Life Book 2016 Blog Hop & Give Away!

Hello my creative friends!

I have some wonderful & exciting news! I am going to be teaching on Life Book 2016 next year! I’m beyond honored to be a part of this year long, immersive, healing and inspiring course! This class has truly changed people’s lives and to contribute to the ongoing creative development and wellbeing of others is something that means the world to me as an Art educator.


Eeek…so want some MORE exciting news? Well, I also get to give away 1 space on this amazing year long art course! Keep reading if you want to find out more about Life Book 2016 and if you want to find out how you can win a spot! :)

First let me tell you a bit more about Life Book in case you haven’t heard about it yet!

“Life Book, a celebration and honoring of YOU” is a year-long mixed media art class organized by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.


Tam is joined by 23 incredible art teachers who are all gearing up to share their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks with YOU! Look at all these beautiful, shining souls! Wow…such a glowing line up of artists! So special to be a part of this group!


Themed around self-development and healing, you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! You will have a wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life!

You can find out a lot more about this wildly popular course (it has been joined by over 8700 people in the past!) by clicking HERE.

I’m thrilled with my class concepts and can’t wait to share several mixed media techniques with you that will involve collage, painting, intuitive drawing, writing and even some encaustic wax! You know I can’t keep my paws off the wax! Here’s a little peek my creative musings for the class plus my lesson descriptions…

For my Bonus lesson:

Patch it up, Make it Shine” (January)

We will be journaling about the negative things we wish to leave behind us in 2015. Through a process of collage, paint and drawing we will “patch” over these words and replace them with loving, positive intentions, words, images and finally metallic paints and inks! We will carry renewed light and uplifting thoughts with us as we welcome 2016! This project is going to produce a gorgeous art journal page to start the year off right! Plus, who doesn’t love a little sparkle and shine!



For my Main lesson:

“Be your own Angel” (September)

Through exploring our thoughts and feelings through written exercises about self protection and self love we will discover what these things look like in our life and how we can practice more self-care in our day to day. Using personal symbolism, creating powerful mantras and revealing our inner divine we will create our own “Angel Self-Portrait” – a mixed media, collage (including photos of ourselves) and encaustic wax page that will represent our highest self, full of love, healing and self-acceptance. By empowering ourselves with self-care and self-love we can truly protect our hearts from what drains us and keeps us feeling small.


Registration opens on October 5th 2015 and the class begins on January 1st 2016.

So, if you want to start the year with a fabulous creative BANG and spend 2016 with a wonderful creative community of like-minded souls, learning more about art and how to be kinder and more loving towards yourself, be sure to join once registration opens! :) Keep this page bookmarked so that you can sign up the moment it goes on sale! :)

Now then, onto the give-away and blog hop! :) I can give away 1 space on Life Book 2016 to 1 lucky winner, yay! :) And if you follow the blog hop (see below for links and dates) you can up your chances of winner a space by entering all the other give-aways also! :)

To enter…just leave a comment here on my blog letting me know why you want to win a spot in Lifebook 2016! To increase the number of times I enter your name you could do any or all of the following to spread the love, just be sure to pop back and let me know in the comments:

☆ share this competition or the class on your blog, twitter, pinterest, google, facebook page or other social network platform

☆ like my facebook page (or invite some friends to)

☆ subscribe to this blog

I will announce the winner on Sunday the 20th of September!

Here is the list of the other amazing teachers who will be teaching on Life Book – they too will be giving away a spot on Life Book so go check them out and enter their give-aways! :)

7 Sept 2015 – Tamara Laporte –
8 Sept 2015 – Annie Hamman –
9 Sept 2015 – Kristin Dudish –
10 Sept 2015 – Effy Wild
11 Sept 2015 – Faith Evans-Sills
12 Sept 2015 – Gillian Lee Smith
13 Sept 2015 – Ivy Newport <—- you are here
14 Sept 2015 – Jane Davenport
15 Sept 2015 – Jenny Grant
16 Sept 2015 – Angela Kennedy –
17 Sept 2015 – Lisa Viger
18 Sept 2015 – Martha Lever
19 Sept 2015 – Mary Beth Shaw
20 Sept 2015 – Melody Ross
21 Sept 2015 – Pam Carriker
22 Sept 2015 – Pauline Agnew
23 Sept 2015 – Rae Missigman
24 Sept 2015 – Renata Loree
25 Sept 2015 – Roben-Marie Smith
26 Sept 2015 – Roxanne Coble
27 Sept 2015 –Shiloh Sophia McCloud
28 Sept 2015 – Donna Downey
29 Sept 2015 – Tracy Verdugo
30 Sept 2015 – Wyanne Thompson

Enjoy this fabulous BLOG HOP! Good luck!

Much love to you all,


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253 responses to “Life Book 2016 Blog Hop & Give Away!

    • Connie Cass

      I have enjoyed LB 2015 and excited for LB 2016. I would be overjoyed if I was a lucky winner for 2016. Your class looks very interesting and fun. I have subscribed to your newsletter, liked your FB page and shared on FB

  1. LeeAnn

    Thank you so much for the chance to win a spot in what looks like an amazing course! I would love the opportunity to learn from such a talented group of instructors! I’m already a follower of your blog and Facebook page, so I’m heading over to share the link.

  2. wendy

    Eeep – so excited about next year’s Life Book – your class looks amazing! I’ve enjoyed LB over the past 2 years – the community, the instructors … everything about it is fabulous! Thank you for the chance to win a spot!

