shared on twitter and facebook

  12. I love oils! Plein aire, in particular😀

  13. Wow! I love gesso and gelatos… and I Share your workshop on pinterest facebook linkedin google plus and twitter!!! 😊

  14. headfullofroses

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. I have already signed up for your class and am looking forward to it!! My favorite supply right now… and I am still looking for the perfect one, but love to find a good extra fine tip marker, white and black to do highlighting with ….. The sharpie paint brush marker is a great one right now on my list…. I have shared on my pinterest and my facebook page, Jane Lazenby thanks!!

  15. Shared on FB! Thank so much Ivy!

  16. Hi Ivette! lovely giveaway and thanks for chance to win! i am in love with all my paint supplies so choosing one is difficult…i love neon colors and love the way watercolors give such nice surprises!

  17. Essie

    My all time favorite art medium is really acrylics and recycled materials :)

  18. Ronda

    I love acrylic paints and collage. I shared on Facebook.

  19. I’m still an amateur in all things art, but I loved working with glass and a little torch making beads. I shared your post on my Facebook page, and thanks for the giveaway!

  20. April Lopez

    I was just reading about this in your email. This would be an amazing class to win for sure. My favorite medium is acrylic but I’m trying to teach myself watercolors and I also am teaching myself neocolor 2’s and whatever supply I can get my hands on. Shared on FB.

  21. The class looks great! I’m currently a huge fan of acrylics.

  22. Cary Scholes

    Yay! Another give away! I never win anything, but it doesn’t stop me from entering! My favorite medium right now is high gloss medium. I am using as glue, as coverage, as sealant…love it!

  23. Cary Scholes

    Oh, and I posted about this on my FB page!

  24. I’m a mixed media addict–so I love all kinds. Sharing this on my Twitter. :)

  25. Nancy LeB

    I think my favourite medium – if it could be called a medium – is paper – I love to use paper of all different kinds in different ways –

  26. Lisa Ummel-Ingram

    Signed up today–happy to get the early bird price. Also shared on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. My favorite medium at the moment is watercolor paint.

  27. adele

    Traveling the internet via the ytube I caught one of your trailer videos and boy did you catch my attention. I know nothing about encaustics. Still finding my way playing with prisma color pencils and acrylics…just having fun and experimenting. Thank you for this opportunity :-) sharing on FB

  28. i totally love using inks!!!! it’s versatile in so many techniques of usage.

  29. So looking forward to the class, something a bit different for me :) Thanks for the generous giveaway as well!

  30. oooops, so sorry i entered 2 times, not intentional, sweetie….i thought it wasn’t coming thru. please take one off as deem fit, thanks

  31. Rob

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize. I am sharing your post on my Facebook page.

  32. sherrie

    wonderful giveaway, I shared on Facebook..I am currently doing collages and hope to expand to painting.

  33. Cindy Ceroky

    Omg!! Great giveaway!!! My favorite mixed media items are oil pastels, old paper from books, glue n’seal, and ampersand art boards as canvases! Going to share on my Facebook (Ampersand Crafts) and my pinterest and instagram. Thank you!

  34. Glenda

    Shared on pinterest just now. What a generous prize for a lucky winner! Pen-and-ink has always been a favorite of mine, and more recently I have loved mixed media and collage. Now I’m eager to do digital art. I’m already registered for this online class, and can’t wait!

  35. Glenda

    Just shared on instagram as well. Thanks, Ivy, for the chance to win these supplies to use for the workshop!

  36. Stephanie Cogburn Cotter

    Ivy, I just signed up for the course! I am so excited to learn encaustics!! I am new to mixed media and I love so many art supplies. I really love the Neo Color II crayons (they are new to me). I am just thrilled to be a part of this class, thank you for the early bird rate. The prize you are giving away is so awesome and generous! Sharing on Facebook now!

  37. Jill Turner

    Shared your lovely class information on Facebook and Instagram! My favorite art supply has to be acrylics. Would love to win these awesome prizes, so your class would be even more affordable!

  38. My favorite medium would have to be acrylics. Sharing on my FB page! Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. Well I have to say I just love so many art supplies because they are all very new to me… I feel like a kid again learning about how they all work… Currently on my studio table I’m enjoying a bit of play with working on some images to transfer, gesso, matt medium and a half dozen small bottles of chalk paint… I have a few stencils and rubber stamps to layer with.. along with some straps of vintage wallpaper so we will see how it all comes together…. ~ Thanks for the fun giveaway… ~ Karla

    Re-blogged on WordPress

  40. Kaitlin Statz

    I enjoy ink, both pen and wash, but also gouache. Also, I shared on Twitter @statzink. Looks interesting!

  41. goodluck for times to come !! :)

  42. I’ve really enjoyed using acrylics in the past, but have been experimenting more with watercolors lately. It’s totally different, but still fun!

  43. Shared via Pinterest!

  44. francine perri

    great giveaway your class sounds fantastic I liked, shared, pinned on pinterest and facebook

  45. Jay

    Tricky question. Please don’t make me choose! Since our Laurencin study, I’d probably have to with water mixable oils. Or Open Acrylics. The longer drying times are a blessing.

  46. Jay

    Shared on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram too x

  47. S lucy

    I shared on pinterest and my favourite art supply is modeling paste

  48. S lucy

    Shared on fb 😄

  49. As a novice to art supplies such as acrylics, brushes and what not I have not really formed a favorite yet as I am rather new to the painting scene and have not learned how to properly use them. I lack confidence, control and the ability to paint without inhibitions. In essence as silly as it may sound I am afraid to try in fear of screwing up. I love to doodle and enjoy my Zig pens and Prisma colored pencils. I am signed up for the class, but l intend to start at a later date as I do not own any of the supplies listed for the class. Winning this fabulous giveaway would be the cherry on top and would allow me to start when the class starts. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to all. Can’t wait to see you all in class.

  50. I am still discovering art, but I love the freedom of mixed and discovering new techniques and tools. I have shared this post on my FB personal timeline, business page (Tickell Expressions) and two art groups (Creative Currents and PEI Faith Arts) which are also on Facebook.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  51. Lynne Davey

    I posted on fb, twitter and I pinned your giveaway. I’m so excited to take this class!! You are amazing!!!

  52. Lynne Davey

    It might be my phone. But I can’t get the Instagram button to work on your website. I did put the giveaway on FB, twitter and Pinterest. You are amazing!

  53. adriana

    i love watercolors.

  54. My “go-to” supply seems to be watercolor! But I love mixed media, and trying new things. I love the dreamy look of encaustics, but have never tried it. Good luck with your class! Thanks for this opportunity! I’m sharing on Facebook :)

  55. Kim

    I love acrylics and oil pastels! I’m new to mixed media, and excited to try more!

  56. Melanie Price

    Basics – graphite and inks!
    Shared on Facebook.

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