Love Art Happy Life 2016

Hello my friends!

Been busy filming for my upcoming workshop but I have also been planning for something else! You may have heard of an amazing class called Love Art Happy Life run by teacher and mixed media extraordinaire – Marieke Blokland! Well…I’m so thrilled to have been asked to be one of her guest teachers for 2016! This class is a fantastic blend of creative Mixed Media projects inspired by great artists plus a touch of Art History too!

teachers LAHL

She made this adorable video for the class! Check it out! Her kids are too cute! I love her daughter as Frida Kahlo!

Registration for this class is now open! Go here to learn more!

So you might be wondering more about what you’ll be doing with me! Let me fill you in. I’ll be teaching about South African artist, Marlene Dumas and her unique, expressive style.

Marlene Dumas collage with type

I did not choose her because she creates “pretty” work – (although I love my pretty art) – I chose her because her moody, evocative and sometimes disturbing work makes us consider Art in a deeper way. Contemplating meaning, emotion and how individual pieces affect and resonate with us uniquely. We will be doing mixed media portrait studies using inks, charcoal, pencil and paint to create impressions of the face with a focus on evoking emotion over realism.

Class registration is now open with an early bird price to boot! So go and check it out. Click here to learn all about this amazing class!


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