  3. wendy

    Liked your FB page!

  4. wendy

    subscribed to your blog

  5. Fammu Camil

    I’ve followed all the steps you mentioned on your post to enter in the give away! (shared on my facebook, subscribed to your blog and now this comment)
    I would like to be part of LB2016 because it’s an opportunity to express myself through my art. And I really need to express myself…

    Thank you.

  6. Cindy

    I would like to win because I have a lot to learn and this is a great opportunitity with this LB, I have not de possibility yet to buy it
    Thank you for the change

  7. Cindy

    I have share on FB

  8. Cindy

    I have liked site your FB

  9. Jill Turner

    I would like a spot in Life Book to be able to decompress from teaching 34 students daily. Art is my escape and passion. It keeps me sane! I love all the amazing teachers and community that Life Book offers. Shared on Facebook and Pinterest!

  10. I took LB 2014 and LOVED it! Missed 2015 due to finances and time. Almost every single instructor i admire is on this list of amazing women! SO much talent and inspiration and encouragement right there. I would love to win:). I already follow you and am on your email list and FB. Your blog is bookmarked on my Ipad and I check it daily. I will share on FB and Instagram.

  11. Stephanie Cogburn Cotter

    I am beyond excited for your lesson next year! You have provided me so much inspiration. Sharing on Facebook to spread the love for Life Book!

  12. Already like/love you! Already follow your blog!! Sharing now and crossing fingers!!! xoxo

  13. peonyblue

    Liked and subscribed! (Even if there wasn’t all the great teaching in LifeBook, I love how it points me in the direction of new-to-me blogs to follow. :D)

  14. Jo

    Lifebook 2016 is shaping up to be even more varied and exciting as 2015! Would love to win a spot then I can spend more money on supplies!! ;)
    Liked your FB page and shared your post. x

  15. I would love to learn the new skills and have my artwork influenced by these very talented artists. I shared on Instagram and Pinterest. 😊

  16. kris stice

    i would Love to win

  17. Susan Boles

    Thank you for this opportunity. I have learned so much already via LifeBook and know that I will learn so much more!
    I have joined your blog, and shared this blog hop on my Facebook page.

  18. Shel

    Liked your Facebook page

  19. kris stice

    Liked U on fb

  20. Shel

    Subscribed to newsletter and hope to win a spot on the Fabulous Life Book 2015

  21. Hello Ivy! Please enter me into the competition for a space in Lifebook 2016! My sister recently passed away and I’m looking for a way to express my grief through art journaling. I’ve started to follow your blog and FB page as well as shared! Thank you so much!!

  22. Jennifer Ropers

    I would love to join Lifebook 2016 because it brings such joy to my life and I am super excited about all the new teachers as well as some old favorites! It is going to be an awesome year!

  23. Marielle

    I would love to win a LB free spot!! Why? Because I am eagar to learn all of the amazing techniques you guys can teach me!

  24. Alisa

    I would love to take lessons with some of the most awesome mixed media artists out there!

  25. Oh Yes ! I’m so excited about this class and need it very much.Art, esp.making art,relaxes me,takes My mind off life’s troubles.I can’t afford buying the class ,My husband and I are on a small budget.I can not purchase online goods anyway by the request of My beloved old fashioned 71 year old Husband.The last reason I need this class is I have just found out I have the beginnings of dementia and I know it would be wonderful therapy.

  26. I have never done LifeBook! What an amazing line up of teachers! I’ve shared on my Facebook page. Thank you for a chance to win!

  27. Alisa

    Liked Facebook and joined the newsletter!

  28. I have liked Your facebook page and Subscribed to Your blog…….and signed up for Your free video : )

  29. chrisalee

    Hi! I’m very excited to have hopped over to your blog and look forward to getting to know you and your art.

    I’ve shared , liked and subscribed for your contest to win a spot in the class. Thank you! I’d love to win a spot because I am just starting out on my art journey and am eager to learn. I’m a stay at home mum to a bub who doesn’t like to sleep and we are on the one income. My husband has been super supportive of my art and learning but if I could win my spot it would make it easier to be in the class guilt free.

    Thank you!

  30. Anne Marie Fowler

    It would be fascinating to play in an alternative realm of creativity where happiness exceeds all expectations!

  31. Tamara

    Hi Ivy, I’m hoping for this chance you are giving away to do LB2016. At 49 my eyes are opening to my true self. This may be my only hope at this journey. Thank you for your consideration. <3

  32. I have also shared 3 of Your pieces on Pinterest.

  33. Cheryl sheehan

    Hi! Shared the post on Facebook!

  34. Cheryl sheehan

    Hi! Subscribed to your newsletter!

  35. Cheryl sheehan

    Hi! Liked your Facebook page!

  36. chrisalee

    Hi!! I wrote a comment but it looks like Google may have eaten it.

    I’m really enjoying these blog hops and looking forward to getting to know you and your art!

    I have followed all of your steps for your contest.

    I would greatly like to win a spot in the class as I am just starting out on my artful journey. I’m a stay at home mum to a bub who doesn’t like to sleep. We are currently on just one income and whilst my husband is very supportive of my art and learning, to win a spot would mean that I could enter the class guilt free. Thank you!

  37. Gypsy

    Would love a spot for 2016!!!

  38. Galina

    I can’t figure out how to subscribe but page has been liked and shared.

