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Vintage Treasures

Hi everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

Last weekend, I spent the days treasure hunting! A dear friend and I hit the Portland Antique Fair plus some vintage shops and flea markets. Hard work but so much fun! Here are a few of the pretty items we discovered. I will be listing them in the shop this week.

Love this sweet, Farmhouse style kitchen scale! It’s rare to find this color so I was thrilled when I came upon this one!

gray scale  gray scale3

There is something so homey about these lovely soup bowls. You can imagine filling them to the brim with a delicious soup while the rain comes down outside. I paired them with these stately antique soup spoons too!



Mail isn’t as pretty as it used to be but we should still have a beautiful place to hold it right? Love this silver tone, vintage letter holder. Very Art Nouveau.



I’m so drawn to lavender glass. It’s romantic, nostalgic and looks so gorgeous when the light passes through it. This antique wasp catcher is missing its cork but still remains a lovely, rustic piece.



Okay well, these are just a few of the pretties we found. Hope you enjoyed them.

Have a wonderful week!




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Red Square

I finally got an afternoon to myself and created another 4″ x 4″ collage square. Creating these miniature goddesses is truly a delight. I’m really tapping into my love of Art Nouveau and it feels wonderful. I created the collage traditionally and then played around doing some digital elements too. Kinda fun to blend the two mediums.

Slowly, I’m feeling more comfortable in my creative skin. Although, I know I have to push myself past that. Comfortable is not always good. Safe can be boring. Baby steps…

Here’s the digital version. Thoughts?

I just purchased a large piece of wood, with the hopes of doing a large collage.

It’s propped up against my office wall.

Staring at me.


I’m a little scared. That’s good right?

Hope you are conquering your creative fears!



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