Let’s Face It 2017

I am so excited to announce that I am going to be a guest teacher in LET’S FACE IT 2017! In case you are unfamiliar with this course, it is a year-long, online, art class created and hosted by Kara Bullock, devoted to creating portraits! It is for any level: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. The 2017 Let’s Face It class has a BRAND NEW line up of amazing teachers, and FIVE new areas of focus, with some other exciting EXTRAS, too!

Click here to find out more about LET’S FACE IT.


This year, Kara is joined by 19, AMAZING, guest teachers! You will not believe this line up!


Together, we will be giving you 50 weeks of lessons that will continue to encourage and support you along your creative journey that you are on! Come and join us! Together we will connect, collaborate and create!

 I will be teaching you how to incorporate expressive hands and gestures into your portraits to truly add more story and depth to your work. Plus, I will share a special tip and mini lesson, too!

This course is not open for registration yet! However, you can read more about it and bookmark this page so that on October 10th, you can come back and register.

If you register by December 1st, you will get a discount on the price too! I am thrilled to be a part of this fantastic team of teachers and guess what else!? I get to give away one free spot in this course to one of you!!

To enter my give away leave a comment expressing why you want to learn more about portraiture!

I will announce the winner on October 6th!

In the mean time, click here and book mark this page so that you can come back on October 10th and sign up! I can’t wait to begin this journey with each of you!




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251 responses to “Let’s Face It 2017

  1. Gwen Luttrell

    My grand-daughter is almost 3, I am working on a journal as we share life together. I feel this workshop will help me make her the most amazing journal. She loves pretty faces and Mermaid.

  2. Didi Arias

    I am so excited to see this course …I so want, no, I so need to take it as I have little to no experience with faces as I only know how to draw and paint horses. I really look forward to this and to applying myself. Time to expand my horizons, and especially with Ivy!

  3. Jo Hudson

    Ivy I’ve seen your own art evolve and progress over the past year or so and I know that the more I learn the more my art will evolve too, so to win a spot on LFI2017 would be just amazing!

  4. Hi Ivy! This sounds like an amazing course! I would LOVE to win a spot. I love drawing and painting faces in my art journal. Also, it would make the BEST Birthday present that I can enjoy all year long! ((fingers crossed!!)) Thank you so much for the chance!

  5. Debbie Eilbeck

    I really want to learn more about painting portraits because all I ever want to paint is faces. I think I enjoy painting faces so much because it is like creating instant friends who smile back at you when you are lonely.

  6. pat

    drawing faces is a passion of mine…I’m always interested in learning more about portraits, gestures and the like. I would love to win a spot in the 2017 Let’s Face It!

  7. Catherine

    Hi Ivy! Oooh I would love ❤️ to win a spot in LFI 2017!!! I love learning new ways of doing art and seeing art. October 29 …I hope I hope I hope 😀

  8. Roxanne Conklin

    Ivy, so excited that you will be teaching for LFI 2017. I love your art and it would be great to win a spot for next year’s LFI 2017. THANKS for this opportunity.

  9. Marianne

    I love the challenge of portraits and would love the chance to learn more in this course!!

  10. Marianne

    Follow you on Instagram!

  11. Marianne

    Shared on FB!

  12. Marianne

    Subscribed to your blog!:)

  13. Regina Wolters

    Hi! I really love to win a spot in LFI2017! I did this year to and learned so much from all the artists. Begin this year i hardly couldt draw a face and now im surprising myself! So please? 😊

  14. Thank you so much for the chance to win a free spot. I like drawing faces mor than anything else and would like to improve my skills. It would be great to learn from so many inspiring artist with their different styles.

    Best wishes
    XO Bettina

  15. Miriana Caro

    Wooohooo can’t wait for 2017 . I would Love to win a spot!

  16. Let’s face it 2016 has been so awesome I’d love to win a spot for next year to continue this journey! Thank you Ivy!

  17. Kryste Herring

    Hi Ivy! Thank you for the opportunity to win a place in LFI2017! I would love to learn about portraiture for several reasons: to learn to correctly create faces, to learn to show expression and age, to learn skin tones. It would mean so much to me to be able to create faces that tell their story.

  18. Michelle Macherie Kirkland

    Ivette Newport, adore your teaching. I am in several of your own classes. Can’t wait to see Let’s face it 2017; Looking forward to learning even more from your and the entire collaborative of teachers! Thanks for the opportunity to enter give away! Wishing all good things your way, Michelle

  19. Gayle Gartin

    I have always dreamed of being able to capture the person and their emotions in a portrait. I would be thrilled to be able to learn and receive support from so many wonderful artists. Thank you

  20. Patti Sandham

    I am always striving to improve my portraits. The line up for 2017 looks amazing!

  21. Kim

    I would love to win to learn and practice more portraits from so many amazing artists including Ivy Newport!

  22. Corie

    I have found that I have a passion for doing portraits this year during LFI2016. Making art without a face in it generally seems to be missing something these days. I look forward to the continued journey of learning to make my art an even better expression of me.

  23. Thanks for a chance to win a spot! I have taken a couple classes from you & learned a lot. I would be thrilled to win of course. Already excited about the course. I’m new to portraiture & want to soak up as much as I can and begging to find my own voice & develop my personal style. Basic techniques & the nuances of expression, along with being able to paint loose & free are on my list.

  24. I’ve stayed away from faces for a while, doing other things, but have this secret wish to be able to do real portraits. I would love to win a spot and get to learn from you and all these wonderful teachers. Thanks! <3

  25. nanda boukes

    I would love to get out of my comfort zone, push myself further… learn new techniques and styles. I really love to paint portraits and i would love to grow as an artist … Lets face it was on my wishlist last year, so really hope i can join this year…. <3 Thank you for this opportunity Ivy <3

  26. So excited for the opportunity to participate in another one of your lessons! Would love to win :)

  27. Hi Ivy – would love to win a spot in FB 2017. I love everything both you and Kara teach. Learning how to draw and paint faces allows me to feel more confident in my ability to create what my heart is asking without having to hold back. Fingers crossed!!

  28. April Lopez

    I’m so excited for LFI2017. I’m excited to learn more and more, adding onto the lessons from 2016.

  29. Natalia Gorgona

    Congratulations Ivy for teaching in Let’s face it 2017 as well !!! I have taken Let’s face it 2016 and it is the first online course I had ever taken. I am amazed by all the artist /teachers , including yourself. I loved your lessons very much and I would love to learn more about portaiture from you and all the other teachers, because everyone of you has got her unique style. Before I had taken this class , I could hardly draw a face and with this class I have evolved in a degree I had never thought I would ever do, by pushing my self with each lesson further and further!!! I still have got so much to learn , so winning a free spot in this wonderful class would be just amazing !!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!! Facebook name Natalia Gorgona

  30. I’m currently doing LFI 2016 and I love everything about it. My reason for wanting to continue next year is so I can carry on improving because this year I can see a vast difference in my portraits – I am much more confident. Also it’s great to witness everyone’s artistic growth happening so quickly on the Facebook page. Thanks so much for this opportunity Ivy. Hugs from Spain, Fiona (Phiona on FB)

  31. Teri Buczkowski

    I want to learn more about open mouth…teeth. different expressions. Thanks for opportunity. Love you in 2016. Can’t wait for 2017.