  39. Julie Burger

    Hi Ivy! I would love to win a spot in the LB 2016 class. The last few years have been very difficult and plagued with personal losses, but it’s time to turn a corner and I can’t think of a better way to start a new year than to start it with the journey through LB with other like minded souls. Congratulations on becoming a member of the LB teaching staff and thank you for the opportunity to enter the give away. XOX

  40. Julie Burger

    Now following your blog! XO

  41. Hoping to win a spot in LB 2016. Looking forward to taking your class. Your work is awesome. Congratulations on becoming one of the teachers. Hope to hear from you that I won… LOL!!!

  42. Sandra Schmidt

    Liked and subscribed…would love to win a spot on LifeBook 2016…I have been a lifebooker for the past two years and I have cherished the experience and the wonderful lessons! It has given me wings on my art journey!

  43. Maribe Losada

    Signed up for your newsletter and liked and shared the post on FB.
    It has never been possible for me to be part of Lifebook for many reasons.
    Sad for me…. I hope this year have good luck.
    I love to win to learn from so many talented instructors.
    I spent many hours alone and win it would be a great entertainment for me.
    Thank you so much Ivy Newport for the opportunity to win a free spot.

  44. Mickie Tucker

    i would love to win and learn from so many fabulous artists!

  45. HI! Ivy-It would be wonderful to win a spot on Life Book for 2016! I joined in 2014-I was looking for a way to put to use the box of my son’s art supplies-he passed away December of 2010 and I couldn’t bear to give them away or just leave them sitting. By chance I found Life Book and joined it was the best thing ever and has changed my life! Thanks for giving us all such a fantastic opportunity!

  46. Stephanie Muth

    I would love to win a spot to continue my artistic journey! A year and a half ago I had it in my head that i couldn’t draw or paint. Then I was introduced to Lifebook and I have grown in my abilities!

  47. Stephanie Muth

    liked your facebook page!

  48. Stephanie Muth

    shared on my Facebook page! :)

  49. shinjini

    I would be so honored to win a spout on this course! The chance to learn from so many talented artists would be the opportunity of a lifetime

  50. Susan CADENHEAD

    I wpuld so love to be a part of lifebook next year

    I’ve commented and shared

  51. LuLu

    Hey there Ivy! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in LB class 2016. I would love to win a spot. I have been in an art funk for many months due to chronic illness and would love to jump in and get inspired and back to healing. I attended the first session of Lifebook and learned so much, made some new friends, and grew spritually through the experience. Finances are tight due to my disablity so this would be such a blessing. Anways, I’m glad to have found you through Tam and I wish you the best.

  52. Cindy Ceroky

    Self development and healing is what I need…to prioritize art in my life. This Lifebook 2016 is exactly what i know i will benefit from and keep me going. i have been following you on fb for some time, now your blog! shared on fb, twitter, pinterest…thanks so much for the chance to win!

  53. Adele Jessup

    How marvellous to have a chance to win a spot on the fabulous life book 2016 It would be totally awesome to win

  54. Kimberly Carmichael

    I would love to start 2016 off with Lifebook and be inspired by new and previous teachers to share my gift with the world.

  55. LuLu

    I subscribed to your blog, shared on twitter and liked your fb page! Good luck to everyone!

  56. like your FB page thannk you for a spot in advance! woohoo

  57. Kelly Dickinson

    Liked your Facebook page, subscribed to your newsletter and shared post. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot for Life Book 2016. I would love to be a part of Life Book 2016 because it is an amazing program with great teachers and lessons.

  58. leslie kenreich

    I have been doing 2015 workshops and have learned so much. I’m new at this and love watching the experts. Can’t wait for 2016!

  59. Carla

    Signed up for your newsletter and shared on my facebook.
    My fave thing about lifebook is discovering new artists, and trying new techniques/ideas.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Hi Ivy, I would love to be part of Life Book 2016 because it looks like an amazing experience! You got me all interested in encaustic. Thank you for the free art journaling video, I really enjoyed it. I shared this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Love, Rika

  61. Lynda

    Thank you for the chance to win a spot. I need something to jump start my art and this seems like just the thing.

  62. La

    It would be a dream come true!

  63. Melissa

    I have wanted to join Life Book since it started but it has never worked out. Hopefully 2016 will be the year I finally join in on the fun!

  64. I would love a spot on life book 2016. Life book helps me express myselfr and I am going to need that in the coming year.

  65. M.Austen

    First of all, on being an instructor on LB16!!! I’ve liked your FB page & subscribed to you blog! I want to be part of LB16 as ART feeds my SOUL. I am very passionate about art, mixed media and art journaling. I would be thrilled beyond words to win a spot on LB16 & it would also be the BEST birthday gift!!!!!!!! Just sayin. Also, your lessons look amazing! I especially love drawing faces. Thanks Ivy for this opportunity!! Cheers!

  66. Teri

    Shared liked your Facebook page but I don’t know how to subscribe.

  67. Carla

    I shared also at Pinterest!!

  68. Kelly Eckerman

    Hi Ivy. I am taking your Whimsical Portraits and Landscapes and enjoying it very much. I have also had the pleasure of 2 years of Life Book. I have discovered art is therapy for me; it preserves my sanity. Things in our family have changed this fall, however, and my husband is out of work. With 5 teenage daughters, my income only goes so far, and I can’t afford LB 2016. Thanks for considering my request.

