Poetry & Paint

Hello there and Happy Friday!

Goodness! It’s been so crazy around here! My ArtWorthy retreat is in just under two weeks, I’m in production on my new class , I spruced up the blog (it needed it) and well…I just got back from Mexico! I can’t complain though because – truly it’s all GOOD. Good crazy is just fine…right? I can deal with good crazy. ;)

I will be sharing pics from Mexico soon but I wanted to share some new work that I completed recently. These paintings kinda came of the blue for me…along with the words that followed. It always surprises and astounds me how much of our subconscious can emerge when creating art.

What Remains

What Remains, 2016 Mixed media on canvas 20″ x 24″

This piece was inspired by the photography of Errikos Andreou. I just loved the pose. It spoke volumes to me. I used a mixture of charcoal, liquid pencil, acrylic paint and gesso to create this.

While trying to name this piece a poem came to me…

I hold the strands of my life.
Ribbons of light, bone, blood.
The tide has come in.
Washed it all
I am left with
what remains.

It was both thrilling and a tad alarming to have these words spill from my pen onto the page. I am still slightly  unsure where these emotions came from…

Immediately after that one I created this piece –


Tethered, 2016 Mixed media on canvas 24″ x 24″

Again words accompanied the painting…

Clinging to the shore
a tether to my heart.
At once,
I am engulfed
beneath the waters.

A third piece is in the works. I feel like a series has begun here for me – a new and exciting adventure.

Have you had poetry emerge with your art? I would love to hear about your experiences.

Have a beautiful and creative Saturday.





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8 responses to “Poetry & Paint

  1. Gwen Luttrell

    Often a poem will come to me as I am painting and almost always a name for the painting will come before I finish. I find, if a name doesn’t come for the painting it must be put aside for a bit. I love painting from my heart and soul and not from pictures.

  2. Wow, Ivy…Those words resonate with me so much and the art is stunningly beautiful. You are my muse! xo

  3. Love. That happens to me too when I let myself listen while creating. I used to write a lot when younger but have not had “time” to listen the last ten fifteen years….

  4. Nícia

    I don’t know why, but I see myself on those paintings. Thank you for sharing. i’m even with bristly hair! :)

  5. Absolutely stunning! I am not a poet at all…but I do get your words…Have a great and creative weekend – Irma

  6. How. Gorgeous. All of it…just stunning!

  7. Jackie Byers

    These paintings and your poetry really move me. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Outstanding, both words and images. The muse is embracing you, Ivy.

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