Studio Day with Trina Lee

Hello hello! How is everyone?

Goodness, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! I’ve been busy preparing for family guests coming in from out of town but you know me…I always sneak in some time in the studio! ;)

Recently, I invited my dear friend, Trina Lee over for a little chat! She’s an amazing human being and I just had to share her gifts with you. Trina is an EFT practitioner who has helped me with my creative journey in ways I could never have imagined!

Why don’t you go ahead grab yourself a cup of tea and hang out with us for a bit, so you can get to know her better…oh and p.s. we also will be talking about a fantastic creative Art retreat that we are collaborating on too! So excited…

Isn’t she just lovely!? I hope you will visit her on her website.

As promised, here is the wonderful, guided creative meditation that she created just for us! I highly recommend trying this! I am using it regularly before I make art and I love it!

You can download the meditation here.

And…last but not least! Click the image below to learn more about ArtWorthy 2016! It’s going to be truly extraordinary! I hope you can join us!

artworthy square

With much love and gratitude,




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4 responses to “Studio Day with Trina Lee

  1. Thank you for sharing your insecurities, Ivy. It was moving and inspiring, even surprising because you come through as supremely self confident. It is hard to imagine you were ever otherwise. I am very familiar with EFT, have read books, watched countless videos, but have seldom practiced it. You inspire me to dig in and do it!

  2. Wow that was an informative introduction to EFT. It seems perfect for working with the fears and anxieties prevalent with being creative. I loved the mediation… you have a very soothing voice Trina :)

  3. Patti Sandham

    I echo what Carol said, I would have never thought you would have ever had a problem with teaching or groups Ivy, you do seem so confident! EFT is very interesting and makes me think of yoga practice. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. What a powerful conversation and provided much food for thought. Thank you for introducing me to Trina. :)

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