Camera Craft Giveaway!

Hello friends!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! We had some great family time and as an extra bonus I got to spend Sunday afternoon with some local artists, painting in the sunshine! Blissful!

So…today I’m super excited to let you know that I am giving away one FREE spot into the AMAZING Camera Craft Class – (a $200 VALUE) by Galia Alena! I am one of the lucky contributors and I know its going to be a tremendously inspiring class with a lineup of beautiful teachers all sharing their love for photography! Check out more info on these lovely ladies here.

Photography holds a special place in my heart and I attribute my realignment with my creativity to it. Learning how to observe, appreciate and seek beauty in the everyday re-ignited my passion for art and for that I will be forever grateful! I’m so honored to share some of my knowledge within this wonderful online class!

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 5.57.19 PMSo…you may be wondering how do I enter this fabulous giveaway? Well…here’s all the details…

To enter…just leave a comment here on my blog letting me know how photography has affected your life or why you might want to learn more about it. To increase the number of times I enter your name you could do any or all of the following to spread the love, just be sure to pop back and let me know in the comments:

☆ share this competition or the class on your blog, twitter, pinterest, google, facebook page or other social network platform

☆ like my facebook page (or invite some friends to)

☆ subscribe to this blog

I will be announcing the winner on Thursday! Thank you and good luck! If you want to join in this amazing journey click HERE. The class begins at the end of the month!!

Don’t miss this opportunity! I look forward to your comments!

Have a beautiful Monday!


P.S. Stay tuned – because tomorrow I have another special treat for you!! ;)




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22 responses to “Camera Craft Giveaway!

  1. bevsparks

    What a GrEaT giveaway. I took a short class in photography approx. 10 years ago but have forgotten a lot of the info I learned in that class and haven’t gone on any photo trips in a long time, in fact, I took my “good” camera out of the closet the other day and have forgotten how to use it! This class sounds perfect for me. :) Time to go find the booklet that came with the camera. lol

  2. What a fantastic opportunity. Thank you.

    I have always loved photography. I can’t remember a time when photographs and cameras were not part of my life. I like to think it might be because my Great-Great-Grandfather was a studio photographer from the early 1870s onwards. Maybe in my DNA. I used to love looking through old family photos and wondering about the people, what they were thinking and feeling, what the moment was that was captured in that instant. I, therefore, use my camera to document my own family life, the childhoods of my sons, our travels and experiences. I’m an experienced and competent amateur photographer but I’m not very well-versed in photo editing and am stuck in a bit of a rut with my photography – subject and style. A course might be just the shove and inspiration I need to explore new things with my camera.

    Thanks again!

  3. photographylover

    I have always been interested in photos. When I was younger, I used to pore through drawers of photos and photo albums that my parents made, looking at them, rearranging them and remembering the moment that they were taken. Photography is something you get immersed in. You lose yourself in shooting, and all your worries and daily stresses just melt away.This is the reason why.

  4. Tami

    Since I have 2 boys and a dog, photography for me has meant capturing moments that would otherwise have slipped by. The serious, the goofy, the funny and the crazy moments can be documented daily. I would love to win this class spot so I can learn more about photography to take even better photos and to one day start a blog to share these moments. Thank you for this opportunity to win :)

  5. I have shared on face book. I have a decent camera but have never really figured out all it can do .

  6. I do follow you on Facebook.

  7. I really loved doing photography when I was blogging regularly. Since I’ve had to go back to work full time, my blog has suffered and, as a result of inattention, my photography skills have lapsed. I’d love a creative shot in the arm to go back to do something that I really do enjoy. Hope I win!


  8. I love capturing beautiful moments of people, flowers, beautiful places, etc. with photography. I want to take my photography to a new level by getting a new camera and I have a lot to learn! This class would help me so much as I move from a point and shoot to a great camera.

  9. Debbie

    This class looks amazing! I would love to learn to be more creative with my photo taking. My husband bought me a nice camera for my birthday a couple of years ago, but I’ve never really taken the time to explore what it’s all about. Thanks for a chance to win a spot!