  32. Hi Ivy, thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in this incredible class! I especcially am thrilled to learn to draw hands and gestures from you, because this is something I am curios about! So I would LOOOVE to win!

  33. Carol

    I think that painting faces is universal, and can be a true method of communication. I;d love to learn some of the different styles and methods to render faces. Thanks for the opportunity,

  34. Ronda

    I love drawing girls and have enjoyed Let’s Face It 2016! Would love to continue the journey. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in this class. Peace, Ronda

  35. juliemay05

    So glad that you’re teaching again on this next year! Your art is magnificent, and i cannot wait to learn more from you! I love drawing and painting faces and all the secrets that they tell! I love how just a slight change in how you draw an eye, or the tilt of the mouth can convey such emotion and soul to a piece of art! I can’t wait to learn more awesome techniques from all the amazing teachers! To win a spot on this course next year would be magic, thanks for the opportunity xx

  36. Ivy, I would love to win this spot. I’ve loved Let’s Face It and have learned so much, I truly want to continue the journey. I’ve discovered during this year, through several classes (yours among them), that painting faces and figures that is what I really, really want to do. I really want to continue the journey as I find the artist I was meant to be.

  37. Deb

    This year was amazing and am looking forward to next year to continue learning from so many wonderful teachers. Would love to win a spot.

  38. Terry Honstead

    I would LOVE to win a spot on LFI 2017! I am learning so much this year, and I would love to continue that learning again next year. The class is so wonderful for beginners as well as more advanced artists, and it is even fun!! There are always new techniques to learn and lots of styles to try out! I LOVE it! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  39. I love painting faces-my favorite to paint. People are always asking me if I would paint a portrait of so and so for them and I just don’t feel that I have the skills to do that. But I WANT to! I think this year-long course would help me greatly. I would love it so much if I won a spot in this course. Thanks for the chance.

  40. Lani Vincent McPherson

    I just started portraits 2016 and I have so fell in love with doing faces. The progress I have made is huge and I want so bad to learn even more!

  41. Nancy Bennett

    I’ve always been most fascinated by faces—eyes and smiles. I’m working to learn how to create paintings of them. Would so love to win this class!

  42. robynterry

    I would love to learn different angles and expressions of the face. It is an incredible opportunity to learn from so many gifted artists!

  43. Aneta

    I am so happy that Ivy is one of incredible teacher in Let’s face it :)

  44. Gina B.

    I love painting faces and learning from so many super talented artist. I have learned more so far in this course this year than any class I have ever taken. I just can’t wait to begin again. Your art is amazing!

  45. Lesley St Clair

    I’m currently doing an online course and feel way out of my depth with the faces, I’ve mastered face shapes however noses and turning my alien eyes 😉 Into something more acceptable and enable me to share my work would be fantastic. In the meantime I’ll keep practicing 💕

  46. Eve Ruby

    I would love to win a spot in Lets Face it 2017. I need new techniques and inspiration. I hope to win.

  47. Let’s Face It is calling to the deepest part of my heart, wanting to learn how to express my hidden, buried feelings and learn how to express them through art, thanks you so much from the bottom of my heart for this giveaway :)

  48. sounds like a wonderful collection of teachers…i am always interested in learning different ways of that which feels challenging. i am always looking for possibilities to gain confidence with working with portraiture. thank you for the opportunity!

  49. I want to learn every thing I can about drawing faces so I can develop myself and artistic abilities. Thankyou for the opportunity to enter your drawing.

  50. Eleni Sgouridou

    I’m relatively new to art so I’m very eager to learn various techniques and styles. And faces excites me the most. I simply love them!!! And it would be a privilege to learn from so many talented artists! Thank you so much for the chance to win a free spot! ❤❤❤

  51. I love drawing faces but I badly need some guidance and inspiration. and the teachers all look amazing! Thanks for the give away.

  52. I have never had the opportunity to take this class but have heard so many great things about it. the teachers that are lined up are so many of my favorites and i love to learn from new teachers i am not familiar with. My most difficult thing for me to draw is for sure faces, i have financial limits that make it very difficult for me to afford any classes so this way is my only chance. i am going to be wishing, hoping, praying, and crossing everything with all my might! thanks for the chance to win…..good luck everyone!

  53. Heather Mader

    I would love to win so I can paint a portrait of my oldest daughter (she told me to write that)! Ha ha! I have always loved faces. I was a portrait photographer in my twenties and now I am back to art. I am grateful for the opportunity to win!

  54. thecindysutton

    Oh how I have wanted to take this course, portraits allow you to show true expression and emotion, I struggle with this, and really would love to learn how to paint my feelings and others into my portraits… Thank you Ivy

  55. Dot

    I am in the process of learning and becoming as an artist. It’s my passion, but I have so much to learn. I love your art and would be thrilled to have an opportunity to enter a drawing for a slot in let’s face it 2017. Thank you

  56. tanja1965

    In one year, my faces went from flat and childish to more defined and pretty. Yay! However, I want them to become sparkling and alive! So I’ll be working on more portraists for sure! Please add me to the drawing and thanks for the chance to win a spot. Looking forward to your LFI class!!!

  57. soartsy2013

    Ivy, I’m so thrilled that you will be a guest teacher with LFI 2017. I’ve taken a couple of your classes and I love your teaching style. I truly would like to gain confidence in my portrait skills and I know LFI 2017 is the best opportunity for that to happen. Thank you for the this chance to win a spot. Julie Oshiyama

  58. Ivy congrats on being picked a teacher. I am interested in furthering my knowledge and hands on with this class. Art is my passion. Your work is great on LB2016. Good Luck. PS your work is awesome!

  59. Lin Mujaj

    This course sounds amazing. I feel I have an understanding of the basics of portraiture but all my paintings basically have the same expression, skin tone etc. To take my artwork to the next level would be so awesome.

  60. I wrote prior, problems on my end I wouldn’t get your newsletter. Good luck on LFI2017.

  61. Fenna

    I very much would like to earn this free spot. After having done journalspreads with mostly birds and trees, three month ago I suddenly felt the need of incorporating faces in my spreads. I bought the book of Jane Davenport and followed You Tube tutorials. But there is so much more to learn. How to get the expressie that I want etc. So yes, I would like the free spot.

  62. stamprgrl

    I started less than a year ago and I am still very insecure of my potential. The one thing I struggle the most are hands and bodies. I would love to take this journey and let my potential reach new heights! HELP!