  69. Kelly Eckerman

    Oh, and I forgot to say that I posted your blog contest on my Facebook, signed up for your newletter, and liked your Facebook page. Thanks again!

  70. Excited about next year, I’ve really enjoyed this one. I liked your facebook page, your art looks fabulous!

  71. marriannad

    I would love to be part of Life Book 2016 because I have seen the great art work created by a friend in 2014 and I believe I will benefit from the lessons learned for my own personal healing journey. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot and learn from some of the best teachers ever. And congratulations on being selected to teach for Life Book 2016.

  72. marriannad

    I also signed up to follow your blog. Your work is fantastic. Oh, and I “liked” your Facebook page.

  73. Love your art! Offcourse I would like to win a spot for Lifebook 2016. Have so much to learn !

  74. I have to say I am loving discovering new artists on this blog hop! And that’s one of the main reasons I’d like to continue with LifeBook 2016 (I am in LifeBook 2015, a first timer!) is that I love that it takes me out of my comfort zone of how to do art …. I am loving that creating art has finally become a habit!

  75. Thank you for your sneak peeks of the art you’re preparing for Lifebook 2016, they are so lovely! I wish I win a space in Lifebook as I’m quite new in art and I so want to learn all these different techniques and creative styles in order to find my own path in art. Thank you for the great opportunity!

  76. Suzanne F

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. So looking forward to what you will teach us this year. LifeBook 2015 was awesome!

  77. nurseratchet

    What Suzanne F said!

  78. Julie Burger

    Just liked your FB page and shared the LB 2016 Blog Hop and Contest on my Facebook. XO

  79. Nina Fickett

    Excited to see you are going to be apart of Lifebook2016.

  80. Marge Piet

    Really nice blog!

  81. thanks for a chance to win I shared on facebook and subscribed to your newsletter I took lifebook a few years ago and loved it a great way to start the new year

  82. Claire

    Oh I feel called to this. The Angels are whispering to me right now. To patch over what isn’t working. To let go. To grow my own wings.

  83. I love getting to know each of the artists and learning from them and would really like to be a part of this class this year! I have shared, liked and signed up for your blog! Very nice! Can’t wait…

  84. Juanita

    I would love to win a spot Ivy. Why, because I always heard so many wonderful things about Life Book and I love learning from different artists. I have not been able to join it yet. One day maybe! Thanks for the chance!

  85. I would love to get to know your work through life book next year

  86. Jude

    Love these blog hops that give us the opportunity to discover new artists as I have done here today. Would love a place in Life Book to continue to grow and learn on my art journey.

  87. Jude

    And ‘liked’ your FaceBook page :)

  88. katrina gray

    I am interested in winning the opening in your class, I want to continue to grow as a mixed media artist and feel that this is an artistic journey I should take.

  89. Juanita

    shared on Twitter.

  90. katrina gray

    liked page, shared on facebook and subscribed

  91. Kristen Varian

    I pinned, liked, and subscribed! I have been doing LifeBook 2015 and I love it! I appreciate the giveaway for a chance at 2016.

  92. Betty S.

    I am so excited about next years Lifebook! you cannot find this many wonderfully creative folks anywhere else, and I am happy to hear you will be part of it.

  93. Betty S.

    signed up to your blog, and I recently found you on facebook so have already ‘liked’ it :-D

  94. I liked, subscribed, and shared. Oh my goodness, your work is dreamy beautiful. The more I hop along with all the teachers for Lifebook 2016 the more I really hope I win a spot. What a marvelous, artistic journey it will be.

  95. mejewel54

    Hi, I liked on FB, subscribed and shared. I love LifeBook this is my second year and it is just fantastic!! Meeting new artists learning new things!! Love LB. PS your lesson looks awesome.

  96. Heather Mader

    I would love to join Lifebook 2016 because I’m new to mixed media and would learn so much! I subscribed to your blog, liked on Facebook and also shared on Facebook.

  97. April Lopez

    I would love to win a spot in this course. after 4 years of caring for my dad, he passed away in October and I’ve been trying to find my way again.

  98. April Lopez

    I shared on FB.

  99. Marcie Aspras

    I subscribed to your newsletter, I liked from FaceBook page and shared the competition on FaceBook!! I would love to win a spot on LifeBook 2016!! There is always something more to learn and I am ready to learn!! Your lesson preview looks like fun. Hope to see you there!!

  100. Gemma maggs

    Fabulous! Subscribed to your blog, shared to fab and liked your fab page xx

  101. Leslie Keenan

    I have taken lifebook 2013,2014 and currently taking 2015! Love this class. I shared on Facebook, liked your page (just found you by the way, and love your portfolio) and I’m looking forward to building another lifebook in the upcoming new year.

  102. slucy

    Id like to win a spot because i cant afford to buy one and it sounds amazing class

  103. Debbie Riddle

    Would love to win a spot…. look forward to your lesson. Shared on FB…. signed up for blog!! Thanks….

  104. Oh my I would love to win a spot on lifebook 2016… Lifebook is amazing the lesson and amazing teachers knock my socks off… I have taken 2014 & 2015 and would love to join again, as it is such an over the top amazing course for the value.. Nothing else out there like it…..
    Thank you for the opp to win a spot… I have subscribed to your blog, shared on twitter, liked your facebook page and of course left a comment.
    PS: Ivette your lesson looks absolutely delicious I can’t wait.
    Good luck everyone :)

  105. Ronda

    i liked your Facebook page.

