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Breakfast Nook Ideas

So, we get the keys to our new home on Thursday and I can hardly contain myself! Can’t wait to get in there and start designing. My mind is a whir with ideas…

In our sunny kitchen we have a lovely breakfast area. It overlooks the garden that backs to a peaceful forest.

(I’m gonna be taking pictures like a mad woman)

My goal for our breakfast nook : fresh, romantic & relaxing. The perfect place to sit, sip tea and flip through a magazine or have a casual family meal.

Anyway, I went collecting images for inspiration.

I’ll be taking before and after pics to share with you all.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!



Images via Flickr: 1. ihearthome 2. TPHCanada 3. decorology 4. coco + kelly 5. Paris Hotel Boutique 6. It’s Great to be Home 7. Ashley S. Goodwin


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