    — dalis

  63. Veronika Olivier Art

    Hi Ivy, I am so excited to always learn from you. Don’t know if you are aware that I volunteer art classes to a local group of disabled young adults…..so I don’t earn anything….yet. I used to love painting faces but really need to brush up on my style and technique. If I want to create art to sell I have to look into portraiture because the little town we live in is full of artists doing all kinds of art……except portraits. So I have a market! Thanks again ….always enjoy learning from you. xxxxx

  64. I would love to learn from you and improve drawing and painting faces. Thank you for the opportunity.

  65. Dale Botha

    Ivy, I am working my way though your Paint & Pixels course at the moment and to see you and Robin are both teachers for Lets Face it 2017 made my heart skip a beat! YAY! I am in desperate need of guidance regarding portraits, so Let’s Face it will be the most perfect vehicle to help me! thanks so much for this awesome opportunity :) xx

  66. I am OBESSESSED with painting faces, and I want to learn how to create portraits with hands, arms, upper body. Thank your a chance to win, Ivy.

  67. Jocelyn Brown

    Wonderful! Taking a class on drawing faces has been on my list. I’m not a perfectionist at all when it comes to my drawing, I don’t even really need things to look realistic. However my faces really need some help… I would love to take this class and learn and practice!

  68. jenniferlabre

    Wow this class looks amazing and I’ll be honest I had not heard about it before. I would love to take it. I could really use some help in learning to draw portraits better. Thanks for the chance!

  69. Beth

    I would love to learn more about painting faces. I would love to win a spot in this amazing course.

  70. Karlene Boss

    I love painting faces and would love to win a spot in this class. Learning from you and all the other teachers would be a wonderful. Thank you.

  71. Christina Aiton

    What a great course and I would so love to win a place in it – I’d love to learn from so many inspiring teachers.

  72. thesmylingcreativesmyling13

    i drew a few portrait for gcse art at school, but haven’t drawn many since, i feel that those I’ve tried since have lacked the expression i once used to be able to create. Portraits and figures are going to be my main study this year, so to get on a course like this would be a dream come true.
    – shaz

  73. Lash LaRue

    I would love to leave a memory to my granddaughters.

  74. Lynnette Smith

    I love my faces 2016. I would like tobuild on that with more impressionistic approaches to the face.

  75. This course sounds wonderful, I would love to be able to join you in 2017!

  76. April Lopez

    I’m so excited that LFI2017 is adding on to what has been taught in 2016 and hands are a big thing for me because I’m awful at them. I’m excited you will be teaching LFI2017. I adore portraits. I always have. So looking forward to LFI2017.

  77. janet

    Hello Ivy, I’ve worked as a designer for many years, then a mother, then back to work. I have had such a calling to paint “portraits”. I’m struggling where to start ? the last time I used paint was with my children who have just left for University. I would truly love an opportunity to begin a new journey, listening from my heart. 0X0

  78. annabelle

    i really love faces and I would love to learn more about capturing them on paper. The teacher line up looks fantastic, thanks for the chance to win a spot

  79. Lynne

    Let’s Face It, I want to learn from the Best! What a wonderful group of teachers!

  80. Hi Ivy
    I would love to be part of this class and develop my skills to acheive more expressives and creatives faces. I have to learn more about shadow and mixing the good colors skin and some so much more.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  81. Linnea

    I would like to take Let’s Face It 2017 so that I can learn to draw expressive faces! Looking forward to your lesson Ivy!

  82. Cynthia Castleman

    You are one of my favorite artist and teachers. I have learned so much from you and many of the other artist that will be in this class. It would be so wonderful to learn more about portraiture. So excited!!!

  83. I never knew I COULD do faces – and there are so many wonderful nuances and stylistic things that can be done – I am early in my learning curve and would really love the tutelage of all these wonderful artists! Thank you for the opportunity!

  84. mejewel54

    Hi Ivy, I would love to win a spot in this awesome class!!! 💜

  85. I never knew I COULD do faces and people! I am early in my learning curve and could really benefit from the tutelage of all these wonderful artists. So many nuances and stylistic techniques to learn about. Thanks for this opportunity – fingers crossed!

  86. I would love to learn about portraiture so I’m able to convey emotions more effectively in my artwork. I hold an Associates Degree in Illustration and was told that although my drawings were simple, they told a story. I want to use this natural talent along with the skills that I learn from you to create artwork that people connect to emotionally.

  87. Annette Lam

    i was told by the teacher when I was in Kindergarten that I could not draw but my brother could. So I never drew, or even doodle since. I have in the last few years trying to get over this since deep inside me, I would love to be able to. I never have enough free time to take classes to be consistent with practicing the skill of drawing. I still feel quite intimidated by the concept of not being able to perform. I recently discovered your online course and realize that this may be a way to get the support, motivation, discipline and also at the same time, invaluable knowledge that I cannot get just by reading. I take lots of photos and I love photographing people, as I do feel that every face is beautiful, not just the ones in magazines that are all made up and expressionless. I would love to be able to express the core of people with painting or drawing rather than just with photos.

  88. Claudia Holland

    Dear Ivy,

    Great to hear you are a guest teacher in Let’s Face it 2017,congratulations!
    I am doing Life book this year and got to know you then, I love your style of making art and collages and you are such a sweet woman!
    Love to learn more from your techniques as well as the other great teachers , so that’s why i love to win a free spot.

    Take care and hugs from Claudia Holland XXX

  89. Kelley Fewer

    I am so intimidated with portraiture-everything I draw looks like it was done by a 6 year old! I need some help! And this worship would certainly help me develop the skills to improve my technique. thanks so much for the opportunity to win a spot.

  90. Kelly Christerson Aubert

    I love drawing and painting faces. I need to work on shading and finding my own style so it would be so awesome to learn from so many different people!!!

  91. Hi Ivey
    I am certainly not a portrait artist lol. I would love to be able to be confident in portraiture. I have never taken this course. But have taken many from you. Thank you for this opportunity to win a spot!!! Wahooo 😍

  92. Thanks for this chance. I would love to learn to capture the essence of a person and graduate from my current kindergarten mode of portraiture!

  93. Nicole

    I would love to win a spot in Let’s Face It…..I love to draw faces and see them come to life and have their own personality. They tell a story! Thank you for a chance !

  94. Stick people, yes, that’s what i draw, and trees too. I so wish I could draw faces! This course sounds like the perfect step towards realizing my dream of being able to create faces and all the emotion they bring to the canvas.

  95. I am obsessed with drawing and painting faces! I enjoy learning different ways to paint potraits and believe this class would be perfect for that. Congratulations on being a part of this class and thank you for the giveaway.