  106. Lisa Ingram

    Life Book 2015 brought art back into my life after many years. I would be honored to win a spot for next year’s journey.

  107. Ronda

    I signed up to your blog!😌

  108. Ronda

    I would love to win a spot in Life Book 2016! Thanks for the opportunity to work with all of these incredible teachers. Peace, Ronda

  109. Ronda

    I shared on Facebook! 😊

  110. Betty Wisse

    I would love to win a spot in Lifebook 2016. There is such a wonderful group of talented teachers this year.

  111. Betty Wisse

    I subscribed to your blog

  112. I really want to win a spot on Life Book 2016! I need this course for my creative inspiration and the community of like minded people it provides! I have shared this on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Thank you for the opportunity!!!💜🎨💜

  113. Tonya W.

    Hi Ivy! I liked on FB and have shaded
    On FB and IG. I’m so excited to have a chance at joining another year of fun and soul searching. So happy to have found you and your work :)

  114. Susan

    I have no idea how to subscribe to your blog.

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  116. Ayesha

    Hi Ivy,
    Super excited for lifebook 2016! Your work is absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to your lessons. I’ve like your fb page, shared this blog on fbs nd subscribed to your newsletter.
    ~Ayesha~ x

  117. I liked your Facebook page and shared the link for LifeBook from your blog. I would love to win the giveaway for Lifebook 2016 as I’ve really enjoyed this year’s Lifebook. I’m fighting cancer and this has been great therapy for me! Thank you :)

  118. Eve Ruby

    Congratulations on being part of LifeBook 2016, I too would love to win to be part of this fabulous relaxing hobby -art! I’m recuperating from a brain aneurysm and art is the way to calmness and peace.

  119. I blogged about the giveaway and LB 2016. I’m so excited to have you as a teacher!!

  120. I subscribed to your newsletter!

  121. I liked your page on FB!

  122. Jen Waugh

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a place! A lot of changes in my life in 2016. Amazing line up of teachers and I can’t wait to join you all!

  123. Jen Waugh

    Shared on Facebook :)

  124. Subscibed to newsletter and shared on Pinterest.

  125. Gina Bottom

    I liked on facebook as well. I have done LifeBook for 2 years and I adore learning new techniques from so many varied teachers. I can’t wait for your lesson! Winning a free spot would be awesome!

  126. Traci

    I want to WIN, your work is Fantastic by the way. I’m a fan.

  127. patricia49

    I love your art, and I am really excited that you will be on Life Book 2016, i have done Life Book 2014, and also Life Book 2015, and it has been such a wonderful experience, I liked your FB page, also subscribed to your newsletter, also shared on my FB page, thank you so much for the opportunity

  128. I’ve subscribed, Liked, and Shared. Love your art, and can’t wait to see what the coming lessons are like. I LOVE Life Book, and wish all my friends could play with me.

  129. Cec

    Hi Ivy – I love doing art but I keep stumbling on that inner critic that nags away and holds me back. I have never done Lifebook but it looks like something that will provide that hand hold to leap over this persistent self critic. I need to embrace the journey that is art so it is a permanent fixture in my life so would love to do Lifebook 2016. Thanks so much for providing an opportunity for one of us to have a go at it. :)

  130. Cec

    Have ‘liked’ your fb page :)

  131. Cec

    Have subscribed to your blog!!!

  132. Gayle

    hi, liked your facebook and subscribed to your blog!

  133. Kimmie Hogan

    I’ve been a LifeBooker since 2013 and there are so many reasons on so many levels that make LB one of the best online Art communities, one of them is getting to meet, know and learn from new and talented teachers like yourself. Winning a spot would be the best gift ever. I’m happy to now be a follower. Looking forward to January 2016…. Welcome aboard the best place on earth. :D (((HUGS)))

  134. alenka

    I am a lifebooker since very very begining 2012;)
    i would be happy to continue this LB journey. i would be honoured to be teached by this amazing group of teachers, i love they are sharing their work and the process of creativity, i love that i constantly learning new technics, growing with my artistic style, i love to meet new people and i love positive and warm ambience :) and the healing process too ;)

    thank you for the opportunity, thank you for sharing your art/lesson ;)
    Love, Alenka

  135. Jo Henzen

    I’ve dreamed last nght that I would win this fabulous price. Maybe dreams come trough?

  136. janlc

    I’ve never joined LB. It would be so cool to win the spot! thanks for the opportunity!

  137. janlc

    I clicked on “follow” does that mean I entered the giveaway twice? (My first was the comment above.)

  138. What a wonderful opportunity to be involved in Lifebook 2016. I will be signing up. I would like to break out and explore new things for 2016.

  139. I have liked you on facebook

  140. I have subscribed to your blog.

  141. Lena

    Thanks for 1 free spot in LB 2015 :)

  142. Wheeee! That lesson sounds fascinating!

  143. I have liked you on FB a long time ago! :^)))

  144. Tracy

    I have liked your FB page and I have subscribed to your newsletter! Thank you for the chance to win a spot on LB 2016. I would love the opportunity to be part of something so amazeballs and awe-inspiring!

  145. deb

    Have subscribed to your blog, thanks for the chance to win a spot on lifebook 2016. Congrats on being part of it.

  146. Caroline

    Oh, what a lovely teacher setup on this years lifebook! I would love to win a spot on this great art course, i had to pass out last year (or this year still) due to personal issues, but i am so ready to jump on the wonderful art train again! XO

  147. Kebbie

    I’d love to win this course. I’ve recently made a cross country move and would love have something like this to ground and focus me.

