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Helio & Missy

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time with two special dogs. They patiently tolerated my camera and I was able to capture a few good shots.

Meet Helio and Missy…

They love their special spot on the couch where…

Helio lovingly gives Missy little kisses.

Who could resist that face? Seriously, I have a major Whippet crush. If I didn’t already have a kitty I would want one of these guys…

I managed to capture this one while Helio waited for his favorite toy to be tossed. Such a handsome boy!

Aren’t they lovely? I have always had a thing for Greyhounds and Whippets…to me, they are so elegant. With their big woeful eyes, gentle demeanor and long legs they remind me of a fawn.

I’m so glad our dear friends adopted these two.¬† If you are a local Portlander and are looking to adopt a Whippet go here. If you are not local and want more info go here.

Do you have a special animal in your life?

Hope your long weekend was restful.



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