  96. I have wanted to learn portraiture for SO long. 👍🏻

  97. Lois Stoneking

    I love drawing faces. I want to learn more about painting them!!!! ❤️

  98. annabelle

    I never felt that I was good with faces and expressions so didn’t really try. But this year I decided that I could learn to be better and maybe some day good if I was willing to not listen to the voice in my head that says I can’t get it right, I’m just not good enough. Isn’t it amazing how powerful we allow that voice to be.
    So no matter how I feel the outcome is I turn the page and try again. ‘Let’s Face It’, love that.

  99. Cheryl Fowler

    Thank you for this great opportunity Ivy. I have been mesmerized from faces for years now, from drawing them to displaying on my walls. They speak to me like nothing else can. I would love to have won a spot in LFI2017.

  100. Shanti

    Hi, I love to draw or paint faces so This would be a great opportunity to learn more about it.
    This course sounds great so I would really like to win the spot and join it!

  101. I Love your work and classes. Thanks for this give away offer. I am new to portraiture. I think I will get brave and try a self-portrait as well. Always learning and growing in the arts!

  102. Maggie Goodwin

    I am learning everyday and would love to join this workshop.
    Shared on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

  103. Elle

    I used to be really good at drawing faces and just recently I’ve been trying to get back into drawing face and keep getting held up on the eyes and nose, proportion and detail. I feel this class will help me to master the face and will help me be well rounded in different techniques and media. Also, it will help me to have a study all year long.

  104. Karen Nowviskie

    I have fallen in love with portraiture and I want to learn to express the souls inside the bodies I paint. I would love to win a spot in the class!

  105. empress74

    Congratulations on being one of the teachers! For whatever reason, faces and figures are a challenge for me. I’d like to move beyond landscapes, incorporating people and telling stories, so winning a spot in this course would be awesome!

  106. I am always down to learn new styles and techniques! This class has been such a blessing this past year, and I would love to win a spot to continue on this fantastic journey. Xoxo!

  107. I love creating faces. And there are so many different styles… I keep wanting to learn all of it. I love learning all the time and the different mix of teachers and their styles will take this to a totally new level.

    Namaste from India.

  108. Kelly

    Oh this would be such a dream to take!! I have wanted to take a course that will give me some confidence and inspiration to delve into faces for so long, as it seems to be something I fear…and art should be fearless!! With fingers crossed I thank you for this chance!!

  109. I would love to take this class because faces are something I always shy away from. I have taken a class here and there but I just end up copying that artist. With so many teachers in this class I feel there would be enough information for me to gleen my own style.

  110. Hi
    I loved the courses I’ve done with you, and would love the chance of a year long course, learning to do faces

  111. Congratulations on yet another great stepping stone on your path as an artist! I always enjoy learning from other artist the techniques they use to tackle the face and would be thrilled to win a spot to learn from such an inspiring group of women.

  112. This would be an awesome opportunity….. I am always trying to learn all I can from other artists… Portraiture is something I have been exploring, and I am very eager to learn more…

  113. Nina

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this workshop before, is this new? I’ve been searching for a class like this that solely focuses on faces. And what an awesome line-up of artists!! Super excited, thank you!

  114. Let’s Face It will let me continue to explore different ways of creating faces until I land on my own style. Plus, it would be cool to be taught by some of these teachers again!

  115. Because I love doing portraits in any medium, and because I like your work: “Studying Under Marie Laurencin”!! thanks!!

  116. This sounds like an amazing course! I would LOVE to win a spot. i have never won anything it would be a surprise if I win a spot. I guest anything is possible. Thank you for the this chance to win a spot.

  117. Nancy Bennett

    Faces and smiles are always what attracts me to others, so, of course, I want to be able to paint them. And I want to learn how to paint them well…looking forward to 2017 classes.

  118. Hi Ivy I would love to win a chance to join this course I used to draw as a kid and then stopped and could not even draw a stick figure right now, so I joined an art class where you drew portraits with pastels, well right in the middle of class the teacher stopped teaching due to unknown causes Just when I got my confidence back, it went down again. What a great opportunity this would be for me. Thank you so much for the chance to enter and hopefully win! xo

  119. Sharon

    I would love to win this class. Faces are something I never do, so far out of my comfort zone! Maybe this class will make me comfortable with them

  120. hereibeme


  121. I want to learn more about portraiture because, short answer: there is ALWAYS more to learn. Thanks for this opportunity!

  122. Looks like a fun year ahead!

  123. I would love this opportunity as there is ALWAYS more to learn about portraiture!! Thanks Ivy

  124. This is so generous! Thank you very much for giving us this chance.
    I started out with making portraits in 2015, unfortunately I have had not much time in 2016 yet, but the last 3 months will be in sign of (creative) selfcare. I would love to start a new adventure in 2017 and with you being one of the teachers I am sure you will lift my creative journey up to a next level.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for us all, as we all deserve it! – Irma

  125. Not sure why my comments are not posting? Anyway, would love this opportunity as there is always something more to learn about portraiture!

  126. Medusa

    I would love to win a spot in the Let’s Face It 2017. I have such a great desire to draw my interpretation of what I see, but don’t have the skills, discipline, or know how to create my ideas. I think this class would be just what I need to connect with a larger community and learn skills needed fulfill my desire.

  127. Sylvie Labrèche

    I tried many online courses in the last year and Let’s face it was where it all started for me…the love and confidence of drawing faces, I would love to pursue on this path…thanks to all the amazing teachers!!

  128. I have been drawing faces for many years but when I try to get a face to have a certain expression I can’t do it. I kind of don’t know how the face will turn out,sometimes it’s chin looks too long or unprportionate. I also need help being able to paint faces. I keep trying and hope to get some great lessons in Let’s Face It!

  129. Rossana

    Wow Ivy!! Another year of faces everywhere!! I’m super curious to learn all you have to tell us!!

  130. Keri Lamport Knight

    I would love to do the course! I have put off my creative life for me since having a tutor who crushed my self belief, 10 years ago. I find my creativity for others flows in my work as a classroom assistant, but for me it’s a different story. I love faces and the story’s they tell and I would very much like to create with confidence again.

  131. Alice Eads

    I have challenged to myself to learn to draw/paint portraits. This would be a perfect opportunity to learn from the best! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this class!

  132. Dee

    A face ~ a face captures a person’s soul, the joys and the sorrows. Etched in every contour, the mundane and the actions of life. As a beginning artist, I have always been captured by the face of an individual. All have a story to tell. My artistic goal is to reveal the intensity of the faces, I see. It would be a wishful dream come true with heartfelt gratitude.

  133. Ann-Marie M

    I love portraiture because it’s a never ending challenge and learning opportunity…there is always something to learn and master. This would be a great opportunity

  134. Carol Collier

    What an amazing opportunity! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this workshop. I am drawn to the face because of it’s ability to tell a story, convey feelings. I’d like to get better at this!