  148. Wow! So excited to see all the beautiful people, artists and work for Life Book 2016! Thank you for the chance to win the course! Yeah!!!

  149. Yes I am a subscriber to your blog so please pick me for the winner for Life Book 2016 😜

  150. Yes I am following your Facebook page so please pick me as the winner of the Life Book 2016 😀

  151. Just shared this post on my FaceBook wall for all my artsy friends to enjoy 😀

  152. I liked and followed. I would love to win a spot in lifebook. Your art is amazing and all the teachers will make a fun year of lessons. Thanks

  153. Hi! I’m a Lifebook virgin ;-), although I bought Tam’s 2012 version and I’m just finishing my last lessons of that package and I’m having so much more fun of it than I thought before!
    Since 3.5 years I have a chronic disease (Lyme disease) and I’m finally starting to have more concentration and energy throughout the day. That’s why I finally can paint again and that gives a day so much more fun! That is why I would love to win a spot in Lifebook 2016 :-)
    (p.s. I shared on FB, my name there is Johanna Johanna)

  154. Ashley H

    I liked your Facebook page! I also just started Paint & Pixels, so I am super excited!

  155. Ashley H

    I just subscribed to your blog as well! I am so glad I came across you and your work, in addition to Paint and Pixels, I am also taking Mobile Art Magic starting next week. I love your “traditional” art but I am excited to see how you combine it with digital mediums!

    I would love to win a spot on Life Book because unfortunately with my budget I can only afford to take a limited number of classes. I sort of just spent my money earmarked for Life Book on signing up for Paint and Pixels! I hadn’t planned to take Paint and Pixels but I just couldn’t resist after seeing your promos for it. :) I know I won’t regret signing up for Paint and Pixels but it would be awesome if I could win a Life Book spot. I have just gotten back into being creative this past year and I have found that I love it but taking classes really helps me otherwise I feel a bit lost with how many mediums and things there are to explore. Life Book is so inspiring because you can learn from many different teachers all in the same course, and I am glad you are a part of it for 2016!

  156. Kathleen

    I would love a spot on Lifebook 2016 as I did the first three years and couldn’t do this year due to illness hoping to do next years. Good luck everyone. ;)

  157. Looking forward to a wonderful 2016 with new beginnings and new art classes and Life Book isn’t just a classes it is a family.
    I have already liked your facebook and subscribed because I love your art.

  158. Cheryl Demas

    I have never done anything like Life Book and would love to give it a try. I have liked your FB, joined your mailing list, and tweeted about you.

  159. I would love the opportunity to win, I love following you on facebook and your blog~

  160. Saskia

    I realy want to win The Life Book 2016!

    I worked with The Coursera from willowing in The past, with Bert good results; happiness! Now im 7 weeks pregnant and i want to transform all that i feel into art. This course Will help me very much to achive this.

    I hope to win!!

    Lot of love from


  161. Lynn Noone

    I am newly retired, and want to follow my dream. A spot in LifeBook 2016 would be a wonderful start!

  162. beadsophisticate

    I’d like to win a spot because the lineup for 2016 looks amazing!

  163. Nicole

    I have been doing LifeBook for the past 2 years, and would love to do it all again next year. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot on the course!

  164. Cathy Garrett

    Would love to win the spot for the 2016 Life Book . There are some wonderful teachers including you Ivy that I would love to learn from.

  165. Cathy Garrett

    I have subscribed to your blog

  166. Cathy Garrett

    I liked you on your Facebook

  167. Christine K.

    Would love to win a spot for LB 2016! I also subscribed to your blog, liked you on facebook and shared the post :)

  168. ros

    I have just joined your blog and it would be lovely to be a part of life book 2016 I am sure I wuld learn such a lot from all the fabulous teachers

  169. Denise Spillane

    I would love to win because I am trying to learn and practice art daily. I am working on my skills the best I can. I am retired and funds are limited so winning would be wonderful and allow me more supplies!

  170. barbcccc

    I’d love to continue learning to express myself through art. I’ve always loved art and purchased art through the years, however, it wasn’t until I retired that I have learned to express myself through art. I’d love to learn more from the teachers on this year’s roster. As I followed this blog hop I have been amazed at the breadth of their experience and the beauty of their work. Thanks for giving us all this great opportunity to win a seat in Life Book 2016.

  171. I would love to get back into painting with REAL media (I’ve been doing digital only for a few years) This would be the perfect way to get into it and benefit from the teachings of all the wonderful artists!

  172. I already follow your blog =)

  173. I already “Like” your Facebook page =)

  174. Joyce

    I would love an opportunity to learn from all of these amazing artists. This is my first time on your website and I need to spend more time here. Amazing work. I hope I get a chance to learn from you. Thanks for the opportunity.

  175. I shared on FB and “liked” your FB page. I am already a subscriber to your blog. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a spot on LB2016. I have gained so much from participating in Life Book this year and really do not want that creative journey to end.

