Outlander Art Retreat: Scotland

Hello my friends!

I do hope you are well and that the holiday season is treating you kindly. I know it’s crazy busy! We got the tree up early this year and the house is all decked out in lights and trim. So pretty!

In the midst of all the festive mayhem, I’ve been plugging along on a very, very important project of mine. A dream really….that has finally come to light. I’ve meticulously planned my first international Art Retreat for May 2017!!  Now, I just need guests to take along with me!

Who loves Art AND Outlander? Show of hands! Well, I do and I’m hoping some of you do too because that’s what this Art Adventure is all about!

SOAR collage with badge

I have found as an artist, that nothing inspires me more than travel and good stories! The Outlander books first captivated me (completely) when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I devoured the books and created art around the characters. I even named my second daughter, Claire. It’s not a co-incidence!! ;)

A fan? Yup! A fanatic? Yeah, maybe but I thought why not combine two of my passions? A perfect excuse to travel with some like minded friends and see Scotland while creating art along the way!


So who’s with me? As Jamie would say…”Je suis prest!” (I am ready.)

If you want to read more about this extraordinary journey come check out the page here or click on the image below.  I’ve got a detailed day by day itinerary all planned out! It’s dreamy!

soar collage 2

I hope to meet some of you in Scotland!

Happy Holidays and much love to you all!








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6 responses to “Outlander Art Retreat: Scotland

  1. This sounds so Fabulous! Would love to go.

  2. I did forget to mention I am a huge fan of Outlander!

  3. Yay! You are off to my home country. I know you will receive a warm welcome there and lots of inspirational from the beautiful scenery and the rich layers of history.

  4. Sounds wonderful! Wish I could go!

  5. Those pictures are so pretty!

  6. Amanda Broten

    Dear Ivy,
    I just saw this this morning after reading Karen Campbell’s blog. I had no idea such an awesome event existed and now sadly I have missed it. Please tell me you will offer this again, it sounds like such an amazing experience I would love to join you. As an avid lover of history, Outlander, the visual arts and single malt scotch; I can’t imagine a trip I would love more. There must be another tour full of like minded people who would love to go too.
    Please let me know
    Cheers Amanda

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