  135. Karen hasler

    Hi dear Ivy, would love to take this course to continue on my art journey! So happy you are teaching!

  136. Susan Romita

    I promised myself that 2017 would be the “year of the face”! What better way to learn how to draw a decent face than from the expert teachers in this course? I would be thrilled to death at winning a spot in the “Let’s Face It” class!

  137. Adele jessup

    would love to win a spot on this fabulous course what a greatbirthday present it would be , October birthday lol Adele

  138. Carol Segal

    I’d love to learn how to draw or paint faces that – while not being photographic – are recognizable as someone. Today, so many of our photos are stuck in our phones. How nice it would be to have something to hold in one’s hand, that shows someone, as they are , right here, right now. Thanks for this opportunity.

  139. Betty Wisse

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in Let’s Face It 2017! I love photographing people and now I want to learn how to draw and paint them.

    • Juanita

      Congratulations Ivy! Why I would love to win a spot. It would be so awesome to learn more from you and all the other artists that are teaching this year. Always room for improvement. Thank you for that chance!

  140. Patti Sandham

    I would love to win a spot in the 2017 class! I love drawing and painting faces and everyday I strive to practice and learn more on my journey.

  141. terri bollinger

    Hi Ivy. I would LOVE to win a spot for this AWESOME class!!! I shattered my Left elbow and broke my wrist on Sept. 9th falling on a broken sidewalk while walking my dogs and just found out that I may only get back 80% use of my elbow…I am left handed…Yikes. :-( I had surgery and had a plate and 8 screws placed in my elbow. and naturally have to pay a deductible for everything taking huge chunk out of my savings. I cannot use my arm yet but by the time the course starts I will be able to continue my journey of learning to draw better so winning a spot in this course would be something WONDERFUL to look forward to during my recovery period. Fingers crossed. xxoo :-)

  142. Juanita

    Congratulations Ivy! Why I would love to learn more about portraiture? I need all the tips and tricks…and I would love to learn more. Thank you for the chance to learn some more!

  143. tania

    Learning from not just one but a whole bundle of amazing art teachers throughout 2017 would be such a treat. And take what I have learnt and develope it into my own unique style.

  144. Sandra

    My granddaughter is turning 10 and I have collected stories that I would like to make into books for her. Long ago I gave up a major in art to do something “more practical” as I was a solo parent. Now my soul yearns for art and I want to make these books. I’ve just been exposed to the wealth of teaching talent available online through LB 2016 (which is where I met you and your amazing art). This class would be a great continuation of LB and a great help to find the confidence and the skills needed to illustrate these stories. I believe that if I step into my dream it will encourage my daughter and granddaughter to move forward into theirs! And this, more than anything, is what I long to give them. Thank you for the opportunity and for stepping into and sharing yours. :)

  145. Ivy, I have enjoyed the workshops I have taken from you so far. I would love to have the opportunity to further my study of portraiture by winning a free place in Let’s Face It 2017! Thank you for offering this free spot in the upcoming workshop.

  146. I like to learn create portraits, because it is so meaningful to look in the face of a person, and i want the meanung more integrate in my art journal practice. Like the different teachers!

  147. I am really feeling the need to develop my practice and deepen my knowledge in this area. What a fantastic opportunity to learn from so many different and talented artists! Thank you for the chance to win!

  148. I love art so much! I already incorporate small faces but they’re very cartoon-like and I’d like to get better at this. I have also recently begun teaching people via videos and would like to add more realistic faces to the lessons. Thank you for considering me for this giveaway :)

  149. Chirp

    I have been practicing drawing and painting faces and would love to learn more – I hope to win, of course and along with everyone ;) — thanks for this opportunity!

  150. Jan Gray Andrade

    I would absolutely love being able to take this class and learn new techniques! I am a beginner, and at 65 I better get my game on! Thank you for this opportunity! Your art is amazing!

  151. Denise johnson

    Hi Ivey,
    I would love to win a spot because I know this class would be so worth my time! I think that’s what it’s all about…to keep growing as an artist is one of my goals in life! Take care,
    Denise Johnson

  152. Congrats on being a teacher in this class, they are blessed to have you. I would like to win a spot because I’m frustrated and in rut with my art and I believe it would inspire me.

  153. stephanie M.

    I am so inspired by the art that is produced in Let’s Face it – both students and teachers. Would love to participate!

  154. Gina Sismilich

    The human face is a landscape all its own. I would love the opportunity to learn how to create the different “landscapes” all these artists are teaching – each one has a unique point of view

  155. Melanie

    I grew so much in lifebook 2016 and it has been my favorate course. Id
    I’ve to take it again and continue my journey. I love painting faces!

  156. Jeri Bellini

    I am totally intrigued, fascinated, in love with… body parts! I have been trying to learn new ways to capture faces and parts of the body in my art in an abstract way. I would LOVE to win a spot in this class!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank you!

  157. Betty S.

    faces fascinate me, and I feel my art has gotten a bit stale, so the chance to win a spot in this class would be awesome! I’d love to pick up some new techniques and skills from all the lovely artists in this year’s class!

  158. Fenna

    Looking forward to Lets Face it 2017. Free spot would be just great, gorgeous en soooo welcome. <3

  159. ebr4jc

    After years of having to put my art last, I’m finally retired and can pursue my passions!

  160. Fay

    Looking forward to “Lets face it 2017”. The free spot would be great, gorgeous and sooooo welcome!

  161. Kim

    This sounds like just what I need! I did an iPad portrait of a girlfriend last year as a gift, but I was frustrated at my inability to capture a real likeness. I realized I need a lot more understanding in the basics of portraiture, but even more important, how to use color. I love the idea of getting instruction from multiple teachers in multiple styles.

  162. Hello Ivy,
    I did allready put my name an the waiting list, after my experience with wax and plaster I realised again that drawing faces is still not easy for me. I hardly ever have the result I wanted (although sometimes something beautifull apears). So I’d love to win a spot in this course.

  163. Linda

    Ivy-A big CONGRATS to you on being chosen to be a guest artist on Let’s Face It 2017. I love splashing color around & recently took the plunge on an e-course & painted a few portraits. Much to my surprise, with the guidance of wonderful instructors, my faces weren’t half bad. It has really increased my desire to learn more & get even better results. Winning the spot you are offering would be awesome!

  164. Karen Boyle

    Oh Ivy!!! How wonderful! I would LOVE to learn about portraiture!!! I have four BEAUTIFUL little granddaughters who are living with my darling daughter (their mom) and she works so hard to give them a good life all on her own ~ it would make me over the moon happy to be able to draw the my babies in some fashion, and gift it to her! I’m just so proud of her! I’m a huge fan of your art and congratulate you on being included to teach in “Let’s Face It 2017” No surprise to me though, with all of your talent! Cheers!!!