  176. Lynda Simmons

    I have just recently started doing some art journaling and am currently taking one of Tamara Laporte’s class. It is truly therapeutic. I am very supportive of art for the heart and know the benefits of journaling personally. I am a mother who has buried 2 sons, my son Brian was murdered in 2004 and 2 years ago we lost our youngest son to addiction. Two months prior to his passing, our oldest grandson drowned. He was 17. In between the deaths of our sons, our only surviving son had a heart attack at the age of 32 and we have been told he has a genetic heart dis ore that is progressive. He’s since had 2 more heart attacks and three stents. I tell you all of this to explain my struggle to find the motivation to do things for myself. I first saw the Lifebook last year but was not able to participate, not only for financial reasons but also time wise. I know now I need to make the time. My life depends on it. My husband retired and we have moved to the mountains and I feel ready to reinvest in life and take my own love for art and healing to the next level. If the financial piece were no longer an issue, then I would be left with no choice but to overcome my fears and keep moving forward. You work is beautiful and I will certainly be following you on Facebook and sharing this wonderful opportunity. Thank you. May we seek to live peacefully, love freely & forgive faithfully…and take care of our heART-n-soul. ❤️

  177. Linda K

    I have shared the awesome news about the new Life Book class on my blog. I know it would be an amazing adventure to be able to take this class because I have heard so much and seen so many very creative projects by people who have chosen this course in previous years. I have been gradually stepping in by taking some of the teachers’ online classes and would love to experience this particular class because there is always room to grow and learn!

  178. Rita

    Winning a spot in LB 2016 would be such a wonderful thing for me. A ray of sunshine. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win access to this great art course.

  179. Liz Lumsden

    Life Book is a wonderful opportunity to be nurtured and inspired by a wonderful group of artists! Looking forward to seeing your process, Ivy.

  180. katscottage

    What a great opportunity you are offering. Thanks for the chance to win.

  181. Biruta

    I welcome the opportunity to be inspired & brave in challenging myself to paint again freely & soulfully. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

  182. Priya

    Love LifeBook. It stretches me in my creative journey. I love to be part of a positive and uplifting community.

  183. Meriah

    The Universe has been calling me to be more creative! I quit my job this summer to get on that creative path. It would be amazing to have Lifebook to take me through a year of exploration in 2016! Thank you!

  184. Jennie Sanderson

    I shared! I liked! I signed up for your newsletter! THanks for the chance to win :D

  185. I keep hoping to take the creative and soulful journey that this course provides. Fingers crossed! Also shared this on my FB page, Google Plus, and Twitter. :)

  186. I was blessed enough to be able to participate in Lifebook 2012 and I enjoyed it immensely. as a Novice artist I learned so much. However, I’ve been unable to sign up since due to finances, art block, or life just not cooperating. I’ve recently started to art journal again and I’d love to win a spot and continue my journey!

  187. Also, shared on facebook, joined your mailing list, and liked your facebook page.

  188. I believe the healing and the connection of kindred spirits is the most important aspect of this wonderful Life Book 2016. All of the artists are amazing! So many varied art techniques are incredible. Thank you for a spot in your giveaway.

  189. I have shared Life Book 2016, and particularly your blog site on Facebook.
    thanks for the chance for winning!

  190. I have shared your blog post about Life Book 2016 on my Pinterest page.
    Thank you again! For a third chance!


    I would love to win a spot on lifebook 2016.
    Your art work is beautiful.

  192. I am already loving your WIP for the class. Lifebook is such a wonderful experience. fully of joy and love. It fills my soul and helps me feel loved.

    I subscribed to your blog. Have shared the post on Google. And also pinned it.

    Love and light to you.

  193. Connye

    LB is in my future I just know it. I have signed up for your newsletter and am following you on FB. Winning a spot would awesome.

  194. Susan

    “Be Your Own Angel” is exactly the kind of art lesson I like to give to the abused children I mentor. I cannot wait to see it! I have made my rounds on social media today advertising your blog!

  195. Annette Vernon

    Exciting news about Lifebook! what a great opportunity to learn from amazing artists. Shared on my facebook, already get your newsletter, will promote everywhere!!! Yeah so excited!

  196. I’m attending these draws, because they are the only way (with scolarships of course) for Life Book to be possible for me, since every cent available goes towards my studies to become an OT. Yet I’d really need some psychological support that Life Book tends to give to people attending. I also shared this post on my Facebook page and am subscribing to your blog to up my chances.

  197. Susan

    I would love a free spot in LB 2016. I am going down the list and entering with all the artists like I am sure everyone is doing. Tam has done a wonderful job with sharing her love of art to so many people. This class joins so many on a common goal: to create art. It is taking me forever going through this list of artists because there are so many that are unknown to me. I am thankful for Tam for this exposure. A free spot would be awesome.

  198. I shared on my blog… Thnks so much for the chance to win

  199. And i just followed your blog too!

  200. I would love to be able to be a part of Life Book. I have many friends that have taken it, and just rave about it. I would love to experience it!

  201. Trina Weller

    I would love a place in this class because I’ve wanted to take it for a couple years now, but it’s too expensive. :) Also, I already like you on fb and I have referred friends and subscribed for updates. :)


  203. I would love to take the class. Now that I am unable to work full time I can no longer afford it :( I would be beyond happy to win a spot ♥

  204. I have liked you on Facebook for a while now :)

  205. I would love to win a spot on this fantastic course because a year long focus on art and an inward journey is just what my soul needs at this point in time.

  206. I’ve been a follower of your page on Facebook for a while now…

  207. Tina Sawyers

    I would love to continue my Life Book journey and would be honored to win a spot. I subscribed to your blog, pinned you on Pinterest and liked you on Facebook. I am excited to take your lesson in Life Book 2016

  208. Shel

    shared on Facebook

  209. Shel

    Subscribed to newsletter

  210. RoShel

    Would love to win a spot in Lifebook 2016 as part of my year of transition and healing. Thank you!

