The Inner Critic and my Spirit Horses

Hello beautiful souls,

How are you all doing? Spring is starting to show up around here. I adore all the sweet pink buds and daffodils! While the flowers have been blooming, I’ve been busy in the studio filming for my new class – Spirit Horse.

Let me tell you – these Spirit Horse are teaching me so much! I’m creating this class to give others the courage to create large Horse art and  WOW – I’ve found that my own courage is being challenged!!

My inner-critic has been on overdrive! I can hear her sniping at me – awful words and thoughts about myself. She’s a real pain and while I usually can keep her at bay, she jumped me a couple of days ago and I felt like a complete failure. Yeah…she’s not the most accurate voice in my head but she can be the loudest!

I decided I needed to drown her out and blast some music (Sia) and just draw like a crazy lady. Fast, (using the wrong hand half the time) and attack the page with charcoal and water! 15 drawings later…something emerged…something beautiful…something loving, something powerful!

The next three drawings flowed out of me. I cried the entire time (mostly out of relief and joy).

These beautiful Spirit horses arrived with such an overwhelming energy of love. It completely blew me away. I hardly knew what was happening.




Once we can silence that inner critic our creative muse comes out to play. I am so grateful she didn’t move out entirely!!

I encourage you to do this if you find yourself paralyzed by fear and self doubt it your art! Move your body! Dance! Sing! And then approach the easel with an open and gentle heart. See what emerges as your inner critic starts to quiet.

Share your art with me! I would love to see it! You can post on my Facebook page!

Much love to you all!



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5 responses to “The Inner Critic and my Spirit Horses

  1. Beautifully written and the sketches were absolutely amazing. Your tears came from the way your poured your heart and soul into skteches. Bravo.

  2. Great strategy, Ivette! And it paid off for you!

  3. The inner critic, ah, we all fight that one once in awhile. I like what you wrote today and really admire your spirit horses.

  4. dear ivy
    I’m pretty new to this all- painting and blogging. Since I first had to learn a few techniques, my inner critic has been sooo loud, altough my friends told me they liked what I create. your little message about the inner critic cheered me up and encouraged me to continue…
    excuse my english, I’m Swiss and if you want to check on my art you have my blogsite(in german:-))send you lots of love to you and your fabulous spirit horses-wow!!! karin

  5. I love the fluidity of your sketches. I couldn’t agree more about the importance of silencing the inner critic. I am still learning how best to do that. I am definitely going to try dancing first!

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