  165. dear Ivy, A year ago i was scared about drawing a face, but after doing your lesson about Marlène Dumas every thing changed and I would love to learn more and improve drawing and painting faces

  166. Gailie Running-Lynx

    Hi Ivy!! As I mentioned in the waiting list note to you ~ Painting portraits is like ushering a new Being into this world and each new face and expression has so much to tell us!! I would love a chance to win a spot on Let’s Face It 2017! I am anxious to be better at painting portraits and bringing to life on paper these little Dears who are dying to show themselves!! WOW what a perfect place to learn!! So glad you are going to be one of the Teachers in an incredible line up of fantastic artists!! Congratulations and Thank You for this opportunity!! xoxo ~G.

  167. Fay Goode

    Would love to win a spot in this class because I never want to stop learning, especially from all the amazing teachers lined up for this class!

  168. Juanita

    Thank you Ivy! I would love to keep on leaning from you and the other wonderful artists!

  169. Adriana Moreira

    Hi Ivy, I’m a self taught artist that is always doing worshops to try to learn more , including yours. It would be great to win a spot at LFI2017 and I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks so much!

  170. Great that you’ll be a teacher at life book 2017. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be teaching us. I would love to win this spot I. The class. My faces can be improved and I also would like to learn different techniques. I’m sure Lifebook 2017 will be awesome :-)

  171. I have never really focused on painting one particular subject. Each of us are so unique and I would love dive into such a wonderful subject.

  172. I would love to win but mainly I want to learn as much as I can about portraits. I have been absent from drawing and painting portraits for over 28 years and certainly need some atta girl and tips and any guidance I can get. I have to catch up fast. I am 72 and have to keep up with the whipper snappers lol Looking forward to the classes. thanks

  173. I am a lousy artist! Seriously! Yet when I work in 3-D Creative Paper Clay, it is a whole different world when I make dolls..faces in particular. The 3-D element opened up a whole new element in creativity for me, and I have been able to express in the 3-D medium just exactly how a face is contoured. I feel at this point in time, I need instruction on the flat page to pursue my deep desire to paint and draw in portraiture. This is why I would so greatly appreciate this opportunity to further my longing to draw faces on the flat surface. Thank you for this kind gesture in this giveaway.
    Teresa in California

  174. Hello- thank you for such a sweet give away! I have been drawn to portraiture (no pun intended…) because there is something so mysterious about how we all have the same features- eyes, nose, mouth, etc, yet each face is so uniquely different. It has been a deep challenge for me to work on portraying more depth and emotion in each piece and I feel I am just at the beginning of this inspiring journey. Since no two faces are alike, I feel that I will be painting for the rest of my life! As Kahlil Gibran said, “Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart”, and the fun is trying to convey that internal light when painting a face. Have a beautiful day!

  175. Susan Miskovsky

    Faces faces faces. That’s all I draw when I pick up a pencil. I love drawing faces. Most of the time I don’t enjoy what I draw so I really want more instruction. This would be a wonderful gift. Thank you.

  176. Vanessa

    Faces are intriguing. One can read a person’s life experience on their face. It compels me to watch, study, and learn from the faces one sees. I want to learn to draw faces and their myriad emotions.

  177. Ada Margarita Rodrìguez

    I would love to take this e course because I know it will expand my knowledge of faces. I am taking the 2016 and love love love it. Learning through internet is the only way available for me, where I live there are no art schools.

  178. Sandy

    Hi Ivy ! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity ! I have been practicing portraits all summer without a lot of success . I am determined to learn this skill and would love to work with you and Kara and the other talented artists in this group ! I dream of including portraits in my journaling, encaustic and plaster work . I am taking all your classes and freeze when it involves portraits . I am so inspired by your work and am drawn to your strong, dreamy and beautiful women . I would love to win a spot and move forward in my creative endeavors. Thanks Ivy !

  179. So many of my favorite teachers are here – and Ivy, you are always inspiring. My goal is to go deeper into portraits, especially women and teens, documenting the journey of life {both outwardly and inwardly!} for females in this world…I wouldn’t need any other art course in 2017! It would be such an honor to actually win this one! But whoever does win, I know will be the exact right person to receive it…{smiling already for her!}

  180. franniemeshorer

    like Grandma Moses … i’m coming to art in my ‘later chapters’ .. i have chidren, grandchildren and great grandchildren .. and i would so love to learn to paint pictures of them as a remembrance of me.

  181. Rita DL

    I have always been fascinated by portraits. I went to the Portrait Gallery in London, England and was enchanted by what I saw. I have done some myself, but they seem to be missing something. Also I am terrible with hands and arms. But above all what attracts me to this class is you. Your portraits are so moving. There is more than a picture of a person when you paint, there is a soul that emerges. I doubt I can achieve what you do, but I would thoroughly enjoy learning from you and absorbing what you share. Discovering other styles, techniques and ideas from the other teachers would be a wonderful experience as well. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win a spot in the class.

  182. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. I would love to learn more about portraiturethane to grow more confidence in my drawing and painting.

  183. Ivy! Congratulations on being a part of this workshop! What an incredible line up of teachers. You know, drawing + painting portraits makes my heart sing. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in class. Hooray!

  184. Michelle LaForey

    I had a lot of fun during the first round of Let’s Face it Classes. I love portraits and I like transferring my skills from sculpting to painting.

  185. I just adore painting faces! Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in this awesome class. It’s really exciting to see you and all the other teachers who are willing to share their knowledge! fingers crossed…

  186. There are so many reasons I would love to win this class. I just retired and am now on a limited income, recovering from foot surgery and looking forward to having the time to learn more about faces and develop my art. Good luck to everyone who hopes to win !!

  187. Miranda van Empel

    I love to draw en paint! I would love to learn Face.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win

    Hugs and xx Miranda

  188. I feel portraiture is the most expressive form of art. It reveals who a person truly is by painting their beautiful soul.

  189. Luanne Green

    I am so excited that you are going to be on let’s face it again! This was my first year and I found it after stumbling across your website! I am a self taught artist and I am just sticking my toe into the water with portrait work. I feel a connection with your work , I love the history of art and the way you teach form and composition using different mediums and making it all come together. All of your classes are thought provoking and it has changed the way I see art. I take risks now that I would never have taken in the past. Art wasn’t encouraged when I was growing up – you became a nurse or teacher . Art was ………frivolous – now it’s my sanity – not so much a thing I do but a place I go. Thank you for all your inspiration!

  190. Fran

    I love portraits because you can never learn enough about portraits, I have loved LFI2016, learning techniques from so many talented artists, and would love to continue the journey!

  191. Ivy,This is the opportunity I have been dreaming of. Thank you for alerting me to it. I hope it can become a reality for me.

  192. Joy George

    Hi Ivy i would love to win a place in this class. What a line up of teachers i so much want to be able to do a portrait of my grandchildren and need much more knowledge on portraits.