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  212. I have been on the lifebook journey from its very beginning – I would love to win a spot – have shared + subscribed x

  213. There is a terrific lineup of teachers for LB 2016. With all that creative energy and talent, of course I would love to win a spot!

  214. Studio Rose

    The little snippets you’ve shared so far are very exciting! I love all your ideas and can’t wait to find out more about Life Book. I think it’s just what I need to focus my creativity. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  215. Lin Mujaj

    Shared, Liked and Newsletter subscribed. I ”discovered” art two years ago and now cannot imagine my life without it. I would love to win a spot on Lifebook 2016 to learn different techniques and styles from all the different teachers.

  216. Karen C

    I have shared in pinterest, signed up to your newsletter and liked on FB. I would love to win a spot because I would love all the arty happiness coming into my in-box every week. Thanks

  217. donna joy

    wonderful giveaway~great way to jump start creativity in the new year!

  218. Shinjini

    I’ve subscribed to you blog! :)

  219. I would love to win a spot on lifebook 2016, because i’m eager to learn new techniques, and get new inspiration from all you talentes teachers.

  220. Joyce

    Why would I love to win a spot you ask……there isn’t enough time in the day to list all the reason. The artist lineup, amazing fellowship, sharing, sharing, sharing, enriching journey of the creative spirit. I also share with my 10 year old and 17 year old granddaughters. They are just amazed by what they can create by letting go. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  221. I have always wanted to take a Lifebook class. Thank you for an opportunity to win a spot.

    I “liked” your Facebook page and am
    Following your Blog.

    Thank you

  222. Cheryl McCloud

    Your classes for Lifevook 2016 sound amazing!! I already follow you on FB and your blog.

  223. I would love to win a spot in Lifebook 2016. It would be an amazing opportunity to learn from so many talented artists. Will be a fantastic way to start off 2016!!!
    PS: Liked you FB page and I’m following your blog.

  224. Kristin Langlais

    Lifebook has been my oasis in the crazy life I have. I’m constantly catering to others and spending my time doing things for everyone else (which I love. I love being there for my friends and family” but I need to learn to take time for myself. Lifebook always amazes me with it’s community and support and the inspiration it fills me with everyday. I need it for my soul. Thank you for this opportunity! :)

  225. Kristin Langlais

    I’ve liked your Facebook page! :)

  226. Kristin Langlais

    And now I am subscribed!

  227. I would love to win a spot in LifeBook 2016 because I have no source of income and am, unfortunately, having to apply for disability due to health issues.

    I liked your Facebook page and subscribed to your newsletter for more chances to win.

  228. Karyle

    I received Life Book 2015 as a Christmas Gift last year, it has changed my life, It makes my spirit soar. I can’t wait for my Monday email to see the new lesson. It’s like Christmas every week. I have never considered myself an artist but Life Book has shown me that I am. Tam and her guest teachers have such gentle and giving spirits, it’s an honor to be able to learn from them. I can’t imagine my life without Life Book. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot for this awesome journey called Life Book.

  229. jjsobey

    I would like to join Life Book 2016 because my creative mojo needs a kick in the butt.

  230. vickiross

    Love me some LifeBook! I’ll see you there one way or another!

  231. Denise Spillane

    Hi, I do follow you on face book and subscribe and on Pinterest too. I would love to win a seat because of the wonderful Life Book community, the creativity and amazing talented teachers. I need to gain confidence and skill in my practice and this would help so much. Thank you for the opportunity!

  232. Radhika

    i have shared your post and liked the FB page. also subscribed your blog.

  233. I love the diverse mix of teachers and tales the Ever After courses offer. I’m intrigued by it all.
    Shared, Liked, Subscribed! Fingers crossed!

  234. Maribe Losada

    Shared on Facebook!!!

  235. Maribe Losada

    I’ve liked your Facebook page!

  236. Maribe Losada

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot. It would be great to win a spot in Life Book 2018. The next year sound interesting…. yoga, photography, aromatherapy, conscious dancing, angel energy, jewellery making, art doll making. Art and Craft the best prescription for the soul and mind…. I want to be in LB 2018!!!

  237. Oh how I luv Lifebook :) have been apart since 2014 and can’t image not taking part every year.. The amazing artists I have learned from, techniques are over the moon… I would luv to win a spot and continue to learn and be exposed to such wonderful passionate people… I have shared on twitter and have been a long time subscriber Ivy.. I luv your work its so gorgeous.. Oh yah and already follow your page on fb.. Thank you for the opp to win a seat.

  238. Tonya

    Would love to be part of 2018s bigger Life Book experience. I enjoy all the different styles and techniques from the guest artists. Maybe i will win a free spot this year! That would be awesome.

  239. Susie Risk

    I already receive your newsletter & I liked your FB page. I would like to win a spot on Life Book 2018 to explore my creativity in a more in depth way. It will also be a way to connect with like-minded artists. It will also be a way to express myself better through my art. Thank you for an opportunity to win.

  240. Jill

    I just love the art and art project that all these ladies do and would love to be a part of the creating.

  241. Dawn H

    Hi Ivy, page shared and I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter. Thanks for the chance to win a spot next year. It would be my third adventure with Lifebook and I’m really excited to see what the new format offers. ❤️

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