  10. Hi Ivy. In the back of my mind I’ve been wanting to incorporate photo imagery with my art and now i am fortunate enough to do your paint and pixel class, I can. The opportunity to win a place in the camera craft class would be phenomenal. A chance to inspire and further enhance my skills in something that I love. It will provide me with that extra little something. Thank you for offering a chance to win and good luck to all involved.

  11. AbbyC.

    Wow what an awesome opportunity. Photography is capturing moments and memories for me. After having a uhaul stolen off our truck on a military move and losing all the baby pictures of my boys and my yearbooks and sentimental pictures, I became more of a picture freak after. My kids who are now young adults learned the camera is an extension of me. ;) I would love to learn to be more creative with my pictures so that others understand the mood or feeling I am trying to convey with the photos. This sounds like an awesome class. :)

  12. Hi Ivy~
    This class has had me sooo close to pushing the “buy now” button! I am norotriously bad at sticking with an e-course, so I have put myself on probation. But man… this class has me quaking in my boots :) Looks amazing.
    Photography has been my life line that past couple years. My peace of mind. My creative outlet. I can’t imagine my life without it. And yet…. I know I have so much more to learn and express. I know this class will be amazing. Thanks for the give away opportunity. xo

  13. I shared the class and give away on FB

  14. Ronda

    I have always loved taking photographs! I must have 40,000 photos on my computer. They are like a history book of sorts, when I sit down and look at them. It helps me remember certain times in my life. Would love to win a spot in this class. Thanks for the opportunity. Peace, Ronda

  15. Margaret lussier

    Thanks for the opportunity! Photography has allowed me to look at the world in another way. The camera lens always me to see things differently while opening my eyes to the world. As the family historian it has help me document my familys life and my daughters milestones.

  16. Jay

    I’ve always had a fascination with capturing beautiful light and shadows and would like to learn how to do so more consistently, with more control by using manual settings. I love that some of my favourite artists and teachers are also talented photographers. I want me some of that!

    Sharing to FB, subscribing to your blog and liking your page (I thought I had already but obviously not).

  17. From my little instamatics (the 70’s) to my first year wedding present (a canon AE-1) to my rebel, and several others in between 😉, my love affair with the camera has spanned, well, over 30 years. Other than a photography class in college, my camera skills have hit a wall. What I would appreciate is the chance to take a class that connects all the loose ends together for me. I already subscribe to your blog and I just “liked” your FB page and for triple good luck I pinned this offer to my Camera Love page on Pinterest. Thanks!

  18. What an awesome giveaway! I studied film photography in college using a 35mm and I loved it! My happy place was in the darkroom. After I graduated I realized you kinda need to be educated in digital photography to make a career out of it. In short, I needed money so I got a job in another field and although I love my job, my passion is still photography. I have a 10 month old baby and I try to take his photo “professionally” but I would still love to learn more. This giveaway would be so fun for me!! Thank you!

  19. Julie

    Wow! What a lovely opportunity! I would love to win a spot on this amazing course. I did photography at school a million years ago along with art. As time goes on, life kinda gets in the way and I found alot of my art pushed to the background. A few years ago I’ve started to try push myself again and try find my creative spirit, but it’s not always easy! I’d love to refocus my eye on photography again as I think it’d a wonderful tool and pathway for all kinds of art. It let’s you appreciate a fleeting moment in time forever! Getting taught and inspired by these wonderful souls would just be heaven!

  20. Jill

    I have been taking photos on and of for a long and would love to do editing and art with them now. I get inspiration from your blog and would love to take your photography class with so many amazing other creative ladies.

  21. In 1997 I was doing an access to university course in art in Bristol (UK). I opted for photography at the beginning of my second year, as it is something I love, and I wanted to gain knowledge, and learn more about the developing process and so on. However this was not to be, as after just one month, my mother (living in Spain) tripped and broke her arm. I had to come back to Spain and have been caring for her ever since. That is why I am so grateful for this opportunity to win this class, as I still have so much to learn so a Photography 101 (AND some) is just the course for me :)

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