  193. Would love to win a spot in the classes. I have been doing more faces in my work and know I still have much to learn to get the degree of success I seek. Thanks for the opportunity.

  194. Susan

    I just love painting faces and the myriad of expressions that come from the universe experiences of humanity. It gives me much joy and it would be a richer experience to learn from many different artists from their years of artistic experience . I particularly would love to learn to incorporate how to paint hands alongside portraiture. Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win a place.

  195. Michele Lacey

    Hi Ivy! This class sounds like so much fun! All the different teachers and styles. I have always loved the thought of being able to draw/paint faces. However, the face is a tough one for me. Having access to all the knowledge in this class would be such a journey!

  196. Connie Armitage

    Hi Ivy!! I couldn’t be more excited to learn more about portraits in 2017. What an awesome year this has been! I began with no ability to drawn anything, and now look to the art wall in my house and am still amazed that this was inside ME. The talent shared with all of us has been simply amazing and I can’t wait to learn more :) Thanks for adding me to the pool of possible winning students!

  197. I would love to spend the year with you and the other wonderfully talented teachers, it would be wonderful to win a place in this course.

  198. Catherine

    This past year of LFI has literally changed my life forever. I don’t want it to stop. I want to keep learning and learning. I would love to win a spot in LFI 2017. Thank you for this opportunity ❤️❤️

  199. Brooke ashley brockway

    I would love to learn more about creating portaiture because the main mode for expressing emotion is found in the face, the eyes the set of the jaw, the tilt of the head, and the set of the mouth. I find myself increasingly draw to the face in my drawing and would never out down an opportunity to learn new ways to express and display the face. There are unnumberable way to paint a face and it could never have enough study.

  200. Hello, Ivy! My soul absolutely ignites and sings when I create! I love to paint portraits and I just know that this course will bring such joy to my creative life! All I can say is EEEEEEKKK!! I HOPE I WIN!!!

  201. Corie

    Ivy, I’m afraid that I’m not sure if I commented before! I can’t remember doing so, so here goes… I find doing portraits to be more rewarding than any other art, so I very much want to continue to get better at it. Thanks!!

  202. Dale Botha

    Being able to draw,sketch or paint a face have been a dream for me. I have tried so many times, but gave up because my faces never looked quite right! (whatever that may be :( !!) Having a year long course with so many dedicated and talented teachers would be for me, the ultimate dream come true. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Ivy….really appreciate it! xx

  203. Loz Mckew

    Thank you so much Ivy for the chance to experience this wonderfully creative course …I would so dearly love to paint some art for my grandchildren and I so lack experience in faces….it would be my dream to be amongst all you talented teachers……

  204. Oh how I would love to take this class, I watched from afar last year yearing to join however was not able to… Learning portraits for me would help so much in expressions such as joy, sadness, fear, luv, I want to express that myself for myself in my art but fail at it every time, I just can’t get the handle of it, and perhaps with the guidance and amazing teachers I can finally feel confident when to come to my page. Thank you Ivy for the opp to win a seat.

  205. Heidi

    Want to learn how to get more emotion and deep feeling in my portraits.

  206. Eileen Sievers

    painting portraits is one of my favorite things to do because you never know who is going to show up ! I love how their story develops along with the painting. This is a subject that I can never learn enough about. New techniques and ideas open up a world of new charaters to meet

  207. Monica Silva

    I’m feeling overwhelmed by all king of information we can find online nowadays. I love painting but I feel I haven’t find my voice, my style yet. So I keep painting and hoping someday I feel confident enough to say ” this is me”. One thing I noticed – is that I always end up painting faces no matter the style, the technique or the medium I use. And when I try something different at the end something related to faces always appear. So I think ” lets face it” would be a great way for me to know so many different artists and styles and finally find my own and unique voice.
    As we say in Portugal ” muito obrigada por esta oportunidade” ( thank you so much for this opportunity).

  208. This looks like a great class. I would love to really dive into faces in 2017!

  209. Hi Ivy.. This year has been a wonderful experience for me in the Let’s face it 2016 class. Meeting so many wonderful artists and caring, knowledgeable teachers has taken my study of portraiture to a whole new level. And I not only learned about different art aspects through out this year but I learned a great deal about myself. I have become more focused, determined and confident in my abilities as an artist. The new 2017 class coming up will continue to bring me the deep joy I feel when painting portraits and I believe it is because I am willing to step into the experience and curiosity of asking… what else is possible? I am grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Ivy. :)

  210. Monique

    I am so excited to hear that you will be part of next years line up of teachers! I am drawn to the wanting to make faces but feel I need a lot more help, so this class would be a perfect fit for where I am as an artist.

  211. Radhika

    I am not an artist.started learning for the past few years, so this would be a great opportunity to master from wonderful artist array

  212. sistervivian

    I’ve noticed that as I’m scrolling through pins or pages of images of art, only figures and faces make me stop and linger longer on an image. I’ve decided it’s a sign that I should focus my efforts on faces.

  213. Ruth Paul

    Thank you Ivy for a chance to win a spot in the class Let’s Face It! I love your work and I know that I would learn so much!

  214. Renee Wilkey

    Hi Ivy! This sounds like an amazing course! I would LOVE to win a spot. I love drawing and painting faces in my art journal. I love painting eyes . . . This course seems to be the perfect fit for what I want to learn! Thanks for the chance to win!

  215. Maggie Goodwin

    Loving portraits after years of scaredom.

  216. Lee

    I am obsessed with drawing faces, but I am not confident in straying from ‘my standard face’ I would love some lessons on different faces and styles so that can draw anything other than what I always draw! I would love to be a part of Let’s Face It 2017. Thank you for the opportunity to win, good luck everyone!

  217. Lesley St Clair

    I would love to learn how to draw a more realistic face 💕

  218. Gina B.

    I am currently in Let’s Face it and I have learned more and grown more in talent and ability in this class than any other and I love the others too, but this one is very special! The give away is a great opportunity for someone to be blessed! Thank you for offering!

  219. Desiree Fraser

    I’m facinated with the art of faces. For me there is nothing more beautiful, that can induce the curiosities of the mind and imagination. The expressions that can capture a thousand words with color alone and how the artist can capture the eyes to tell an age old story to be one with filled with vibrancy and life or sorrow. And how the smile can say something so much more and speak a different song. The expressions of masks we wear to hide behind and how we can share we see ourselves or others. I can spend hours looking up portraits of so many masters and try to capture those moments in all kinds of media. There is nothing more exciting for me that can leave me breathless and to study next to artist who are willing to take me on a journey with there creative process, would be such a blessing.

  220. This course looks interesting! I love painting portraits and have a goal to one day be able to capture the beauty of older women’s faces.

  221. Kristi

    Lets Face it “Head” on in 2017 I think is a fitting mantra going into the new year for me. Lets Face It has a few meanings when you look @ a lil deeper into the Face of it. For example it also can mean to confront & deal with or accept. I need to work on confronting my fears of inadequacy & accept me for who I am as even my flaws are perfect. Or it can mean to be positioned Facing frontwards toward (someone or something). Facing 2017 “Head” on towards my goals & putting it all out there & not worrying about saving Face so to speak. The exception being, Saving My Beautifully Flawed Compilation of Faces that I Created throughout the year & being able to Reflect upon & Appreciate the Progress I made both Artistically & Personally. Yet another example is the surface of a thing esp.one that’s presented to view or has a particular function such as the Face of Time which going into 2017 is something I want to be more aware of. Taking Time for myself to learn, grow & nurture as well as Making Time for those I Love. One of the last definitions for Face meant the front part of a person’s head from forehead to chin of which drawing a circle pretty much sums up my current ability to draw a Face so Lets Face It I Could Really Use, Seriously Benefit From & Would Sincerely Appreciate the Opportunity to Take Part in Let’s Face It 2017!!!

  222. I would love to win a spot in your Lets Face it class! I always feel so inspired when I see you working on your art!

  223. soartsy2013

    Ivy, thank you for offering this giveaway. For Let’s Face It 2017, I would be over the moon to win a spot, so that I could continue to explore various ways to creating faces while learning to connect with my artistic voice. I believe through these courses, I will be able to achieve the goals of that artistic voice and vision within my heart. Again, thanks for the opportunity to participate. Julie Oshiyama

  224. Bethany H

    I just think the opportunity to engage in 50 weeks of lessons that pertain to the face would be awesome!! Thank you, and best of luck to everyone!!

  225. Kim

    For many years I have wanted to start an artist journal, but my poor drawing skills have held me back. I’ve been working through some drawing books and have been practicing. A course on portraits would be very helpful.

  226. Suzanne Fernald

    Portraits come in all shapes and sizes and the line-up of creative teachers look fantastic. A face can set a mood by itself or within other creative layers. I so desire to find my style and learn to create portraits to inspire, encourage and share with others. Learning to love the process and journey and finding this new path. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more and be part of a creative community.

  227. Zena

    I always wanted to be an artist, an specifically a painter. However life (and fear) led me in a different directions. Regardless of this creativity emerged in many ways, but I don’t paint. I take photos, I make collages and many other things. A few weeks ago I was thinking of painting, and in particular of painting portraits. I thought that maybe 2017 would be a good year for that, and now this… well, Universe is listening.

  228. Sue Lloyd

    Hi Ivy admire yours and others work from afar because I haven’t the confidence to produce portraits myself. I have tried twice to produce a facial portrait but they were so poor haven’t tried again. Would like to do the course just to improve my skills and develop some confidence to produce this kind of work.

  229. How wonderful! Faces are my favorites! I would love how to paint in a different style! and I would love to win a spot in the 2017 Let’s Face It!

  230. PtaH

    Hi Ivy, I LOVE to win a spot in the Let’s Face it give away for 2017.

  231. I love drawing faces. It’s something I’d really love to learn more about. I’ve been on Life Book this year and I really love the lessons that includes drawing faces. It feels like something that I can keep on learning new things about all the time, there’s always something new to discover and learn about it.
    Also, drawing happy faces makes me so happy! :-)

  232. kim

    I am trying to get my muse back and trying to stretch my abilities and learn and grow in my artwork and Let’s Face It has an amazing lineup of teachers. I followed someone taking this course last year and I saved my pennies to be able to hopefully take it this year myself :)

  233. Terri Bone

    I always return to faces- endlessly intriguing, and I need all the help I can get to capture that! Let’s Face It- I need this class! Thanks!

  234. Angela Weber

    I never thought I could draw/paint faces. I was so jealous of the people that could, but I just thought “well I guess I’m not that good”. Recently, I discovered with some classes that I can draw faces! And I fell in love with doing them! So I’d love to learn even more.

  235. Thanks a lot for this opportunity. I would like to improve my skills in drawing and painting faces with all these wonderful and inspiring teachers. Hugs from Spain!

  236. Patricia Mac Donald

    Hi Ivy, first of all I would like to say that I admire your work so much. As a child I had a fascination for drawing faces. Back than I loved to draw faces after an example on the front page of a girls magazine named “Tina”. But at the age of 18 my parents advised me to study law and economics, because that would be better for me instead of drawing and painting. And so I did. Over the years I totally forgot the pleasure I had in drawing until about 2 years ago. Now I would love to learn more and more about drawing faces and figures. So I hope to win this course. x Patricia

  237. I love drawing and painting portraits by myself and now I want to learn techniques from experienced artists. Thank you for the opportunity

  238. Patricia Mac Donald

    Dear Ivy, first of all, I would like to say that I admire work so much. One day I hope to accomplish that too. As a young girl I love to draw faces. Every day I enjoyed drawing faces after examples on the front page of a girls magazine named “Tina”. At the age of 18 my parent advised me to study law and economics instead of drawing and painting. That would be financially better for me. And so I did, I studied law and economics. During those years I forgot the fun I had in drawing faces, until about 2 years ago. I started to draw again. But I’m not that good anymore as when I was young.I have to learn a lot. That is why I would love to learn more and more about drawing and painting faces. Attending this course would be like a belated study in painting and drawing faces. :-) x Patricia

  239. Doreen

    I’m too nervous to start drawing and painting again. Something wonderful like this would be terrific!!

  240. I would love to win a spot in Let’s Face It! I am terrible at painting faces, which is why I personify animals in my paintings instead. :)

  241. I connect with something in myself whenever I do a portrait. its a magical feeling & I want to keep learning & growing my practice. So excited for this class.

  242. Beth Nowlin

    I am looking forward to gaining more confidence with faces! I would love to be able to express emotions through the faces in my drawings and paintings! I LOVE the way you teach and love the talented other teachers in the course. Thank you for considering me for this wonderful opportunity!

  243. This course looks so fabulous, great lineup, would love a spot!

  244. I would love to win a spot!! I have heard so many positive things about lets face it but didn’t had the chance so far to join the party. :) Learning to draw/paint portraits is so difficult (for me) so I would love to learn more from you! Thank you for this opportunity. :)

  245. dana strickland

    feeling lucky!

  246. Linda S Richards

    What a great giveaway! I am a newbie at art, I have a bad habit of being addicted to art videos! I want to learn so much about portraits & I do like your style. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!!

  247. Lori Fili

    Hi Ivy. I wish I had a fantastic reason why I want to participate in Let’s Face It 2017. The truth is that I love drawing faces. I’m not very good at it but I want to be. Having the opportunity to learn from so many artists can only help! Thanks for the opportunity.

  248. Tricia

    I want to learn more about portraiture so that I will be able to draw interesting people and be able to help others understand their stories through the portraits ☺️

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